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dnd 5e – Does it matter which monk weapon a monk manages?

At low levels, yes. On higher levels, maybe.

At lower levels (where the death of the monk's martial arts is less than a d8), the weapon that produces the most damage to the base will be optimal. A warhammer allows the monk to make an attack for a base damage d10 (using it in 2H for one of the attacks) and still retains the + 2AC for Agile Paro. This is higher than the monk's martial arts dies up to level 17.

In higher levelsOnce the death of the monk's martial arts exceeds the base damage of the monks' weapons, the primary decision factor in which the weapon will be used will be governed by the supplemental damage bonds awarded by a specific magic weapon.

That is, a magic short sword that offers 1d6 of cut + 1d8 of fire damage will be a more attractive option for the monk than 1d10 unarmed (ignoring the need to make a disassembled attack for Agile Stop and resist damage).

On all levelsIt is also worth paying attention to the interaction between the type of weapon and any relevant dowry. For example, a staff and the feat of Master of bow horn:

  • While driving a Gaul, a halberd, a pike, quarter pen or spear, other creatures provoke an attack of your own when they enter the range you have with that weapon.

Situationally, one or more types of damage may not be desirable. Black Puddings, for example, can be divided into multiple creatures when hit by slash damage:

Division. When a pudding that is Medium or larger is subjected to lightning or cutting damage, it is divided into two new puddings.

Does the placement order of Canon teleconverters and adapters matter?

The Canon EOS RP manual says that the EF-EOS R adapter should be placed first on the lens, and only then should the entire assembly be connected to the camera.

I understood that the same is true for teleconverters: the teleconverter must be connected to the lens first, and then the assembly must be connected to the camera.

However, especially with the EF-EOS R adapter, if you have many EF lenses, it may be more convenient to change only the EF lens, without touching the adapter that is semi-permanently attached to the body.

If I understand correctly, a camera on can be confused if the adapter / teleconverter is in the camera and only the lens is changed.

If I turn off the camera while the lens change lasts and I keep the adapter in the body of the camera, changing only the lens, can negative effects occur?

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