transactions – Is 8 the maximum number of incoming peer connections?

The reference here for running the bitcoin daemon does not really clarify what maxconnections mean.

maxconnections=  Maintain at most  connections to peers (default: 125)

Is this the max connection for all inbound and outbound peer connections? Or is it just to one or the other? If I understand correctly, inbound connections are others trying to connect to your node for information (e.g. transaction) propagation, while outbound connections are your bitcoin daemon node connecting to others for information.

Here’s another reference in one of the posted answers that stated 8 outbound peer connections is the max; it seems to imply that the number of outbound peer connections is unconfigurable. Furthermore, that maxconnections only controls the number of inbound connections and not outbound. Is this true?

I don’t intend on being connected to by other peers (this decision is rather selfish, but that’s besides the point), so I’ve blocked port 8333. I believe, effectively, blocking port 8333 will only stop peers from connecting to me (stops inbound) and not me connecting to peers (does not stop outbound). Is this right?

What implications do blocking port 8333 have on my bitcoin daemon from getting transactions? Does it get less transactions or get transactions slower? I’ve been noticing that for relatively long stretches of time (e.g. 20 seconds or so), sometimes I see no transactions come through.

liquid – What is the maximum amount of an Elements asset that can be issued?

Elements allow for assets issuance, and I was wondering what was the limit to the number of units that we can issue for each asset.

There’s a limit to the amount that can be issued each time, which is 21 millions, but it seems that by issuing 21 millions again and again I can issue much more than that.

My guess is that the max amount that could be issued is the maximum number of satoshis that can fit in a int64_t, which should be 92,233,720,368.54775807, am I getting this right?

high sierra – Windows resize to maximum for no reason

On High Sierra, from time to time, my current window maximizes itself without any keyboard or mouse dragging. Mostly it is in browsers. I use both Chrome and Firefox. I hate this and want it to stop. If I want a window to resize, I will do it myself. Any suggestions? Have not been able to find similar issues.

Convex functional is the same thing as maximum of linear functionals

I find this in Terence Tao’s topics in random matrix book as a footnote on page 49 in these exact wording without further explanation. What is a precise statement of the (=>) direction?

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python – Filtering of maximum value by ID and category sum

I have a task that is quite simple: I need to get the sum of values in the categories of each ID, and keep the category with the highest sum:

id    category   value
1       A         10 
1       A         15
1       B         13
2       A         80

So, in this case the sum of value for each category-id pair would be:

id    category   value
1       A         25 
1       B         13
2       A         80 

And then the maximum for id == 1 is 25 and for the other is 80, so the final dataframe is:

id    category   value
1       A         25 
2       A         80 

I achieved this like this:

(df.groupby(('id', 'category'))('value')
 .sum().reset_index().sort_values(by=('id', 'value'))
 .drop_duplicates(('id'), keep='last'))

I feel this can be done in lesser steps, maybe with some transform, but I can’t find a better way. Any ideas?


plugins – Disable publish button for post title and content exceeds maximum length

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Is it okay to make a plugin to the WordPress repo, but limit it’s actions to maximum N events?

Let’s say you have a cleaner library. Is it okay to limit the free version that is hosted on the WordPress-repo to max clean 10.000 entries; after that you would have to pay for the pro version?

maximum concurrent tcp connection per minute


How can we set maximum concurrent tcp connection per second using iptables?

If someone is ddos layer 7 with http connection if we … | Read the rest of

magento2.3.4 – How to restrict same type product in cart Magento 2 and maximum order amount below INR 50000

I have two types of products: Electronics, Glass.

I have a condition for the cart page i.e.:

Condition 1.

Electronics products can be ordered Single items at a time. it can not be ordered with Glass products.

Condition 2:

Glass products can be ordered multiple items but the order total must be below INR 50000. It can not be ordered with electronics products.