[ Politics ] Open question: Is Donald Trump a rude and arrogant man?

[Politics] Open question: Is Donald Trump a rude and arrogant man?

Why do some women think that being a man means having an easy life?

Because it's the truth.

You pigs have an easier life, they don't bleed every month, they don't go through a painful hell during birth, they're stronger, they're less violated, they're less likely to be victims of domestic violence, they deal with less sexism, you're not ashamed of a bitch and you can prostitute yourself and have fun as much as you want, you are still the preferred genre, most parents want sons more than abdominal daughters, this world is still considered a world of men, men are favored over women and paid more. Do I need to say more?

What movie where the devil kills a man nailing with basebalbat?


Dont do it?

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Why doesn't Ronaldo mark man as much as Messi? Or is it as if he had more intelligence to overcome his markers?

Why doesn't Ronaldo mark man as much as Messi? Or is it as if he had more intelligence to overcome his markers?

[ History ] Open question: Hitler was a tough man?

He was a World War I soldier and worked for the most dangerous position in the army, was accused of treason in 1923 during the rebellion and somehow left him alive, and also survived more than 20 assassination attempts, including the plot from July 20.
The most interesting fact is that the allies and the USSR could not kill him in person and led him to flee from his enemies and hide in South America and live his fruitful life there. There is a rumor that he killed himself in his bunker, but it still can't be proven.

[ Politics ] Open question: So, apparently, an old man who had a heart attack and an old man who underwent brain surgery are more desired than a woman?

I guess anything is better than having a woman for president, right? Any man regardless of age and poor health is more desirable than a woman. If that is not a male privilege, I don't know what it is. There is no reason not to support Liz Warren. Shame for sexist voters.

man in the middle: the MitM attack fails on the home wireless router

I am currently trying to perform a MitM attack on my home's wireless network to better understand how this attack works. I can successfully perform this attack on a NAT network on some virtual machines, but it will not work on my home's wireless network with an external WiFi adapter. More specifically, target devices cannot load web pages even when they are still connected to the WiFi. However, I can still see the packets sent from the device to the gateway.

I have used Bettercap, Ettercap and arpspoof to try to achieve this and everything fails with the same result. I am sure that the destination IP and gateway are specified for each tool and I made sure to enable port forwarding with echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward.

My only logical conclusion is that somehow it is not successfully redirecting packages from the destination machine to the gateway and vice versa.

Can anyone suggest any solution? Can some routers prevent MitM attacks? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

(I am using an Alfa AC1200 wireless adapter and running Kali on a VM. I also have a Bell HomeHub 3000 which is what I think is unique to Canada and manufactured by Sagecom).

As a black man, why do liberals think I can't vote for Trump?

I saw a program about that in the "blackish" program.

The parents were scared because Junior claimed to be a Republican because his rich man who wanted to be a girlfriend was a Republican.

Junior did not know that he was supposed to hate Republicans because the black family had "compassion."

Funny episode I love how this show teases whitish, stupid, silly whitest!

Blacks are taught to hate those Republicans with all the hate they can muster.

In the end, of course, Junior learned to be part of his clan.

Sandy, notice how the writers portrayed the rich black family as "white" and nerd, I didn't even know they were "from Uncle Tom."

I wonder how many blacks even read the book, Uncle Tom's cabin.

Uncle Tom was a slave and did more for other blacks than most, gave his life saving his people.

[ Politics ] Open question: Would you marry a woman who was born a man?

[Politics] Open question: Would you marry a woman who was born a man?

The man should not die [a preached sermon]

A powerful sermon on the redemption of mankind http://tinyurl.com/u38e403