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join – MySQL – Select Records that matches all values

If a table “XYZ” contains two columns as combine primary key, I need to select records that contain both Value1 and Value2 in COLUMN_B ( Result: ID4 )

I tried with “IN” query but it returns the records which contain VALUE1 OR VALUE2 in COLUMN_B (ID1, ID2, ID3, ID4).

Can anybody please help me to write a MySQL query that can do this.


ID1         Value1
ID2         Value1
ID3         Value2
ID4         Value1
ID4         Value2
ID5         Value3
ID3         Value3

Thanks in Advance.

How do I create an HDR image using Lightroom that matches resolution of originals

I am using Adobe Lightroom Classic on Windows 10 to merge 3 .jpg files to create an HDR image. The HDR image is created but its resolution is lower than the originals. The resolution of the HDR .jpg image created with Lightroom is 1024 x 683. This is lower than the original .jpg files taken from a Nikon D7500 which are at a resolution of 5568 x 3712. What can be done to create an HDR that more closely matches the resolution of my camera generated .jpg files?

Display data on its respective sheet/tab if it matches value

You can copy the relevant rows from ‘ClientList’ to ‘WebDev’ and other such daughter sheets using filter() formulas like this:

=filter(ClientList!A2:B, ClientList!C2:C = A1)

The problem is that it appears that your intention is then to manually add data side-by-side with the formula results, and that exposes you to the risk of rows getting misaligned.

Lance has given a thorough treatment of the row misalignment issue and how it can be dealt with in some cases.

You could also consider an alternative way of viewing data by different types: instead of using formulas in several daughter sheets, like you are planning to do now, use filter views directly on the ‘ClientList’ sheet to choose which rows to show.

This approach would let you, and other users, view and edit one particular kind of data, without disturbing others, and without leaving the ‘ClientList’ sheet. Importantly, filter views let you edit data right there while you are viewing the filtered results.

For additional ease of use, you can insert links in the frozen section of the sheet to easily switch between filter views, instead of having to go to Data > Filter views to switch. See the Filter views example spreadsheet for an illustration.

Google Sheets filter or query where range of columns matches condition

I feel like this should be simple but haven’t been able to figure it out or find a corresponding question/answer.
I need to get specific column values for rows where any column in a range matches a value. I can do it with FILTER using OR (+) condition for every column, and had a similar solution with QUERY (using SELECT, WHERE and OR) as well. Wondering if there is any way I can just specify the range of columns without using 12+ OR conditions.

Ie. I need the columns B and C from rows in my ‘MASTER SCHEDULE’ sheet where any cell in columns D:O matches the value I have in cell A1. The below formula works, but I want to know if there is a way to shorten them.


So I am looking for something like this, or a similar query (or other) function:


unity – Check if list of gameObjects matches with the list of string

I have a list of strings defined in the script. I have a set of gameObjects. I want to check if any of the gameObject’s name matches with the string. Since I am using list for both, the size of both will not be same. So how do I use List.Contains() function in my code?

public List<string> NamesToCheck;
public List<GameObject> Go = new List<GameObject> ();

void Start () {

        for (int i = 0; i < Go.Count; i++) {
            if (Go (i).name == NamesToCheck) {
            Debug.Log("Name Found" +i);

wallet recovery – How can I check if my seed matches a BTC address?

I have a seed with 12 words from Coinbase Wallet. The derivation path is: Segwit Native (p2wpkh) m/84'/0'/0' BIP84.

The first address generated seems to be wrong because it does not get generated anymore.

I can’t get access to the funds with Electrum and a gap limit of 10000.

I’m sure that the address contains my funds and no other transactions than my initial are visible in the blockchain explorer.

How do I do get access to that address?

Can this be somehow brueteforced or something?

❓ASK – Where youtubers get football matches videos |

i’m wondering where youtubers get football matches videos ? i try download them from other websites videos but always get flagged property rights, my videos are making big number views, but my channel always closed .did any one of you have ideas ? need your help .

Some people watch match online and they record it.
There are many screenrecorders you can use them.
They’ll work for you.
Don’t go for copyright content otherwise you will get strike and your youtube channel will be blocked.
To get viewers ,give them something attractive and original and new content.

MySQL Select previous row that matches condition

I am using MySQL and I have 2 tables where relevant data looks like this:

id | category_name
1  | first_category
2  | second_category
3  | third_category
4  | fourth_category
id | category | was_updated | date_added
1  |     2    |      1      | 10-01-2020
2  |     2    |      1      | 11-01-2020
3  |     2    |      0      | 13-01-2020
4  |     2    |      0      | 20-01-2020
5  |     1    |      1      | 22-01-2020
6  |     2    |      1      | 23-01-2020
7  |     2    |      1      | 02-02-2020
8  |     2    |      0      | 29-01-2020

What I want to accomplish is get the articles that fit in a certain category that were not updated, but the direct previous(by this I mean previous date) article(belonging to the same category) was updated. If the dates are equal than additional ordering is by id.

For the examples sake I guess I’m interested in retrieving the articles 3 and 8 since these are the ones that are not update but the article posted right before them that was in the same category was updated.

This doesn’t have to be happening all in one query(although that would be the preferred way). I’m using java with Spring native queries if it matters.
I did think of getting all articles that were not updated and then check each record to see if it fits my criteria but it doesn’t seem this is the right approach since I can get to maybe a couple of articles that were not updated and making the check could hurt performance and processing times. Any way I can do this directly from MySQL with a native query?

I hope my question is well formed, please ask for more details if they are needed. Column names have been changed but the structure is correct(in case you are wondering why they weird criteria for select)

Thanks in advance.

I have thought to


c++ cx – Error: More than one instance of overloaded function matches the argument list C++/CX

I’m trying to initialize a c++/cx object like this:

VungleSDK::VungleAd^  sdkInstanceTest = VungleSDK::AdFactory::GetInstance(L"AppId");

But I’m getting an error:

Error (active)  E0308   more than one instance of overloaded function "VungleSDK::AdFactory::GetInstance" matches the argument list:    TheAppName  C:ProjectsTheAppNameBuildsMyManager.h   33

function "VungleSDK::AdFactory::GetInstance(Platform::String ^appID)" (declared in "C:ProjectsTheAppNameBuildsManagedVungleSDK.winmd")
function "VungleSDK::AdFactory::GetInstance(Platform::String ^appID, ...)" (declared in "C:ProjectsTheAppNameBuildsManagedVungleSDK.winmd")

argument types are: (const wchar_t (6))

Here is the Vungle plugin that I’m using:

Any idea why the compiler is getting confused between GetInstance(Platform::String ^appID) and GetInstance(Platform::String ^appID, ...) ?

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