How to migrate a SQL Server Erwin Mart to database to Aurora (Amazon RDS)

I want to migrate a SQL Server Erwin data Mart database to Aurora and trying to figure out what the easiest/quickest way to do that is.

Options to me seem to be:

  1. Saving models to the file system, repoint the application to the new mart database, then loading from the file system to the new database. [] []

Has anyone got any experience using these apis?

  1. Export/Import.
    Mysql migration tool.
    Amazon migration tool
    Does anyone know if the schema is the same, can I simply export/import the data?

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Anyone using Hyper-V Mart to broadcast LIVE?

Quote Originally Posted by Princeike
See publication

I hosted OBS in Hyper-V Mart after the technical team installed a sound card very well in my vps. Everything works perfectly on my Hyper-V VPS. I want to stream live content and also a recorded video. Does anyone know how to move from one scene to another automatically in OBS?
Hyper-V Mart has given me the best service and my vps is working excellently.
but I need how to stream multiple transmissions in VPS

Hello prince

I am very happy that you are really enjoying our service, what made me even happier is that you raised this problem, at first we did not know how to do this for you, but after searching Google enough, it seems to be really simple to install a Virtual Sound Card Driver on any VPS, so even from now on we have made it possible for you and any other client (that hosts Windows VPS) to simply configure the audio driver on your own after self-provisioning your own VPS

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