Manage permissions on library subfolder SharePoint 365

I’m using SharePoint form Microsoft 365

I have created site and added some members. I created a library on it, but I would like that only some persons have access to certain subfolders inside (not all site members). I have read about breaking inheritance, and granting excusive permissions on folders, but, as far as I can see, on 365 I can only do it at library level, not subfolder or item level.

Is there a way to perform this on 365, or using different libraries is the better (or even unique) approach to perform this?

Dubai – how to manage breakfast when I cannot get from Hotel

Due to family reasons, we are travelling and stopping over in Dubai for 15 days. The challenge is that most hotels in downtown are quite expensive if chosen with breakfast. We’re just wondering if anyone knows about how to manage your breakfast (and perhaps some other meals) in Dubai whilst staying in Downtown?

Inbox to Gmail transition. How to manage labels instead of bundles

Because Google is removing its Inbox app in March 2019, I’m transitioning back to the Gmail app. Aside from its minimalist esthetics, the way Inbox managed messages via bundles versus Gmail’s filtering system was a major factor in my preferring it over Gmail. Note that I partially used Gmail’s filtering settings to filter messages into labels where Inbox’s simpler rule set couldn’t manage. I’m familiar with that system.

Now that I’m transitioning back to Gmail, I’m running into the filtering and notification differences between the apps.

Essentially: 1) in Inbox a message that’s sorted into a bundle is not considered to be in the inbox and 2) Inbox only sends one notification when a new message arrives, no matter how many bundles it may be filtered into.

In contrast, 1) the Gmail app seems to attach the inbox label to all new messages and 2) the Gmail app sends a notification for each label (which has notification turned on) that a message is filtered into.

The result is that where in Inbox I only got one notification for a message that filtered into any bundle with notifications turned on, in Gmail I now get a notification for each label that attaches to a message — including the basic inbox label which seems to apply to all. In practice, this means I frequently get two notifications or more per new message.

My intent — and the way it works in Inbox — is to get one notification for any new message, unless it falls into the category “alerts and updates” for general news items and monitoring of content. So: “notify me, unless …”

How do I replicate this in Gmail?

c# – Proper ways to manage evolving inter-communicated microservices APIs?

I’m working on a big C# application that is currently under development so we have some room for structural refactoring.

The application is divided into 10 microservices, which some of them communicate with each other.

That intercommunication is done via 2 different approaches at the moment: A) using Apache Kafka as an event bus and B) creating an internal facade/service-object approach when need to request some data from another microservice. I want to focus in the later approach.

This facade/service is done by literally copying all the important data types definition and having the HTTP requests hard-coded inside each project (ie. we have local copies – duplicated – of each type related to a given microservice request/response inside each microservice project that needs to communicate with it).

I’m not very well versed in microservices and Rest API, but this seems to me a recipe for disaster. If microservice A is requested by 5 other microservices, and we change A’s API, now we need to update all other 5 microservices projects with all the new data types or changes that was made rather than having some sort of shared library with that facade or something like that.

I know managing API versioning is difficult and painful, but this certainly doesn’t seem right to me.

I didn’t find a straight forward guide that addresses a problem like this.

Can anyone shed some light on this? How should we manage those duplicated data type definitions? And lastly how should we manage versioning properly between those different APIs?

synchronization – How do u2f devices manage to not go out of sync?

U2F devices store an internal counter to resolve a challenge and the counter value is sent back to the server (source).

I think the counters on the server and on the client must go out of sync from time to time, the internet connection just needs to stop working after the client got the challenge from the server. If this is the case then the server can’t know whether the client activated the u2f device or not and the u2f device does not know whether the client successfully sent the response back to the server.

How is this synchronization problem solved? If the server presents a counter that is lower than current the u2f counter, does the u2f token still accept the challenge?

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google sheets – How to manage many conditional formats?

I have a lot of conditonal formatting and start to become complicated to manage. Is there anyway i can give it a ‘name’ or make a label or something like that?

enter image description here

And there’s no disable funtion , so when some rule have a complex calculation i can’t disable it without deleting it. There’s a trick i found by putting single quote () in front of the formula. This will prevent the rule to be examined. But the danger of this is when i forgot to remove all of these () when inserting or deleting column/row, the formula didn’t get updated. So the formula in the rules now got shifted. I realized it later and have to fix it.

It’s annoying there’s no tools to manage it. Any good advice or tips about managing conditional formatting?

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command line – newer to coding not sure if this is the correct way to manage variables for a project anyone have a second to help me?

i am still learning so sorry if my code is poop ,

i am going to just describe what im trying to accomplish because, i have started to write the code but im not 100% sure how to go about it . that’s why i am here looking for guidance


  • shell script that will trigger on a timer (will say 1x a day for now)

  • Search a servers log with sed looking for “TicketValidation”

  • sed all the matched lines out to a new txt file . awk 4 pieces

  • from each line ($date/time – $1, $id – $2, $name – $3, $server – $4)

  • then set the 4 VAR's to an array .when all 4 spots where occupied

  • move to the next index up waiting for the next 4 variables

this is a line from the txt file after first sed command

(    $1   )                                                            (       $2      ) ( $3  )
(2021.07.07-03.38.14:208)(307)PavlovLog: TicketValidation succeed for: 76561198220506681 Fedora

  • $4 i would just add by hand because i plan to do 7 server in sequence because the way the logs are situated

server ID would be 0-6 to match the names on the servers

am i wasting time on something that will never work ?
how would you do it ?
ideas ?
thanks 馃檪

How to manage this microservices dependency?

I have a bookshelf microservice that manages user books’ status (pending, read, reading now…). It exposes some REST endpoints to set book status:

PUT /users/{userId}/bookshelf/pending/{bookId}
PUT /users/{userId}/bookshelf/read/{bookId}
PUT /users/{userId}/bookshelf/reading/{bookId}

This microservice stores no data about any book, just its identifier. My question is: what is the best way to check if book actually exists?

Now, I’m calling Book microservice (http call) to check it, but I’m afraid this may be a bottleneck in the future. I have been thinking in an event oriented solution (e.g. using a Saga) but I’m not sure how to architect it from a user point of view.