The way to treat the disease is that many people believe it

How to treat people with diabetes that many people believe in?

Diabetes is a chronic disease, people in people often apply different types of popular treatments for diabetes that are passed down from generation to generation. Only by using materials that are easy to find in nature and the procedure is quite simple, patients can be treated at home.

These diabetes remedies save a lot of money. Therefore, in the case of a mild illness, you can apply the cure for diabetes with the natural herbs below.

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4 ways to treat diabetes in which many people believe

The use of home remedies to treat diabetes is one of the methods used by many people in the past and now. With only a few natural ingredients, patients can easily control their blood sugar levels. Especially the following 8 remedies:

1. Cure diabetes with the banana pepper stem

According to Oriental Medicine, the banana plant contains many very good ingredients for people with diabetes. Especially bananas can control blood sugar levels, which helps patients to be safer in treatment. If a patient drinks water from a banana stalk in a row during the next month, he will quickly reduce the symptoms of diabetes. In addition, according to some users, banana trunk juice can help keep blood sugar levels at a stable level and not lead to a blood sugar level if applied correctly and done regularly.

How to do it:

– In the morning, you cut a banana with a knife, then cut a core inside the body about 10 cm long.

– Then, use a clean plastic bag to cover the cut area to avoid dust and wait after approximately 30 minutes for the water in the banana tree to drain and accumulate to drink.

– Every day, the patient drinks about 2 cups of banana water and only needs to drink for 3 consecutive days to have an immediate effect.

– Then, if you measure blood sugar, you will see signs of decline compared to the original level. Continue drinking only for 1 week, the blood sugar level will be stable.

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2. Cure diabetes with carambola

Don't just use star fruit to cook sour soup, served with raw vegetables, … star fruit also has many effects to treat extremely effectively. In particular, star fruit also works to treat diabetes, it helps to balance blood sugar levels very well.

We see carambola as a common fruit in our daily meals, but for diabetics. But this is a panacea that helps treat the disease. People with diabetes will feel healthier and more comfortable if they apply carambola water.

How to do it:

– Get the dried star fruit in the shade, cut into thin slices.

– Every day, take approximately one cup of dried star fruit in the pot and pour water for cooking until the remaining half is used for drinking.

– You should apply this type of diabetes treatment every day after 3 months so that blood sugar levels remain stable.

3. Cure diabetes with watermelon peel

Food is not only nutritious for everyone's health, but watermelon also contributes very well to the treatment of diabetes. Scientists have shown that for every 100 grams of watermelon, 95.5% water, 1.2% protit, 2.5% carbohydrates, 0.5% cellulose, calcium mineral salts, phosphorus, iron and B1 vitamins. B2, PP, C, carotene, …

In particular, watermelon also contains many components of folic acid. This is an important factor in influencing hematopoiesis. Therefore, in addition to eating watermelon, diabetics should use melon peels to cook in medications that contribute to healing very well.

Consult the methods of treating diabetes through traditional medicine.

How to do it:

– Patients use 30 grams of watermelon peel, 30 grams of clean and excellent peeled zucchini to drink water three times a day.

– Implement the watermelon treatment with watermelon continuously for 1 month to feel the effect that the method brings.

– Patients should perform regularly to achieve the desired results.

4. Cure diabetes with lychee seeds

The use of lychee seeds is also one of the popular folk remedies for diabetes that has been used since ancient times. According to oriental medicine, litchi seeds have a sweet and moderate taste, canopy effect, they can cure diarrhea, toothache, testicular pain and type 2 diabetes, … Because the litchi fruit alone It appears according to the season only in years, diabetics can have dry tissues ready. This is a way to help people with diabetes to apply the treatment easily.

How to do it:

– Dry lychee seeds, spread in fine powder, 3 times a day.

– Each time you use approximately 10 grams mixed with water to drink it helps reduce blood sugar very well.

– The best medicine for patients with type 2 diabetes over 40 years.

– Patients must submit a request regularly to obtain the best therapeutic effect value.


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How to care for Husky dogs is the right way?

How to care for Husky dogs is the right way?

Husky dogs are often curious and hyperactive. It will be very difficult to take care of this breed! So how to properly care for Husky dogs? See the following Pet News article.

What should you know about Husky?

Husky is a lively dog, they run the ivory. Like other dogs, they are very loyal, friendly and extremely charming.

Therefore, many owners love husky and the number of people who raise them is growing.

Sometimes, this breed is quite uncomfortable and obedient. But if you know how, you will be an excellent dog trainer. If you are going to buy a Husky, you should consider the time and responsibility of raising and caring not for one or two days.

How to care for Husky dogs

Like many other races, Husky must be full of protein, vitamins and calcium, letting them grow integrally in health and fitness.

Diet for husky dogs according to age

1-2 months old:

Let Husky eat rice mixed with lean meat and eat soft dry foods with warm water for about 5 minutes and divide it into 4 to 5 small meals a day.

From 3 to 6 months old:

You should feed Husky with more rice with meats such as pork, veal, chicken, add chicken eggs, vegetables, dry foods to provide enough nutrients for the dog to grow. Husky dog ​​food should not be too pure or too thin. At this stage you should also prevent dogs from eating large bones because it will be dangerous for dogs.

From 6 months:

From this stage, start feeding your dog 2 to 3 meals a day, increasing its diet and calcium foods from meat, bones, animal organs, proteins, proteins and dry foods. . For large dogs, green vegetables, fruits, fruits such as squash, cabbage, need vegetables, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, nuts, …

To have a beautiful coat, you must feed the dog with 2-3 eggs, feed the raw or boiled eggs.

Things you should know when feeding Husky:

Drinking water for them should always be available, should be changed 3 times a day.

Avoid giving Husky babies too much starch, fat, fatty meat, fishy fish or stale items that make husky dogs suffer from intestinal diseases. Do not feed your dog too much or leave him too hungry for his dog to suffer very dangerous digestive disorders.

Dog food should not be available, but a stable time is needed to feed your baby and the daily cleaning of dog food utensils.

How to clean and care for Husky dogs' feathers

Husky dogs have thick and thick fur, but it is easy to take care of Husky dogs. In particular, Husky's feathers only fall seasonally, so you should not worry about this problem. To clean and care for the Husky dog's coat, you only need to brush the dog 2 – 3 times a week using a water spray to spray and brush the dog to remove dead hair and straight hair. Husky has a thick and dense layer, so be careful to use a soft brush and a brush 2-3 times a week, use a steam jet before brushing to remove dead hair and always clean hair conditioner, Soft, smooth.

For Husky, he doesn't need to bathe regularly because they take time, he just needs to bathe 1-2 times a month. Many times the bath causes hair to detach and are prone to skin diseases.

Husky dogs should keep their bodies dry, dry them for dogs and regularly lighten your dog in the morning or at night to sustain the hair and prevent skin and fur diseases. You should choose a bath oil for dogs with low pH that favors hair better for Husky dogs.

For more information on the types of pets, see the news site.


How many kidnappings have there been since 9 11 ..?

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I want to know how to make a vegetarian sprinkler.

Learn about the structure of the sprinkler sprinkler

For those who work in the fire fighting and fire prevention room, it is no stranger to sprinkler fire sprinklers. But for many people, they are not very familiar with this product and do not know how this device is manufactured. So, to answer these concerns below, we will have a useful exchange for you.

1. What is the head of sprinkler fire sprinklers?

First, we must find out what the sprinkler sprinkler is. Consequently, this device is the first type of water that will radiate over burned areas and fire. Currently, many different types of nozzles are designed for fires with their own characteristics. When designed, the type of nozzle will be made based on the structure of the body of the nozzle.

What is the head of sprinkler fire sprinklers?

2. Learn the structure of the sprinkler sprinkler.

Although there are many sprinkler sprinklers. But in terms of construction, these types of nozzles will include the following parts.

2.1 Spray nozzles

One of the important parts of the spray nozzles is the body of the nozzle. With this body it will contribute to the structure of the nozzle. Since then, the nozzle can withstand high pressure when performing spraying and spraying activities.

The body of the nozzle at the top has a thermal sensor, as well as a water squeeze. With this water blocking block in the nozzle body, it is necessary to adjust the proper water spray direction.

To ensure durability and high resistance to pressure, the material makes the body of the nozzle have good metals such as copper, chrome … with good resistance to rust.

2.2 Parts of the heat sensor

As mentioned above, the thermal sensor is equipped on the body of the nozzle, which consists of a glass bottle and the inside of the glass bottle contains the cashier. This unit will perform the task of operating automatically when the temperature is higher than the level allowed to handle the fire quickly and effectively.

Under normal temperature, the function of the heat sensor is to hold the blanket to ensure tightness. If the temperature is reached, this sensor will have the function of releasing water and playing the role of the mouthpiece nozzle.

2.3. Lock button

The next part in the fire sprinkler structure of fire sprinklers is the lock button. As the name implies, this part is to make sure that the water stays inside and does not leak. In addition, the button works without problems with the heat sensor to prevent water from being sprayed.

When a problem is detected, this block will be automatically deleted. From that point, water will be sprayed from the nozzle to put out the fire.

2.4. Instruction sheet

The next part of the sprayer nozzle structure is the instruction sheet. This guide will be installed in the position of the nozzles and just in front of the stop button.

The role of the main guide is to divide the sprayed water so that the water can spread widely in the area of ​​the fire, ensuring the fire in the large area. The direction of the nozzles will be determined by the guide plate.

3. The address provides sprinkler sprinkler

Currently, the purchase and possession of a sprinkler sprinkler is widely chosen to ensure the rapid extinction of a fire when an incident occurs. Many people want to know the price list of sprinkler nozzles to have a financial preparation plan and select the right products. Many sprinkler sprinkler sprinklers appeared on the market, such as sprinkler heads upwards, sprinkler sprinkler sprinklers, sprinkler heads for automatic sprinklers, horizontal sprinkler sprinklers. In addition, understanding the price list of spray nozzles also helps customers buy standard products to avoid damage.

For your peace of mind by choosing genuine spray nozzles, quality and a reasonable price, you must learn to choose the direction provided by the prestigious sprinkler fire sprinkler. And now, An Phat Technology and Trade Development Co., Ltd are located at 74 T8 Street, Tay Thanh Street, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City. It prides itself on being a genuine supplier of nozzles for sprinklers, receiving Amado for many customers. For more information about this address, as well as information about sprinkler fire sprinkler information, see the link:

Come to An Phat, you will be consulted and you will find more information about the types of sprinkler fire sprinklers. At the same time, a 100% genuine and reasonable price will be purchased, in addition to advice, attentive service, the dedicated staff of An Phat will guarantee the satisfaction of all customers. , including annoying customers.


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Sprinkler Price Tyco TY4151 / TY4251

An Phat Company – Sprayer sprayers wholesaler 68 degrees C – 79 degrees C – 93 degrees C – 141 degrees C throughout the country, please send us the reference price of TY4151 / TY4251.

1. Upstream / downstream spray nozzle TY4151 / 4251
It complies with the standards of a wide range of temperature variants suitable for a wide variety of uses in areas with a moderate risk of explosion, such as: supermarkets, hotel restaurants, chemical plants. , refineries …
For use in harsh environments, the TY4151 / TY4251 can be coated with an anti-corrosive coating that extends the service life. However, customers should contact us to obtain advice on the suitability of anti-corrosive materials for each specific environment to ensure the effect of fire sprinklers.

>>> See also:

Nozzle specifications:
– comply with standards
+ UL, C-UL
FM and LPCB.
– Maximum working pressure: 175 psi (12.1 bar).
– Nozzle size: 3/4 inch NPT.
– Spray ratio: K = 8.0 GPM / psi½ (115.2 LPM / bar½).
– Material coating: polyester, chrome, brass, lead-coated, wax-coated, wax-coated on lead.
– activation temperature:
+ 135 ° F (57 ° C) Orange glass tube.
+ 155 ° F (68 ° C) Red glass tube.
Yellow glass tube + 175 ° F (79 ° C).
+ 200 ° F (93 ° C) Green glass tube.
+ 286 ° F (141 ° C) blue glass tube.
Purple glass tube + 360 ° F (182 ° C).

Nozzle structure:

2. Price list of sprinkler sprinklers up / down TY4151 / TY4251

In addition, An Phat offers a large number of different spray types from Tyco manufacturers, such as:
– Standard nozzles: TY3321, TY3431, TY3331 …
– Cold storage nozzles: TY3357, TY3358, TY5339 …
– Warehouse nozzles: TY5131, TY5231, TY313, TY323 …
– ….
To consult the list of prices for sprinklers and sprinklers, contact An Phat:

Very happy to cooperate with you!