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The adidas continental 80 off white has recently received a simple, yet charming white and light-blue outfit in-line with the style of its namesake decade. Almost entirely constructed with smooth white leather, this iteration of low-top model is embellished with minimal, but notable details deviating from most releases of the court-inspired sneaker. For starters, the usual two-tone stripe found at the midfoot camouflages with the rest of the clean upper. The only non-white color that appears on this version of the 80s silhouette is “Bluebird” – a hue closely resembling any adidas Originals shoe box – which takes over the branding at the heel, logo window near the laces, and tongue.
Despite its inspiration being infamous for their bad aim, the adidas nite jogger mens surprisingly hits its mark. A change of pace from the good guy colorways unveiled on the NMD R1 — i.e. Rey’s and Yoda’s — the pair essentially nods to its muse’s armor of choice. Black and white color swathes do well to draw these connections with little in the way of quotes — save for the short “Set to stun” at the heel — or sabers to help out as the troopers themselves are, more often than not, identity-less, dispensable pawns to the Empire once and now the First Order.
Despite renewing his Three Stripes contract around half a year ago, Pusha T has yet to fully make use of his time with only a few of his first adidas ozweego women releasing at Coachella, his next being unfortunately canceled, and his “Kingslayer” edition only going out to the most hardcore of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players. Hopefully making it to home base this time around, his latest involves palettes heavily divergent from the aforementioned, hitting the markets in a striking colorway of greens and blues as well as a yet-to-be-seen “Mystery Brown” option.
adidas Originals is added smiles to the classic adidas stan smith shoes which comes in the form of their branding.This adidas Stan Smith utilizes White leather throughout the upper along with perforated Three Stripes branding on the panels. In addition we have Scarlet Red detailing on the tongue and heel. Completing the look is the Stan Smith and Trefoil branding on the heel which forms a smiley face.
Yohji Yamamoto seems to have fully embraced the latest from adidas, fusing the tech-wear aesthetic with the new 4D technology to debut a new colourway of the adidas y-3 runner 4d. We’ve already seen a red iteration, and now we have received a closer look at a white pair. Dressed in a sharp white, black branding accents hit the upper for contrast.[Image: withft0374.jpg]

Why do people say police brutality is a huge issue when a total of TEN unarmed black men have been killed by the police this year?

Probably because killing unarmed black men is not the only kind of police brutality.

Just the most publicized.

Also, claiming “no one cares” about other violence just make you look like an idiot.


Incidentally, the number you quote is a rate that’s on pace to increase last year’s total by 50%.  And that’s with three months of lockdown where people haven’t been outside much, and crime of all kinds is down dramatically.

Who are these stupid angry men?

There is a picture of some men who look angry.

I love the comment on the picture.

Why do many married men cheat?

Why do many married men cheat?

[ Gender & Women's Studies ] Open-ended question: Why do I hate being with boys and men so much?

I am a 22 year old girl and I hate being with men and boys so much and I don't want to have children

Should women who falsely accuse men of rape be prosecuted for doing so?


1. Harms the accused person.

2. It is a waste of police resources.

3. Harms (in terms of credibility) those who supported the accuser.

Maybe there are circumstances where you can find a plausible explanation for doing this, but I can't think of one right now.

Why do women always receive shorter sentences for the same crime as men?

"Why do women always receive shorter sentences for the same crime as men?"

Because we are focused on a one-way version of "gender equality."

Women have gained full legal equality with men where men previously had a benefit. And now feminists insist that we keep the focus on women's social and personal equality without first equalizing men's legal equality where women have a benefit.

No wonder so many feminist themes sound ridiculous these days. The spread of men, explanations, sexist air conditioning and toxic masculinity are all pushed by feminists as the most important issues in our society, while men's right to legal equality in court judgment has yet to be has reached.


Are men lagging behind in education compared to women?

(Yesterday's question reported by someone and deleted)

Women have far exceeded equality. But they still want special privileges because they are women.

Total bachelor's numbers show that women outnumbered their male counterparts for the first time in the late 1970s.

Since 1981, women have been consistently outperforming men in earned bachelor's degrees.

Today, for every 100 men who receive a bachelor's degree today, 134 women do so.

Why do we still need scholarships and affirmative actions specifically for "women" in higher education when men are left behind?

Updated 12 hours ago:

@ Matt — This is about performance … This question is about enrollment. More girls are registering and even affirmative action and scholarships are very much in favor of women.

Updated 12 hours ago:

Typographical error: this is not * about performance. This question is about enrollment.

Updated 12 hours ago:

@ Matt – No, affirmative action is favoring women to enter universities.

Men gain nothing and risk losing everything in marriage, why the hell do they still do it?

"Men do not earn anything and risk losing everything in marriage, why the hell do they still do it?"

I suppose that men as a group have not yet reached that critical mass in which they finally abandon society entirely. There are signs that it is coming. I'm just not sure which generation will finally bring it. Based on "women's liberation", this is how it will decrease:

One day, men will decide to start a movement to free themselves from the bonds of marriage and servitude to women.

This will come for men after finally getting sick and tired of enslaving themselves all day to support their families, while they are expected to excel in business and build a life for their wives and children. Sick and tired of the weight of society on their shoulders, perhaps they want to pursue careers other than marriage and children? Perhaps they have decided that it is unfair that they are expected to support a child just because they fathered it, and now they want rights that require that they do not need to be involved in the child's life if they wish, or that they could take it entirely from the woman and raise her without a mother if that's what they want instead. Furthermore, they could demand to be able to decide to abort the child, whether the woman wanted it or not, claiming the genetic property of the product of their mistake. They can also demand equal rights in divorce, so that they don't have to pay alimony or child support.

This is the liberation of men. With enough men making such demands, the system would have to listen or collapse due to the lack of support from men, and indeed the subversion of that system.

Men can march on the street for the right to sleep, while challenging the church's teachings to be faithful to their wives, calling them oppressive and degrading. Then they could boldly declare that women are useless, that society would be fine without them, that a man needs a woman like a fish needs a bicycle. In this environment, all cases of domestic abuse against women will be ignored, while cases of domestic abuse against men will be exaggerated. And all the women would be blamed for the rape in prison, for waiting for the men to fend for themselves while blaming that for the high incarceration rates.

And then, after establishing a proud and noisy notion that men need to be released from the bonds of caring for women, men would still expect women to clean, cook, and care for children, but without compromise. In fact, men will demand that the state require women to perform these tasks while continuing with their lives. At this point, men will tire of mastering dangerous and unwanted jobs and demand safe and easy office jobs as they send women to pick up trash, take care of sewer systems, cut down trees, build skyscrapers, drill oil, patrol the streets, fighting fires and wars.

All of this would be reflecting how the "women's liberation" occurred here in the West during the past century or so.

It could fall this way … or … society could cut this movement before it happens simply by being RIGHTEOUS with men from now on, or very soon.


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