magento2 – Is it possible to drastically reduce the amount of JS files that are served from Magento without merging / grouping?

Currently, my new website based on Magento 2.3.1 with a slightly modified theme is sending 170 JavaScript files to the browser, just to serve the home page. For me, this is not remotely acceptable.

Many of these JS files are useless for my website (for example, those related to Amazon Pay, captcha, etc.) and I would like to eliminate them completely. Frankly, I do not even understand why these files are sent to the home page, which does not contain any kind of interactive functions (it's just a CMS page).

It seems that Magento is sending a large amount of unnecessary JavaScript "just in case" it needs to be used for the subject.

Is there a reasonably easy way to identify where this extra swelling comes from and prevent it from being completely shipped?

(Note that I do not want to use the Magento JS grouping function, but I look for ways to avoid referencing these JS files).

Manipulation of lists: is it possible to avoid unpacking when merging the association?

For example, if we have

assoc =
Association[{1, 2, 3} -> RandomReal[1., {3, 10}]];


Developer`PackedArrayQ / @ assoc


<|1 ->    True, 2 -> True, 3 -> True |>

so each value is a packaged matrix.

Now, I want to join several Assignments like this one. Then I checked the package,

Developer`PackedArrayQ / @ Merge[{assoc, assoc}, Flatten]


<|1 ->    False, 2 -> False, 3 -> False |>

It is unpacked, although Flatten You should not unzip the list.

So, is it possible to avoid this unpacking in Link?

java – merging K linked ordered lists

Specifically, how can I improve the time complexity of my algorithm (currently it is O (listLength * numberOfLists))? Only exceeds 5% of the solutions accepted from LeetCode, which surprised me.

/ **
* Definition for the list of individual links.
* public class ListNode {
* int val;
* Next ListNode;
* ListNode (int x) {val = x; }
* /
class solution {
Empty private preview (Final ListNode[] listNodes, final int index) {
listNodes[index] = listNodes[index].following;

Public listNode mergeKLists (Final ListNode[] listNodes) {
ListNode sortedListHead = null;
ListNode sortedListNode = null;

int associatedIndex;

do {
int minValue = Integer.MAX_VALUE;
associatedIndex = -1;

for (int listIndex = 0; listIndex <listNodes.length; listIndex ++) {
End ListNode listNode = listNodes[listIndex];

if (listNode! = null && listNode.val <minValue) {
minValue = listNode.val;
associatedIndex = listIndex;

// An associated index of -1 indicates that there are no more values ​​left in any of the given lists
if (associatedIndex! = -1) {
if (sortedListNode == null) {
sortedListNode = new ListNode (minValue);
sortedListHead = sortedListNode;
else { = new ListNode (minValue);
sortedListNode =;

advance (listNodes, associatedIndex);
while (associatedIndex! = -1);

return sortedListHead;

Keep in mind that the Solution class besides ListNode It is already provided, the only code that I wrote was inside. merge lists.

Merging 02 detail tables, delete the duplicate values ​​from both sides in SQL Server 2008

In my case, both tables are details, sometimes it has 01 element in Tables A with multiple elements in Table B and vice versa.

WHERE y._PROCESS_INST_NO IN (& # 39; 631886 & # 39 ;, & # 39; 635312 & # 39;)

enter the description of the image here

I want to eliminate duplicate values ​​from both sides. Please help. Thank you!

Remove duplicate urls after merging projects

After a long stop, I am reactivating my old good SER. :) and I'm merging many different projects on the same websites.

After merging them (I probably merged the same projects more than once), now I have duplicate URLs within the projects, and I see that there is no option to delete duplicate URLs within a project.

The only way to work is to copy all the URLs in the clipboard (proj from the right mouse> show URLs> verified), then delete them and then import them again from the clipboard. This eliminates duplicate URLs.

Is it possible to include something like "delete duplicate URLs"?

Thank you

PS: I found a similar function (right click> import destination URL> delete duplicate URLs) but it does not work for this type of duplicate URLs)