How to embed a google map of an address in a google sheet

I have a google sheet and I have a cell phone B1 called Address containing:

405 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017

I would like to insert a Google map in my Google sheet in the cell D5 That looks like this:

enter the description of the image here

Note: I don't need other benchmarks, but if they are there they won't bother me.

ag.algebraic geometry: can the trace map be explicitly determined for a non-singular projective variety?

I have never understood how a tracking map associated with the canonical envelope could be calculated in a soft projective variety, if possible. Hartshorne demonstrates that the canonical envelope represents the relevant functor through some non-explicit homological algebra gyms. The name of the map seems to suggest that you should be able to write some kind of matrix, hopefully in terms of homogeneous coordinates, and follow its trail. Is this true (if not, why is it called a tracking map)? How do you do this?

(I also posted this here:

seo – Rename images or create an image site map? Or both?

The environment is a classified site, where there are products with their description, title and photos and, with the exception of the images, all data is stored in a MySQL database.

Although there are friendly titles of the classifieds and it is relatively easy to link them, all images are saved with a randomly generated name (something like d6as897d6ad67a5s7da8d56sa7d.jpg).

The question here is, for SEO purposes, PAGE RANKING and SERP, what is the best option and why?

  • Rename images from random characters to classified titles;
  • Create image site map;
  • Both of them.

What are the cons and pros? And why not choose the other options? Are there other alternatives that I did not mention here?

Best practice to select multiple items in the map view

I am working on an application (touch input) in which it should be possible to select one or more elements. Think of Google maps: search & # 39; restaurant & # 39; and a couple of restaurants are shown on the map, now you want to select 3 of them.

Right now I am thinking of

  • press to see an item
  • press + hold> send comments to the user> press to select multiple items> CTA to view the items.

This is not an ideal solution and I will have to explain this interaction to the user in the first use.

I wonder if anyone has another idea or suggestion that is easier to use and intuitive.

differential geometry: if $ w $ is a differential map $ S a TS $, there is $ a $ and $ b $ s.t. differentiable $ w = a psi_u + b psi_v $

I have $ w $ a differential map $ S a TS $, where $ S $ it is a surface in $ mathbb {R} ^ 3 $.

I need to prove that, given a parameterization $ psi: U subset mathbb {R} ^ 2 to mathbb {R} ^ 3 $:

exists $ a: V subset U to mathbb {R} ^ 3 $ Y $ b: V subset U to mathbb {R} ^ 3 $ differentiable in some neighborhood $ psi (V) $ from $ p $ S t. $ w = a psi_u + b psi_v $.

I appreciate some clue, because I don't have an address to follow.

8 – Google Map geographical location view settings

I am working with the geolocation module together with the integration of Google Maps in Views and I am satisfied with the results so far. You are interested in taking advantage of some of the additional options found in Google Maps Settings (found in the Geoloaction CommonMap configuration), but I don't understand them all.

I hope someone is kind enough to explain the following options, or indicate the direction of the documentation that will help me understand their purpose and, most importantly, how to use them:

  • Zoom and animation marker
  • Bookmark Scroll to ID

Extend a map of $ S ^ n a M ^ n $ to a nice map of $ B ^ {n + 1} a M ^ n $

Leave $ S ^ n $ Y $ B n + 1 $ be the sphere of the unit and the ball of the unit in $ mathbb {R} ^ {n + 1} $, and let $ M ^ n $ be a space of contractible dimension $ n $.
If necessary, suppose that $ M ^ n $ It is a contractable simplicial $ n $-complex.
Leave $ sigma colon S ^ n a M ^ n $ be a continuous map

Question 2 is a stronger variant of question 1.

Question 1

Is there a continuous map? $ colon Bn + 1 a M ^ n $ such that for any $ b en B n + 1}, point $ b in mathbb {R} ^ {n + 1} $ is in the convex helmet of the preimage $ sigma -1 ((beta) b)?

Question 2

Is there a continuous map? $ colon Bn + 1 a M ^ n $ and an involution $ f $ in $ S ^ n $ with $ sigma = sigma circ f $, so that for any $ b en B n + 1} is there any $ x in S ^ n $ such that $ sigma (x) = beta (b) $Y $ b $ is in the line segment between $ x $ Y $ f (x) $ in $ mathbb {R} ^ {n + 1} $?

I will make 50 appointments of map points with driving directions for any country for $ 5

I will make 50 citations of map points with driving directions for any country

Hi, I'm saheda. I have 5 years of experience in this area. I will make 300 Google Map appointments with additional handling instructions for your local business classification. I will create 50+, 200+, 600+ Google map citations with driving instructions and also cover a 15, 30 and 70 mile radio area from your local commercial area. We know that Local Map Point citations help boost Google’s ranking and local online businesses.

You need this commercial information to order from you

  • Commercial Name / Company Name
  • Business address (full address, road number, city, state, zip code)
  • Website
  • Work Phone Number
  • Category
  • Keyword
  • business description

This service for any country anywhere.

. (tagsToTranslate) local (t) seo (t) listings (t) appointment (t) maps (t) map – Add items to the Mind Map / Horizontal Tree

This may be a basic question, but I couldn't solve it even after spending some time on it and the documentation.

How do I add new elements / nodes to a mind map / horizontal tree?

The blue arrow allows you to duplicate the same element (as I have done to Topic) but I can't seem to understand how to add, for example, a branch from the Topic as in the figure below:
Sample Mind Map

Is there any documentation I may have missed on this?

Thank you!

seo – How can I index the site map of my website?

I want to optimize the site link on my website through the search console / webmaster

When I search on Google, I want certain menus to appear. for example menus, a, menu by menu c

I am looking for some references. that we can configure through the search console, it only requires a sitemap.xml that is first crawled

so I accessed this Enter my domain and click on the start button. After the process is complete, I downloaded the xml file sitemap

My question is whether I upload the xml file directly to my hosting or do I need to edit it first to establish what menus appear when writing keywords on Google?