How do I join the Bitcoin Core PR review club meetings on IRC?

I would like to learn about reviewing Bitcoin Core pull requests at the Bitcoin Core PR review club. How do I join the ##bitcoin-core-pr-reviews channel on IRC and which IRC client do you recommend I install?

I can use the command line but I would prefer to maximize convenience and minimize setup time.

azure – Sentiment analysis for speech in MS Teams meetings (classrooms to be more specific)

I’m looking for a solution that could be used with MS Teams for Education that could be used for sentiment analysis in real time during classroom discussions in synchronous on-line learning. I assume Azure’s Speech to Text could capture what is said but not sure what tools are available for the analysis.
Comments by individual students are not as important as gauging the overall sentiment in the classroom and ideally it would go past simply positive/negative to detecting mood, words or phrases that are being used frequently, lapses between questions and answers, etc.
Ideally the data could then be fed into Power BI for providing real-time indicators of what is happening in the class.

Any suggestions?

Software for virtual meetings in clusters

Bottom line: Teams working remotely lack informal meetings to talk about interesting things not related to work.

We need a software tool to fix it.

How does it usually work with teams that work in the office? As soon as there is an occasion (for example, Christmas or a birthday, or some commercial achievement) we buy canapes, sushi and fruits, we put them on different tables, we gather everyone in the office on Friday night, everyone wanders between the tables for fruit or canapés, and join different groups to chat. And everyone likes this, as it's always nice to talk to good, smart people in an informal setting.

We need to replicate the same experience for a distributed team.

Why is Skype or Zoom not suitable? We have gathered 25 people at Zoom, and at any one time only a minority is speaking and everyone else is bored. It is bad, it is not teamwork, but quite the opposite: next time everyone will find an excuse not to appear at a boring event.

How could you get people in and out of small groups and have a good conversation like in real life? This could be done, for example, by creating different "rooms" in Zoom (this idea is described in detail here: -tiene -best-classes-conferences-and-meetings-also-dc2c5b58f8be). But there is another problem: in offline meetings, people enter and leave the groups with a natural and clear social permission: go find another meal. But this doesn't work in case you jump from "room" to "room", so you have to force people to change rooms, or many people may find themselves in boring discussions without a polite way to leave and without an easy way to find a group with an interesting topic.

How could this problem be solved in an online meeting? For example: we have a large space (for example, any huge "room" at, such as Parthenon) with support for positional voice chat (the further away the avatar is, the quieter it will be voice), along the perimeter of the "room" we organize some interesting artifacts (low polygonal, to reduce delays), such as a photo exhibition (for example, any inspiring collection from com / photos / flickr / or your own old "fun facts" photos). So they all came and went, not to eat, but to see the exhibition. Those who are bored can easily say, "I will take a walk, check out what else is in the exhibition, see you" – walk and join another group, like in an offline meeting.

Mozilla Hubs are almost right for this idea, but they are not perfect.

The good thing about Mozilla Hubs:

  1. participants do not need to prepare, they do not need to install software (for Windows, macOS, Linux), Mozilla Hubs works in any browser without add-ons, on PCs and smartphones;

  2. Participants do not need to register, they just have to follow a link like at the indicated time, and they are already at the party.

But we have brought 25 people together in Mozilla Hubs and there are core issues.

  1. All those who do not play 3D games in the first person (mainly girls) have a hard time navigating; instead of communicating, they get stressed because they don't understand where someone is, how to reach them, how not to look. the floor or wall, and so on. They would be much more comfortable in a simpler interface: isometric or dimetric, as in The Sims.
  2. Due to the first-person view, there is a strong emphasis on primitive avatars, but not on communication and not on the participants' webcam video. Video from webcam can be easily shared on Mozilla Hubs, but newbies project it somewhere in the sky or on the floor, other people push these videos and it was easier for people to talk without any video from webcam.
  3. Mozilla Hubs lags behind on slower devices or makes coolers hum like an airplane.

Is there any software that solves or can be adapted to solve the problem of virtual group meetings, which have the advantages mentioned above, but without the disadvantages mentioned (a platform, a game engine, a game mod, anything)? – Zoom 1132 error code every time you start or join Zoom meetings

Every time I try to start or join a Zoom meeting in Microsoft Windows, the application tries to start but says "The meeting has an unexpected error. Error code: 1132." I saw somewhere that someone fixed this by restoring the factory settings, and someone else simply decided to use Linux instead. I tried to uninstall and reinstall Zoom, and tried to delete the Zoom directory in% appdata% after uninstallation, but it still doesn't fix the issue. Any ideas?

productivity: generate bogus meetings in Google Calendar

Is there a tool to create fake Google Calendar meetings that seem credible based on my free / busy schedule? I don't want to spend time outside of meetings doing a pointless task that computers could do, so I'd like to automate this. If nothing exists, then maybe someone can recommend an algorithm or some existing software that I can modify to do it.


Other people put a lot of meetings on my Google Calendar. It tends to 30 hours a week of meetings if I don't do something about it. There is a cultural solution: more asynchronous work, meeting agendas and not including people who don't have something to contribute. But in the meantime, I fill my calendar with "bogus meetings" – blocked time to get the job done, so people can't schedule vendor sales calls in the middle of my schedule flow state.

I would prefer that these meetings do not overlap with regular meetings, they are created in credible patterns (they should not all be 30m) and maybe schedule some open spaces so that people are not completely unable to reserve my time.

Algorithms – Programming: minimum number of meetings needed to meet all candidates

Imagine that I am a recruiter and I have a list of $ n $ candidates, each of whom is free for different continuous periods throughout the day. I need to conduct group interviews for each candidate (a group interview must have more than 1 candidate, of course) and I want to choose the least amount of time possible to meet with all candidates at least once algorithmically.

For example, I can have 2 free candidates for 2 hours, 2 for 3 hours, 1 for 4 hours and another for 5 on a 10-hour day. Your free time can be aligned as follows:

enter the description of the image here

In this case, an optimal selection of time intervals would be 4 and 8. I began to address this problem by defining a greedy algorithm that chooses the time interval of highest density in each iteration. This works, in the previous example (choosing 4, which has 4 times overlapping, and then 8, which has the following more times). However, it fails in the following entry:

enter the description of the image here

Here, the algorithm chooses 7, 4, 8 as the optimal time intervals, when the best solution is only 4, 8. There are several entries of this type.

What is a demonstrably optimal algorithm that finds the best time slots to book my group interviews?

Any groups / meetings here in central Georgia?

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Any groups / meetings here in central Georgia? The | Web Hosting Talk

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  1. Any groups / meetings here in central Georgia?

    Wondering if there were local groups / meetings around Macon / Warner Robins, GA?
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Architecture – How to architecturally design recurring meetings

I am currently challenged to design a meeting / appointment system: think of Google Calendar or Outlook. The point is that, of course, there are recurring meetings, such as "Every day, every working day, until 12/31/2020" or even "No expiration".

Therefore, there are (at least) two approaches: materialize all occurrences in "physical" meeting objects in the database (with a maximum number), or simply keep the "definition / configuration" of the periodic meeting and resolve at runtime. Solving at runtime would mean that e. Sun. If a user wishes to see a day, the system will have to calculate all the periodic meetings that are "valid" for the selection.

Both approaches have their pros and cons, and I would like to talk to people who faced this challenge before.

Schengen business visa with confirmed invitation letter + generic business meetings + tourism week

Sorry for the long headline, but my company will participate in a trade fair in Milan, Italy, for 2 weeks. I received the invitation letter from the organizer for the 2 weeks, but I would like to extend my stay for another 2 weeks in Milan to follow up on the clues / queries I may receive during the fair.

After the fair, I will also visit Frankfurt to visit / stay with one of my good friends and travel through Frankfurt for a week.

Message that I also go to Madrid to attend another conference for 2 days. Again post that I will be free for about 3-4 days in Madrid.

I intend to stay for a total of 1.5 to 2 months with a commercial Schengen visa through the Italian consulate.

This are my questions:

1) Is it possible to give generic details of the itinerary (e.g. Business meetings, main follow-ups) in the cover letter for the 2-week extension after the fair in Milan, since I still don't have any invitation letter Confirmed from other companies? still?

2) Is it okay to give "tourism" details for Frankfurt in the same application? I will receive an invitation letter from my friend in Frankfurt.

3) Same as the previous one but for Madrid after the conference

My personal situation:

1) I have an Indian passport

2) I already traveled to Switzerland before in 2017 with the Schengen tourist visa

Thank you for your time everyone.

The best inspirational quotes, love, valentines, mother's day

In general, we have that dearest statement. Be that as it may, what makes some forms of expression so resounding?

At the time when circumstances become difficult, many people resort to a persuasive statement for a touch of motivation. A portion of these concise topics have become recommended portions of the society's dictionary. There are many quotes about love.


There is also control in the words themselves, says Ward Farnsworth, dignitary of the University of Texas Law School and creator of Farnsworth's English classical rhetoric. Farnsworth says that individuals are "hungry for knowledge well communicated, persuasive or otherwise."
"Latin scholars see cases of maximum 2,000 years before, for example, ubi concordia, ibi victoria, & # 39; where there is solidarity, there is triumph & # 39 ;. In general, these idioms include acute understanding and writing remarkable. They are small triumphs of conversation, in the old and positive feeling of the word, "he says.
On Mother's Day we can see that we are looking for a quote for Mother's Day.
On Valentine's Day, we look for love quotes for her and also happy images of Valentine's Day.
When we lose hope, we look for short inspirational quotes, short motivational quotes, positive quotes about life, positive quotes about life, etc.


Love, it's felling. We cannot feel it with words or massages or anything. We have to feel it, experience it. But we can imagine it with love dating quotes for her, love dating for her, love dating for her, romantic dating, etc.
Love is an amazing set of feelings, practices and convictions related to solid feelings of love, defense, warmth and respect for another person. Love can also be used to apply it to non-human creatures, standards and strict convictions. For example, an individual may declare that the person appreciates his dog, loves the opportunity or worships God.

Love has been a favorite subject of logicians, artists, essayists and researchers for centuries, and several people and meetings have regularly discussed its definition. While the vast majority agree that worship infers solid feelings of love, there are numerous differences about its exact meaning, and the "I love you" of one individual can mean something very different from that of another. Some possible meanings of worship include:
• The ability to organize the prosperity or joy of others over theirs.
• Outrageous feelings of connection, love and need.
• Unexpected emotional feelings of fascination and respect.
• A transitory feeling of care, friendship and like.
• A decision to focus on helping, considering and thinking about another person, for example, in marriage or having a child.
• A mixture of the previous feelings.
There has been much discussion about whether love is a decision, it is something perpetual or of short duration, and if the affection between relatives and life partners is organically modified or socially instilled. Love can change from individual to individual and from culture to culture. Each of the discussions about affection may be accurate at some time and somewhere. For example, in certain cases, love may be a decision, while in others it may seem wild.


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