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Massive SMS

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Massive SMS, massive SMS Delhi, Delhi Massive SMS Provider, Massive SMS Delhi- Company |

Hind IT Solution has joined the IT business and provides IT solutions dedicated to small and medium businesses around the world. We believe, in principle, that Hind IT Solutions can only grow if we deliver IT solutions to customers that will help them develop their business.

Manage and organize the massive number of classes after switching to SOLID?

In recent years, we have been slowly changing to a progressively better written code, a few baby steps at a time. Finally we are beginning to change to something that at least looks like SOLID, but we have not reached that point yet. Since making the change, one of the biggest complaints from developers is that they can not support peer review and the movement of dozens and dozens of files in which previously each task only required the developer to play 5-10 files.

Before beginning to make the change, our architecture was organized in a very similar way to the following (granted, with one or two orders of magnitude more files):

- Deal
- AccountLogic
- DocumentLogic
- UsersLogic
- Entities (database entities)
- Models (Domain Models)
- Repositories
- AccountRepo
- DocumentRepo
- UserRepo
- ViewModels
- AccountViewModel
- DocumentViewModel
- UserViewModel
- UI

As for the file, everything was incredibly linear and compact. Obviously, there was a lot of duplication of code, tight coupling and headaches, however, everyone could go through and solve it. The complete beginners, the people who had never opened Visual Studio, could solve it in a few weeks. The lack of file complexity in general makes it relatively easy for novice developers and new hires to start contributing without too much acceleration time. But here is practically where the benefits of the code style come out the window.

I wholeheartedly support all the attempts we make to improve our code base, but it is very common for the rest of the team to reject a massive paradigm shift like this. A couple of the most important points at present are:

  • Unit tests
  • Class counting
  • Complexity of peer review

The unit tests have been incredibly difficult to sell to the team, as they all believe that they are a waste of time and that they can handle and test their code much more quickly than each piece individually. The use of unit tests as backup for SOLID has been mostly useless and has become a joke at this point.

Class counting is probably the biggest obstacle to overcome. Tasks that used to take files 5-10 can now take 70-100! While each of these files has a different purpose, the large volume of files can be overwhelming. The team's response has been mainly moaning and scratching their heads. Previously, a task may have required one or two repositories, a model or two, a logical layer, and a controller method.

Now, to create a simple application to save files, you have a class to verify if the file already exists, a class to write the metadata, a class to abstract. DateTime.Now so you can inject time for unit tests, interfaces for each file that contains logic, files to contain unit tests for each class, and one or more files to add everything to your DI container.

For small to medium-sized applications, SOLID is a very easy sale. Everyone sees the benefit and ease of maintenance. However, they simply do not see a good value proposition for SOLID in large-scale applications. So I'm trying to find ways to improve the organization and management to overcome the growth problems.

SendGrid emails that ignore SPF records for massive phishing attempts

We recently found 2 instances of massive phishing attempts from 2 SendGrid accounts, although the SPF is published as a hard disk error for both SendGrid records and authorized mail servers to send.

To delve into the details, we found this during the investigation of several email incidents, let's take two domains and – is on O365 while is on the premises (Exchange 2016). Unfortunately, through phishing attacks, malicious attackers were able to commit 1 account from both domains and then used it to register with SendGrid (analysis of email header shows that SendGrid servers send emails), using this they could send bulk phishing emails from SendGrid to external users and Gmail, Yahoo and other corporate domains, etc., although SPF records published as hardfail only specify O365 and the local exchange IPs locally for the domains respectively.

I was quite surprised at how these emails were able to reach the recipient's inbox, although there is no SPF, DKIM, etc. that authorizes SendGrid. There is only one SPF record configured as mentioned above for O365 or local, which is strange, since it is both cloud-based and O365 services, discarding any cloud-to-cloud integration, etc., between O365 and SendGrid. It seems that there is an increase in these types of attacks lately when a compromised account is used to create an account and it is verified in SendGrid and then it is used for mass mail activities (phishing) of those domains.

I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this since there is no DKIM to sign the domains, there is no SPF that authorizes SendGrid and it is set to -all (failures) but with the compromised accounts are able to send emails from phishing through SendGrid simply by registering using the compromised accounts. We tested this in a lab scenario and we could replicate it in O365 and on the premises by sending emails to Gmail, etc., which were received in the inbox when registering in SendGrid and without DNS records that authenticate or authorize SendGrid to send in name of the domains.

Thank you.

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Does the development time in Massive Dev Chart include the time of turmoil?

I'm looking at the Massive Dev Chart website. It shows a table like this:

enter the description of the image here

Does the time shown there include the time of agitation?

What is the meaning of the "stock" dilution on the Massive Dev Chart website?

I'm looking at the massive development graph website.
Give table like this:

enter the description of the image here

What is the meaning of values dilution there?
How should we prepare the developer in that condition?

GET – Jeremiah Goodman – Massive wealth movement |

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Jeremiah Goodman – Massive wealth movement


Jeremiah Goodman Massive wealth movement
MWM Dropshipping
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Meet your instructor
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– Get the correct photos to use (SECRET TIP) (4:14)
– Write a good description of the product
– Making his first listing (9:58)
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Page 4 | Massive increase in the price of cPanel.

cPanel has a large market share. It has become an industry standard. Something that many clients are used to and expect / ask / search.

It has been merged with JetBackup, also used by many hosting providers.

The gradual increase in prices would have given people the time to look for alternatives. In this way, they have to pay. Maybe get used to it, just suck it and keep working. With the highest prices for shared hosting and reseller accounts and most of the profits from that increase, you will go to cPanel.

You make a strong brand, you get a large market share, why not increase prices? What is the point of being Nike if you sell shoes at the same price as a Chinese manufacturer without a name? The same with cPanel. They could lose some clients, but earn a lot more money despite that. What puts them in an advantageous position compared to any competition: to be able to invest in advertising, growth and product improvement. Or simply buy smaller companies as soon as one emerges. We'll see.

They should have done their homework, calculations and I would expect this to be a good move for them (cPanel).

It's a free market and capitalism. That's what big companies do: look for ways to get more money from you.

Now, where are those tutorials VestaCP and nginx …