pathfinder 2e: what is the difference between small and medium?


Littlein size and Means, mediumThe size of the creatures have no drawbacks or benefits inherent in their size, unlike the first edition of the game. Even Biglarge will not get benefits from it.

Barbarians with a giant instinct and the Enlarge spell are the only skills that can be gained to become Big-size. Keep in mind that the benefits are similar, but they are obtained with those effects and not exactly due to the increase in size.

So, at best, this is what you would gain if you became Big-Size, regardless of its original size (Enlarge):

You become great, increasing your reach by 5 feet and gaining the awkward condition 1

And this is what happens when a creature becomes Tinyin size, according to the Shrink spell:

The goal is reduced to become Tiny in size. His team contracts with him, but returns to its original size if removed. The creature's range changes to 0 feet.

But apart from that, Little Y Means, medium Creatures work exactly the same. Also keep in mind that the rules for team sizes are the same for both Little Y Means, medium.

dnd 5e – When playing on a grid, how many medium creatures fit within the barrier area of ​​a Protection Scroll during combat?

The description of the protection roll (DMG, p. 199) says:

The use of an action to read the parchment encloses you in an invisible barrier that extends from you to form a cylinder 5 feet in radius and 10 feet high. For 5 minutes, this barrier prevents creatures of the specified type from entering or affecting anything inside the cylinder.

The cylinder moves with you and remains centered on you. However, if you move in such a way that a creature of the specified type would be inside the cylinder, the effect ends.

A creature can try to overcome the barrier by using an action to do a DC 15 Charisma test. In a success, the creature is no longer affected by the barrier.

As I understand it, most spell effects focus on a grid intersection (if you are using a grid, which I am) and calculate their areas that way. However, this element centers its 5 foot radius around the creature that uses the scroll. Then, in a grid, this cylinder must be centered in the middle of a space and, therefore, partially cover the other spaces.

Is this correct? If so, can other creatures (say, the other members of the group) fit into the area of ​​effect and also be safe from the creatures to which the displacement is directed?

It only partially covers its space, so a creature may or may not be able to affect them, which seems more ambiguous than it should.

javascript: edit the medium of the chain to react always goes to the end

I have a material-ui entry in my reactJS application.
everything is fine. but when I try to edit (add or modify) the text in the middle of the string, the cursor always goes to the end of the string after every letter I put.

I suppose it is due to the return of the component after each change of entry
so if I'm not going to enter the value attribute, it will work. but I want to write it the way I react …

Any suggestions?

Film scanning adapters for medium format.

The standard solution to digitize the medium format is exploration – Adapters for A4 scanners (more or less …) for 120 films are easier to implement than scanning adapters.

There are many reasons for this; these include standardization problems, only those width of 120 films were properly standardized, to 56 mm, and never length.

Therefore, it has quite different formats, such as 645 (56 × 42 mm) and 6×17 (56 × 168 mm) presented as medium format. This creates confusion and implementation problems.

Naturally, this drives any digitalization solution to the less common denominator, which is somewhat similar to the A4 / letter format (depending on which side of the Atlantic live).

Recommendations for cloud hosting for the medium traffic e-commerce site

Hello, new to the forum.

I am currently using a dedicated server with this specification:
– Intel Xeon E3-1270v5 quad-core 3.4 GHz
– 16 GB of RAM
– 2×250 GB SSD, 2-port hardware Raid 1
– 50 GB external backup (R1Soft)
– cpanel (whm)
– using approximately 300 GB of traffic per month for an e-commerce website

You need a recommendation on a cloud host provider. Right now I am considering:

Amazon AWS cloud
SiteGround Cloud: I used them in the past for a shared website … also read good reviews.
inmotionhosting cloud

Any thoughts or other recommendations.

thanks .. M. Chen

Independent Medium size hosting VS large companies thoughts and feelings

Hello, guys, so there was a similar theme to this one, but it focused mainly on basements for some reason, What I want to know is what type of Host do you prefer
My experiences have led me to believe that independent companies are the best for the following reasons

my first host was 1 & 1 in 2008 I had problems during many years of random disconnections that never paid attention, finally my account was compromised at the beginning, they claimed that it was a false positive of Kaspersky and then proceeded to blame me for the infection Although everything I had was updated

So I had a friend clean the malware and move me to his host, which worked very well for a while, but his one-man operation led him to not concentrate on the few hosting clients he had, so I moved again as a client who is now my current employer and I could not be happier.

Those experiences have led me to believe that the smaller and closer teams are better than any large-scale company, but that it is difficult to trust a one-person company if your host is not the target, so I wanted an open discussion

Focal length: Do medium format lenses have a clipping factor?

The only reason why we bother with this concept called "culture factor" is due to the absolute prevalence / prevalence of the 35mm film. Do you think that the first shooters, with the large frame camera in hand, were conceptualizing their lenses using a clipping factor?

The focal length of the lens, like 50 mm, is a feature of the lens. This is considered the "normal" lens for the 35mm format (What is a normal lens?) And we are used to using it. But, when smaller digital formats became frequent, with many people maintaining the use of their 35mm lenses in these formats, there needed to be a way to communicate to those people what the lens would look like in that format.

Enter the clipping factor. An easy way to tell someone how your lens would look in a small format. He has been filming 35 mm for decades, know how 35 mm and 50 mm and 85 mm look better than the palm of his hand. Now he uses an APS-C and throws those 50mm there and, because he knows it's a 1.5x trim factor, he knows that his 50mm will "look" like the 75mm of that camera.

The exact thing stays in medium format. Many, many people start with 35 mm and then shoot to shoot 120. The conceptualization of using the lens can still be done with the clipping factor, it's just that instead of "trimming" you're actually capturing more area. Then, for example, the culture factor for 645 is approximately 0.62, going from 35 mm to 120 in the 645 flavor. Therefore, the 50 mm lens in a 645 camera seems to capture as a ~ 31 mm lens in 35 mm.

By the way, "normal" becomes ~ 75mm for 645. Take it to large format, it's ~ 150mm for a 4 "x5".

The key concept here is the conceptualization of the image that will be captured by a given lens in a different format.

Medium format film that completely lacks the lower part of the composition.

I am new to film and I am recording in medium format in a Bronica Zenza ETRS and I just got my first setback from the developers. Each frame is missing the lower part of the composition, it has simply been cut, in one of the frames it has the lower part of the previous image. Can anybody help me? Thank you.

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Logic – The law of the excluded medium and the decision.

I will divide my question into two parts. The first part I'm sure there is an objective answer, but I'm not sure about the second part.

First part:
Are all problems (decisions) trivial to be decided after assuming the Law of Excluded Media (LEM)? eg There is no difficult problem to prove that it is decidable after taking LEM.

Second part:
Does it make any sense to agree with a non-constructive proof that a problem is decidable?