changeling the lost 2e – Does merging with your search give you merit?

In the 1d4chan summary of changeling the lost there is a line that says

… Or, you can do the "difficult but moral" and try to merge with it (since, you know, it's you), which gives you even more great things and merits.

However, in the autumn nightmares there is no mention of a merit received from the merger with its scope. The exact line with respect to what you get when merging with your search is:

When finished, the fetch
is gone and the character gains a point of clarity, as well as the
Most valuable memories of his time in exile.

What I want to ask is whether there is a merit that represents the acquisition of those memories or something similar that is mentioned in another book.

Run a loop without merging the cells.

I have to execute a loop of a certain variable that covers the entire notebook. However, the notebook has already been divided into different sections; merging these sections will be a pain and will break the structure of the notebook. What I can do? I saw an answer:
Do-Command around a complete notebook (taking it from another notebook?)
but first I could not understand it and, secondly, for each loop I need to save hundreds of variables.
The labels do not fit my question, but unfortunately I do not have a reputation to change, I'm sorry.
Thank you all!

Merging two sequences ordered in linear programming.

Given two sequences of integers. $ a_1, dots, a_t $ Y $ b_1, dots, b_m $ every $> 0 $ where $ a_i <a_ {i + 1} $ Y $ b_i <b_ {i + 1} $ Is there a linear program to merge in orderly sequence without integer variables?

Related: Classification as a linear program.

The merging of multiple WordPress websites

I have several wordpress sites that use subdomains, I want to merge them all. If I create a multi-site network in my main domain, is it possible to merge existing wordpress sites?

Or is there another way by which I can do this?

Merging profile pages and fan page on Facebook

I wonder to know what is the best way to link my personal profile (~ 2k friends) with my fan page (~ 1k likes).

Is it possible to merge them? Should I delete the fan page and convert my personal profile to a page?

What will happen to my 2k friends after this migration? Can I follow them as I know (for example, see their photos, publications, etc.)?

google sheets – merging data sets

On a Google sheet I have several tables that contain a list of dates.
I want to create a single list (ordered) that contains all the dates and the table from which they come.

Table foo:

Table bar:

1.1.19 foo
2.1.19 bar
3.1.19 foo
4.1.19 bar

Is this possible in some way with regular formulas or do I need to switch to custom functions here?

Dynamically update the contents of the cells by merging incoming Google forms submissions

I have a Google form in which several students will anonymously send comments / comments to other classmates.

I am currently using the following formula to essentially concatenate all comments from specific students to the person receiving comments.

    = (join ("

", transposition (iferror (filter ($ L $ 3: $ L, $ C $ 3: $ C = $ C3, $ B $ 3: $ B = $ B3)))))
  • The line break within the "join" function consists of separating the individual comments by means of a line break.
  • Column L: The original comment sent by the students.
  • Column C: Filters by the name of the student being evaluated.
  • Column B: Secondary filter criteria.

I am currently using the "CopyDown" plugin to apply this formula to each new shipment. However, I observe that the most recent presentations do not concatenate previous entries even though the filter conditions are fulfilled; The formula works correctly when I copy / paste it manually into the cell.

Is there any way to modify the original formula to dynamically update the contents of the cells as new presentations are received? Maybe through arrayformula?

magento2 – Is it possible to drastically reduce the amount of JS files that are served from Magento without merging / grouping?

Currently, my new website based on Magento 2.3.1 with a slightly modified theme is sending 170 JavaScript files to the browser, just to serve the home page. For me, this is not remotely acceptable.

Many of these JS files are useless for my website (for example, those related to Amazon Pay, captcha, etc.) and I would like to eliminate them completely. Frankly, I do not even understand why these files are sent to the home page, which does not contain any kind of interactive functions (it's just a CMS page).

It seems that Magento is sending a large amount of unnecessary JavaScript "just in case" it needs to be used for the subject.

Is there a reasonably easy way to identify where this extra swelling comes from and prevent it from being completely shipped?

(Note that I do not want to use the Magento JS grouping function, but I look for ways to avoid referencing these JS files).

Manipulation of lists: is it possible to avoid unpacking when merging the association?

For example, if we have

assoc =
Association[{1, 2, 3} -> RandomReal[1., {3, 10}]];


Developer`PackedArrayQ / @ assoc


<|1 ->    True, 2 -> True, 3 -> True |>

so each value is a packaged matrix.

Now, I want to join several Assignments like this one. Then I checked the package,

Developer`PackedArrayQ / @ Merge[{assoc, assoc}, Flatten]


<|1 ->    False, 2 -> False, 3 -> False |>

It is unpacked, although Flatten You should not unzip the list.

So, is it possible to avoid this unpacking in Link?