How to mark all unread emails as read in yahoo?

How to make all unread emails as read in yahoo?
Right-click -> mark emails as read works for only 10K emails

Thanks – How can I add schema mark up for multiple holiday resorts?

Our client is a holiday company that offers villa accommodation at a list of different resorts in Menorca. We want to mark up the homepage for the handful of top resorts. Is it possible to mark up one page for multiple resorts do this or would we only be able to mark up one resort per page? I also can’t find a schema generator or plugin for resorts, does anyone know if there is one or would we need to write the code ourselves? Thanks

macos – Is there a way to only mark the most recent email in a thread as unread?

In a message thread in the mail app, there’s a small indicator of how many messages are in the thread:

message thread

If you click on that indicator, it’ll open up the thread and show all the individual messages:

enter image description here

You can then interact with the individual messages, including setting the most recent one as unread.

computer vision – TensorFlow find and mark multiple image boundaries

My example is that I have an image with 5 other images on it. Whats the best way to have TensorFlow find/calculate the bounding boxes for each of those… need to take into account that in other images there might only be 3 separate images.

I’ve found that if I run a cv2.Laplacian on the source image it nicely outlines the 5 individual images but I’m not sure how best to use tensorflow to detect each of those bounding boxes?

plotting – How can I mark the intersections on the x axis of the following graphs?

Im trying to reproduce the following graph:
enter image description here

I have the parabolas graphed, but I want to indicate the intercepts with the x axis by some point or cross, also I want to eliminate the numbers and the little lines that mark them. I have this:
enter image description here

Thanks in advance. Im new to mathematica so…

Mark Cuban Increases Buys in This Altcoin

A detail emerged when Mark Cuban, owner of Dallas Mavericks, promoted her digital collection on Rarible at Ethereum wallet address on her social media account.
According to CoinGecko, Cuban has staked 450 Aave (AAVE) tokens. In the last seven days, it has yielded 80% and the value of AAVE tokens in their hands has reached $ 128,500.
Cuban currently has 947 Aave tokens in his wallet address and he has staked all of them. This increased the value of their Aave token to $ 460,000.
What do you…

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How to use an Olympus EM10 Mark III as a webcam via USB

As the other answers state, the E-M10 III is not capable of “clean” HDMI output nor USB tethered liveview.

While I know there’s a youtube video about using digiCamControl and OBS as a webcam solution touting it as a solution for any camera, the problem is that guy’s using a Sony camera. The title lies.

digiCamControl relies on a camera’s ability to do tethered liveview. And they do publish a list of supported cameras, which includes zero Olympus bodies. So, even if the E-M10 III did do USB tethered liveview, digiCamControl wouldn’t be your solution.

OBS is a streaming studio application that can take any window (or window area) on your computer and, if you install the correct OBS virtual camera plugin for your operating system, can turn that into a webcam source.

So, if you can find an application for your computer that displays a clean liveview from your camera’s sensor, then you can use the OBS solution. But AFAIK, Olympus does not supply any such application for its users (the ones they do have are either for four-thirds cameras, or (mostly) the latest E-M1 series).

And, given that your camera doesn’t do USB tethering, then possibly your only solution would be if there were some way to send that liveview to your computer over the camera’s wi-fi: something similar to the Olympus Image Share app, but on your computer instead of your phone and that doesn’t draw control overlays over the image. Good luck finding it.

spells – Does Detect Magic make an Arcane Mark placed on an invisible surface glow?

Invisible arcane marks glow when hit by Detect Magic.

Usually, how this works is that someone casts Detect Magic on an item and they see this fluorescent drawing on it, marking it as the belonging of some specific mage.

This time, however, we have a creature that likes turning invisible every time it hears our magus cast True Strike or every time too many people swarm them, and the magus would like to slap an arcane mark on their back so that, when the creature goes invisible, a round 1 Detect Magic causes the glow, marking the square and letting everyone but the Detect Magic caster target the right square.

Does this work?

crawl errors – How can I “mark as fixed” in Google’s new Search Console

Currently, there is no “Mark as fixed” Option in the new Google Search Console.

However, when you identify errors, you can click on “Validate Fix” which will get the error into “Processing” State until they are cleared (Passed).

As mentioned in the above comments by Stephen, it is misunderstood by lot of users how the functionality works correctly. The “Validate Fix” works better and often takes a lot of time to get processed.

We can wait for Google to see whether they are willing to bring this feature back in the new Search Console.

Sample URL:

Validate Fix

dnd 5e – Is it possible for a single-class Eldritch Knight to learn Hex, or Hunter’s Mark, etc?

No, there does not appear to be a way for Eldritch Knights to learn cross-class spells that work with their slots.

This answer used to suggest it was allowed based on a strict reading of the grammar used in the Eldritch Knight subclass writeup. This seemed possible due to text which allowed you to use slots to cast spells that you knew. However, PHB errata has since rewritten that text so that it explicitly states that you may use slots to cast wizard spells that you know.

Since these spells are not wizard spells you may not use your spell slots to cast them. You only gain the ability to cast warlock spells with the warlock spellcasting feature and the same thing for ranger spells. Therefore, without multiclassing, these spells are inaccessible to you to cast with spell slots.

It’s not quite the same as hex and hunter’s mark, but you might look into Shadow Blade (XGtE p. 164). It’s a 2nd-level illusion spell that you can learn at level 8 with your unrestricted wizard spell choice. It creates a powerful blade dealing 2d8 psychic + str/dex on every hit. It only lasts for a minute and if your concentration is broken, you just lost your weapon. However, it has finesse, light, and thrown properties (reform as a bonus action).