redhat – Boot menu is stopping after selecting media in inst.dd command

I’m trying to install CentOS7 into HP Microserver G8. I need to disable AHCI and changing array driver as following site describe.

I did following command from boot prompt.

linux modprobe.blacklist=ahci inst.dd

And selected the number for the driver media of kmod-hpvsa-1.2.16-102.rhel7u3.x86_64.rpm

Then pressed ‘c’ to continue after i confirmed the toggle was selected as ‘x’ forkmod-hpvsa-1.2.16-102.rhel7u3.x86_64.rpm.

However, nothing is happen even showing error message.

It seems stopping or waiting something.

Does anyone tell how to continue the boot menu or how to check the system.

I’ve posted same issue in stack-overflow and super-user.

menu – Showing more information while decluttering the screen

I’m designing an educational app with gamified elements to it. The way the app has evolved the left side is what we consider the most important information for the user. The items to the right are all considered of equal weight.

The first prototype shows the toolbar/header as this:

enter image description here

I find it very cluttered, and I’m wondering how I can show more information while decluttering…

The ideas I have thought of:

  1. Have another bordered cell to the right and have a constant rotation between the secondary items, like this:

enter image description here

Something like this, clicking on the cell brings up a menu for the user to navigate to all items individual screens.

  1. Maybe something more experimental.. I’m not sure about this one

enter image description here

I’m curious what y’all think on the best practices in this situation..

Thank you

android – menu content link in Backend VS menu content link in UI

Have a common and same menu content link (for instance Home, about, consumer product, support) when you are using Angular, NativeScript and Android.

The menu contain seven different name. Each name is distinguish.
The backend is .net core with SQL server.


Two approaches:

First solution:
Should the name from the menu should be located inside of backend? In order words, you retrieve the content of the menu from the backend and display in each UI (angular, android etc.)
You use the concept DRY and less maintenance.

Second solution:
The second one is to have the content of the menu in each UI without request for the content of the menu at backend.

The main question is:
What experience have you been through in this situation.

Which of these two solution should I go and why?
Any pros and cons?

Thank you!

8 – Query to output title, alias and menu

I need a query for Drupal 8 that will show the node title, alias and parent item in menu (if none then blank or “none” for parent item).

I’m brand new to Drupal and trying to find my way around. Help with this would be hugely appreciated!


Pages become glitchy after opening an folder with apps in app menu

i’ve experencing the issue for a long time, and it annoys me.
the pages in the app menu become glitchy after i open a folder.

Before Opening an app folder




How can i fix it?
can provide more info if needed.

Batch edit Windows 10 Start Menu tiles to match colors with icons

A while ago, I discovered Playnite and one of the extensions allows me to export all my games into a local ($env:appdata) folder to my Start Menu. I use those to directly access the “Play action” (command to run a game or emulator) to seamlessly integrate games from several sources into one seamless interface. Unfortunately, regular .ink files don’t get the benefits of Windows Store Apps with custom tiles from the get-go – and the Start Menu is not smart enough to make them appear as seamless as with those customized tiles.

I’d like to change this. Is there a way to batch-process all of those shortcuts and create custom tile colors?

Essentially, I would like to:

  • Iterate through all shortcuts in $env:appdataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPlayniteGames
  • Pick each icon’s most prominent color (i.e. an icon with many shades of green would return the most common shade of that)
  • Create a custom tile with that color set as the background

This way, my custom shortcuts don’t look as out-of-place compared to other apps icons

macos – What’s this icon in menu bar on Macbook Pro?

Does anyone know what’s this icon to the left of battery status in the menu bar? It looks like binoculars.

enter image description here

This appears only on lock screen, and disappears as soon as I login (either through TouchID or entering the password). Clicking on that while the screen is locked doesn’t help.

If it helps, this is a MacBook Pro with TouchBar (2017 model) and is running macOS Catalina 10.15.6.

I’ve been using this laptop for more than 2 years but this started appearing only 3-4 days ago.


Multiple menu (mobile)

does anyone know how to make the mobile menu look like this?


The left side is the first menu, and the right side is the second menu.

Would be glad if anyone can help a newbie here.

Create menu for launching various tools in Teams

I am using Microsoft Teams to deliver some lessons. I’ve been adding tools to the “Tabs” folders, but students have trouble because they constantly change in order, so every day I get students who say “I couldn’t find that tab…” when it just was in a different place. I think it would be better to just have a tab that says “Menu”, then they click and there is a nice simple page with buttons they click that take them to the tools.

I tried creating a OneNote page for that, but ran into three issues:

  1. I couldn’t make images into a hyperlink, only text.

  2. The OneNote page is editable by all, so they can accidentally mess up the menu.

  3. OneNote hyperlinks open in Firefox and don’t stay within the Teams app like other tabs hyperlinks will.

How can I make a nice menu for launching our various tools in Teams?

How can i add search bar above dropdown menu on Google Forms?

There are around 550+ items on the dropdown list, is it possible to filter them out?