Does the location of the email server matter?

If you are an email user of intensive use, it is recommended to have the mail server in the same country, unless you go for a large provider like G Suite.

If the mail server is located in another country, users of your email may experience a slowdown when downloading / uploading large attachments and sending / receiving many emails. Synchronization through IMAP can also be slow if you have many emails on the server. Since you have 40 users, and if about 20 of them are heavy users, you might consider a provider that has a server nearby.

However, if users send emails occasionally, such as 5-10 emails per user per day, the server location should not be important to you.


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Gsa Ser does not matter the url to all selected projects

I am trying to import destination URL from a text file. The file size is more than 1200 mb and I am trying to add it to the selected projects. The number of projects is 150. When I choose to import destination URL from a text file, what happens is that the text file is imported but does not add URL to many projects. Just as it adds urls to the initial and last projects, and among them, when I randomly check some projects for the remaining destination urls, it shows zero ursl. Can someone please help me import the URLs of the file and make sure that all selected projects get some of the destination URLs from the file?

Providing false information during domain registration, does it matter?

It may be better to get in touch with your registrar and see how they handle specific situations. Not all domain extensions provide domain privacy, check before registering domain extensions.

Also keep in mind that there have been changes over the years (since this question was asked for the first time) until now. It is best to follow ICANN's privacy and proxy services.

As I have several domain extensions that do not currently offer domain privacy, I got in touch with some of the registrars that I used … and each had their own way of handling that situation. Basically, this depends on you (and depending on the laws and regulations of your country, there may be ways that can help you with this, more information on this later)

To put it briefly: anonymous information may be protecting your identity … but puts your property at serious risk.

You need proof

The most important part of everything I've contacted is being able to provide evidence.

A registrar told me that the names in the Contact / WHOIS Register used for their domain (s) must be valid. Must be able to provide proof of the validity of the information. If you have a company or organization with that "fictitious" name, it would be fine with the proper documentation.

You must enter information that can be supported by documents and identification. The best practice is that the information should closely resemble what the Registrant (you) knows as the Registrar.

The risk is … If you place placeholder information as "Domain Owner" or "Domain Administrator" and someone else is using it, the Registrar may receive an external "False WHOIS" complaint (often from ICANN) ) that results in a requirement for updated information or some level of domain suspension.

Another registrar mentioned that "it varies from one registry to another." For them, the applicant's name could be in the line & # 39; Domain Admin & # 39; always the address, email, telephone, etc. be valid. But despite what they may say, it is probably better to follow what ICANN has to say about accuracy.

But, there is a way …

I have researched that there are some ways to "anonymize" your information. In the USA UU., You can submit a "Doing Business As" (DBA) to use a fictitious name. In addition, you can also register an LLC that you can use. While they cost money, they can serve as proof of information. And, as others have said, in the USA. You can also use a P.O. Box as address.

While there are ways to discover who you are despite all this, it's more work than just putting it out there. Before you dive into these options, research or talk to a lawyer.

Does the location of the server matter within Europe?

Hello, I am new in this forum.
I am creating a Bulgarian website, aimed at a 100% Bulgarian audience, with a .bg TLD and everything. I was wondering … | Read the rest of

What meta tags matter?

What meta tags matter?

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gnupg – How to verify if the key in a gpg file is expired no matter

I want to verify if the key in a gpg file is expired no matter, so I tried this:

$ gpg --list-options show-sig-expire my_key.gpg
pub 2048R / 8719FCE4 2016-09-28 home: stevenpusser OBS Project 

But it does not show need that I need.

Can you help?

android – findViewById in a matter of fragments

I am trying to change the textView when the user chooses a date.
The line "TextView textView = getView (). FindViewById (;" block the application

Here is the xml: textView is inside a RelativeLayout, which is inside a LinearLayout, which is inside a ScrollView, which is finally inside a ConstraintLayout.
The id of the TextView is "dateDisplay"



And here is the method within the Fragment class:

public void onDateSet (DatePicker view, int year, int month, int day) {
TextView textView = getView (). FindViewById (;
textView.setText ("Hello");


How can I access TextView?
Thank you.

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ssh – Use the same private key for WSL-Ansible and Putty (or WSL-OpenSSH for that matter)

I use Windows 10 home on my PC and SSHing up to 5 Linux IaaS machines with Debian / ArchLinux as server environments.

I use Ansible to continuously organize, integrate and update data in these remote server environments.

I consider using the same SSH private key for both WSL-Ansible and Putty (or WSL-OpenSSH for that matter).

The user of Ansible and Putty / SSH is a sudoer.

Is that problematic?