Media library error

Having an issue to upload files into media library and receiving Err connection reset in Chrome console.
We have upgraded WP to 5.7.1 and we are using PHP 7.2.
Any idea how to solve this issue?

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Main Type
Static Banner


How I can insert some help text on the ckeditor media embed “Create embed” tab?

How I can insert some help text on the ckeditor media embed “Create embed” tab? Oddly, I can’t even find those words together in code. I have a user confused about its use, so I want to specify that this is for video URLs only. She is trying to “embed” an image that she already has on the site, but she gets an error message “input did not match any media types.” If I do a form alter of “entity_embed_dialog” then the message displays on all tabs of media embed dialog window.enter image description here

8 – How to create a view of Media images that do not have any Alt Text

There is the Filter called Thumbnail (alt) from the Media Category that is for the Alt text.

After you add the Relationship for the Image field the Is empty (NULL) Operator will become available. If the Relationship is not present only the string operators will be listed.

Add the Relationship image from field_media_image and then add the Thumbnail (alt) Filter with the Is empty (NULL) Operator.

It will filter out Media items that have the Alt field available in their structure but not filled in (empty), for example images, as opposed to Files that don’t come with Alt fields in their structure.

On the other hand, using the Is less than 1 Operator/value combination can help in situations when you need to filter out different Media types to show the items that don’t have the Alt field in their structure at all like File types, while Images with empty alt don’t satisfy that condition.

8 – How capture video thumbnail , when video is uploaded under media video type file?

I’m using Core media module to upload video[Media Type is video,which has field video of ‘file field type’].
This module will refer video.png as thumnail for all video uploaded from the local system.

I want to capture first frame of video as thumbnail when video is uploaded from the local system in media section.
I have seen ‘PHP ffmpeg’ , module , But i don’t know the approach to follow to capture first frame of video.
If i need to write a custom module to capture thumnail while saving media type of video, which hook function I need to use or please suggest me what apprach I can follow?

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I will be your Virtual assistant, admin support and social media manager

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voip – Register softphone with Avaya CM without media gateway

I was wondering if someone please have an idea for registering any softphone with avaya communication manager without a media gateway (like G-430, G-450…etc). I’m working on a home lab and my scinario as following : I have installed CM on VMware with ip addr and configured it up with add station 1001 after configureing the dialplan, the configured parameters are :
Extension: 1001
Type: 9620
Security code: 1234
IP Softphone? : y

then i tried to install avaya One-X communicator with configuration as shown : enter image description here

after cliking login button, i traced the requests with list trace sta 1001 and i get this : enter image description here

the softphone tries to register, but after a while it fails with this error : enter image description here

i googled it but no solution and i don’t know what i’m missing here, i will be appreciated if any one helped. Thanks in advance.

Featured media | NulledTeam UnderGround


Displays a block containing featured media.

This add-on will display a block of media items and is normally displayed in the forum list. Each featured media item can be clicked and the media item will be displayed in the media gallery. Featured media items are randomly selected and updated every 5 minutes.

(Example of Featured media)


(Example of Options page)


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7 – How do I hide static media file URLs?

I have developed a website in Drupal 7. Right now I have a requirement: A page should display a PDF file (already generated). Only authenticated users should have access to view or download this file, but anyone with direct access to this static file link can view it and download it.

Is there any method I can use to prevent this and redirect them to the login page? What kind of logical programming needs to be applied in this case?

Filter content type by media type

I have a content type that has a media field that can contain audio, video or image, I created a view and I want to filter the view depending on the media type is that possible using Drupal views or do I need to make custom code for this