Objectives of women March 2020?

Make it really happen. Most of the planned women's marches since the first have failed. The first was funded by George Soros as an anti-Trump movement. Taxpayers for other marches have withdrawn due to anti-Semitism by the organizers. They have also had difficulty getting women to register because they find it difficult to explain exactly what rights men have that women do not have in these days for which they need to march.

california – Camping in Yosemite in march

I am planning a camping trip in Yosemite with a group of friends for some time in mid-March. I know it can be cold at that time of year, but that is the only time we can all organize free time.

First, did anyone camp there at that time of year? Is it still nice despite the cold weather? And where is the best place to camp?

Second, I am about to start buying the camping equipment we will need. I have already examined the tents and have been researching sleeping bags for cold weather. In addition to these two things, and a good mat, what would you recommend we take?

We will be there for 4 to 5 days and we hope to do many walks / explore. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you :]

Physical: why is R ahead of the D march in cars (and vice versa)?

I think the standard gearbox is wrong, it is not intuitive. The normal orders for the simple one should be like the ones I attached. Yes, I am predisposed to put the gearbox to the left and ride in the direction.The proposed gearbox; P down by the feeling of & # 39; grounded & # 39 ;, mounted direction like many (old) US cars. UU.

It will be more intuitive to connect Drive with Move Forward or Move Up.

The standard automatic gearbox also caused people (drivers) to have trouble switching to the manual gearbox. Many manual gearboxes put R at the bottom, and
1 as the initial gear to D (rivet) at the top.

I think the attached image is interesting, in Renault kwid.

To update. My response to Tarek:

I can't comment on Tarek's answer, so I add another answer.

"I guess it's because you would generally leave your parked place and then move on."

Yes. The sequence is

  1. Invest in a place
  2. Neutral.
  3. Park

To exit the parking lot.

  1. Neutral.
  2. Drive.

"Then, on the user's trip, the car parked -> reverse -> driving -> (maybe) reversing in one place -> Parking and neutral would be the shock absorber between reverse and driving."

I don't understand the initial part of the sentence. But for "Park and neutral it would be the shock absorber between reverse and driving." I think so. The sequence I wrote above shows that park and neutral are the shock absorber between reverse and driving.

"It's a completely random assumption, but I think if there was a UX reason, this will be close."

Yes thanks.

My answer to Mike:

Thanks for the standard information. Any standard can be a double-edged sword. If many people have been forced to do so; A bad standard can be considered good. That happened with the QWERTY keyboard, for example.

I think P-R-N-D is a bad standard, it's not intuitive. With regard to car accidents, in Indonesia there are several victims of people driving automatic cars in reverse from the parking lot in some tall stories. As usual, there are speculations about the causes. I suspect that the cars fell down because the drivers (who might be new to automatic transmissions but have handled the manuals before) (! (They confuse the gearshift FORWARD (which means driving in the manual transmission) with the Movement BACK (as a result of PRND) It is easy to park with N instead of P. The results are catastrophic. I still think the standard is bad. Regarding L, here is my idea for the gearbox that is not mounted at the address.

My response to Mike's second response:

"P must be at one end of the shooting turn, so there is little chance of error when parking."

Okay, but that shouldn't be limited to PRND. P can be the horizontal axis with N. It saves the driver when parking. If my image is updated, you can see that. Renault Kwid; logical, DNR instead of RNDThe park may be horizontally away from N, rather than vertically.

"That only leaves the option of changing R and D, so it has a PRND design or a PNDR design."

I don't think that clause is the logic. The option to change R and D is not necessarily limited to PRND.

"D and R should not be next to each other, for the reasons mentioned above, so it makes sense to place N between the two, to give that shock absorber."


"With that in mind, that only leaves the option of changing R and D, so you have a PRND design or a PNDR design."

That does not follow logically. First, P does not have to be in front, as my image shows (for column or direction mounting) Second, I think the options should be "to have a PRND or PDNR design", after the claim that there should be a buffer zone between D and R.

It is the right of American society to set standards, but I believe that the design of PRND is not particularly intuitive and should not be the only standard.

"Now enter low-range gears, your options are reduced to PRND21 (standard) or PND21R, and PRND21 begins to make more sense."

I do not agree. Some cars introduce L only. Some cars use 321, some use SL. Those two options should not be our only options.

By the way, thanks for sharing.

Can I enter New Zealand again after receiving a tourist visa last March?

I am very interested to know if I can travel to New Zealand again after going there last March of this year. I am planning to visit again next year, this time on a business trip sponsored by my Kiwi clients. Any ideas? I'll appreciate your answer. Thank you.

What was the purpose of the march of women?

without offending women, but I feel they only need something to feel they have something better than men, such as, "Look at us, we are unified, what have you done?", which seems strange to me because if we are all truly created The same, they shouldn't need that. or more likely they do it to feel connected to other women.


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[ Politics ] Open question: Why is my relative (she 25 years old) reluctant to attend the Women's March in Naples?

I should support him if she is a real woman and a Christian. [TagsToTranslate] yahoo

schengen – The passport expires on March 31, 2020 – Go to Italy

I have two questions.

Would you be arrested if you went to Italy today as an American with a passport that expires on March 31, 2020?

In addition, if he obtained his passport ten years ago and since then he has been married and, therefore, has a different last name than the one in his passport. This is a problem?

Thank you

Google Florida Update v2 March 12, 2019

The first week you referred to Google in Pubcon Florida, many examples of a basic Google update Something has happened.

2: hd 52

BlackHatKings: Proxies and VPN section
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