Mega personalized menu with tabs

I have used max mega menu pro for a mega menu with tabs, now I want this to reach the same use of custom code, is it possible? If so, please, suggest me some ways on how I can do it, thanks.

odoo – I do not see the menu of a module that I am developing

I'm starting with version 12 of Odoo, by doing the example proposed by its official website: I do not see the options of the "Course" menu.
In the log I get this error:

WARNING masanz odoo.modules.loading: The model openacademy.course has not
access rules, consider adding one. E.g. access_openacademy_course, access_openacademy_course, model_openacademy_course, base.group_user, 1,0,0,0

I have read something from a new administrator in this version, permissions … can anyone help me?
Thank you

Top menu vs side menu in the control panel

I prefer to reserve the top menu for the highest level interactions. Things like: reach the "home page" of the website, change to a totally different workflow, access the user profile, etc. These activities are less common, and users will intuitively scan the top of the page for these higher levels. activities.

The side menu can be more useful for actions that a user will take more frequently. If the actions you are grouping are part of the same workflow (for example, browsing the sections of an inbox or monitoring sales in different categories), then I would say that you use a side menu to keep users logically in the same workspace.

If users change frequently between these board menu items, I would recommend the side menu. I would need to know more about workflows to suggest otherwise.

To see examples of this, see: Pivotal Tracker, Facebook, Gmail and CircleCI.

Netbeans IDE 11.0 Menu Bar Code Encoding Error

new here I just downloaded
When I tried to create a new project, the text in the menu bar was incomprehensible and I could not read it. Is it a coding problem or was I wrong to extract the zip? Please help..!

Here is the problem

How to make a section identification menu with multiple pages

I have pages with multiple sections like

/ about # section_one
/ about # section_two

This is how I add them in Menus under Custom Links
but WordPress changes to

    / about / # section_one

(adding a bar before the pound symbol)
How can i fix this?

Reduced font size of tabs and menu in the new version of Chrome 74

I updated the chrome version to 74.

The new version of Chrome reduced the font size in the tab titles and the menu font.

How can I increase them?

forms: name of a control with a drop-down menu, text boxes and a list

I'm creating a control with a drop-down menu, text boxes and a list; It will look a bit like this:

enter the description of the image here

When you click on the + button, the values ​​of the text boxes will be added to the list. The category of the added values ​​will be the option selected from the drop-down menu. That same category would be removed from the options.

Clicking on the X On the other hand, the button would remove the item from the list and add the category to the drop-down options.

Is there a generic name for this type of collective controls? If there is not, what would be a good name for this?

How to add a placeholder to the drop-down menu in the contact form 7

Trying to find a way to add placeholder in the contact dropdown form 7, I tried first_as_label, for example ([select company-size first_as_label “Company Size” “1-10” “11-50” “51-100” “101-500” “501-1000” “1001-5000” “5001+”]

But it did not work, can anyone help please?

Ubuntu / Gnome: System menu on all monitors

so I'm using multiple monitors to have the menus on all the monitors, and I'm currently getting partial success.

My goal is to have the same EXACT menu at the top at all times: Activities (Done), Application menu (I can only put it on the monitor where the application is open, I would like it to be on both but it's fine), Date and time (Done), language (it would be good, not very important), and most importantly: the system menu (the one on the right).

Any idea how I could do that? Am I missing something inside multiple monitors?

Firmware update blocked in the selection menu now

Android 10 k stuck in the firmware. I pressed the button 10 times and now I'm stuck. In the selection menu