dnd 5e – How do the damage rules from blogofholding’s “5e monster manual on a business card” work?

5e monster manual on a business card

Damage: This is the damage budget for all the monster’s attacks. Limited-use (daily, recharge, or situational) attacks do 4x the damage budgeted. Multi-target attacks do ½ the damage budgeted. Limited-use multi-target attacks do 2x. All other damage sources are 1 for 1, including at-will and legendary single-target attacks, auras, reactions, and variable-length effects like Swallow. If a monster has several at-will options (such as melee and ranged), the lower-damage options are free.

The example stat block that the author uses to illustrate these rules involves a low-level creature that can only make a single attack per round, and in this situation the rules seem to work out. I’m having more trouble figuring out how the rules work when you start throwing multiattack into the mix or when you get into the higher levels with powerful creatures that have legendary actions, for instance.

The Monster Manual lists the Adult Red Dragon as a CR 17 creature. According to the blog’s rules, this would give it a damage budget of 85. The dragon’s fire breath is a limited-use, multi-target attack that deals an average of 63 points of damage to those who fail their saves, so as per the rules this should use up 31 out of the 85 budget, leaving 54.

The legendary Wing Attack also falls into this category and so should use up 7 more of the budget, leaving 47.

The blog’s rules indicate that only the most powerful at-will attack, which is a 1 for 1 on the budget cost, requires any budget, which means that the Bite attack eats up the 26 of the remaining budget, leaving 21.

Is this correct? Does the fact that the dragon has multiattack come into play in the budget calculations? Or is it that the dragon is a powerful creature and thus based on “concept” it should be up to 50% higher on the damage budget? In this case, we’re looking at a budget of up to 127, and then it seems like accounting for every attack available works out: 31 for the breath weapon, 7 for the wing attack, 26 for the bite, 15 x 2 for the claws, 17 for the tail, for a total of 111.

Is this example in Skiena’s Algorithm Design Manual correct?

skiena, hashing and strings

i think the above is incorrect; specifically, i think H isn’t bijective. say our alphabet is the lowercase letters (a-z) and that char(a) = 0. then, e.g., H("abc") = H("bc").

am i missing something?

Nikon D5600. Trying to learn Manual and keep track of what exposure settings I used

Just about all modern digital cameras automatically capture EXIF metadata in the image files they record; I can’t think of a camera that doesn’t. This EXIF data includes date & time of capture, camera model number, and most importantly, exposure settings — aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

There are a few cases where this can’t be captured, but for most users, these case don’t pop up often. These usually involve using very old or adapted lenses whose aperture cannot be controlled by the camera body, or when using “dumb” (no electrical contacts) extension tubes or bellows between the camera and lens. In these cases, the camera cannot record aperture setting information, so you would need to take exposure notes for those images, and edit them into the image files’ EXIF data after you move them to your computer.

There are several programs that can edit EXIF metadata. Search this site for edit EXIF for several questions and answers regarding editing EXIF metadata.


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Google Sheets: Script to send email when a cell value is changed automatically (i.e. not a manual edit) by an API

I have a column of values that pulls data from GoogleFinance using the =GOOGLEFINANCE function in Google Sheets. When the function is working, the column will return a series of figures. Occasionally, there is an error with GOOGLEFINANCE and the cells in the column will return N/A or other error messages.

I want to generate an email to be sent whenever one of the cells in this column returns an error. The only scripts I can find are triggered by manual edits to cells. How can I generate an email when the change is made automatically through the operation of the GOOGLEFINANCE function?

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centos – DDOS manual mitigation using command netstat. How to determine real attackers?

When my server is slow, I have been told to run this command and check if someone is making a request of SYN_RECV to slow down my server:

netstat -npt  | grep SYN_RECV | awk '{print $5}' | grep -Eo '((0-9){1,3}.){3}(0-9){1,3}' | cut -d: -f1 | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr | head | tee -a $REPORT_FILE 

Example of output:

Single attack IP - DOS:

Multiple attack IPs - DDOS:  

I read somewhere that if the number of SYN_RECV request of an IP is more than 4 then, it’s consider to make SYN flood attack (DOS). I have few questions:

1) What is the exact number that we can declare an IP(DOS) or IPs (DDOS) are making the attack when using this netstat command ? If the IP is connecting with SYN_RECV state, does that mean he is doing SYN flood attack? Can it be false flag ?

2) IS SYN_RECV is the only listening state that a DDOS attacker used? What about the ESTABLISHED state ? I’m confused because other articles said that if some foreign IPs are connected with ESTABLISHED state, then my server is being attacked. What kind of attack

3) I ask this question because I want to make a simple bash script that can manually report if the IP is an attacker and I have been told to use the SYN_RECV state to evaluate the attacker. Is that the only state we can use?. What is the minimum value of SYN_RECV value that can be considered as safe (NOT DOS ATTACKER)?

Hopefully that my question is clear. Please ask me if something is not clear.

Thank you and I hope somebody could answer this nightmare.

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