man in the middle: is it possible to connect securely to the Internet using a malicious router?

If you connect to a router controlled by a hacker, is there any way you can surf the Internet safely without being hacked? Using a vpn and firewall maybe?

Does it make any difference what type of router it is?

1) A wired router

2) A wireless router

3) A 4g usb dongle (Could this be used for a bad usb attack?)

terminal – man -k and apropos cannot find pages in section 3 in Catalina

For example, run apropos printf:

Printf(3o)               - Formatted output functions
Stdlib.Printf(3o)        - no description
gprintf(1), printf(1)    - format and print data
format(ntcl)             - Format a string in the style of sprintf
fwkpfv(1)                - FireWire kprintf viewer
printf(1)                - formatted output
xprintf(5)               - extensible printf

printf(3) not on the list but man 3 printf You can find that manual page.

Meanwhile, stderr prints many errors like this:

makewhatis: /usr/lib/libgcc_s.1.dylib: Not a directory

What should i do to do apropos Y man -k work properly?

man in the middle – Experiencing a mismatch of ssh host key with x2goclient

x2goclient (on Windows) shows a ssh host key hash different from the result of ssh-keygen -lf /etc/ssh/ssh_host_key_$ -E md5 on the host Connecting with other ssh clients from the same machine works fine (x2goclient comes with its own ssh client).

Interestingly, connecting to different hosts produces different (incorrect) host keys. I say interestingly, because I imagine an attempt of man in the middle to use the same middle host.

PyHoca (the alternate x2go client) reports the correct host keys, but has strange fatal errors about an invalid EC key when connecting to a host (using pubkey auth), and cannot find the user's home directory with another host (using auth password). Again, connecting to any of these hosts works well with other ssh clients.

I mention PyHoca, because, although I initially assumed it was poorly maintained and broken, maybe something more disastrous is happening. Both projects are hosted at

The version of Windows x2goclient is the latest ( downloaded from the official site. It provided hash sha1 matches.

Is there a non-malicious explanation? Would you like to suggest the next steps?

You can take everything away from a man, but one thing that will remain is his lust. True or false?

Give that man some injury or another strong drug. Let him take everything from himself. He will eventually take his desire to live and lust. You will still have the desire to get high, so some desire. I have seen it. I know a man who dated a woman and they didn't have sex for 7 years because they were addicted.

Think of the CHILDREN before voting for the Nazi orange man next time, you supporters of Trump.

In fact, I would teach children that the real world is not based on insults or fooling themselves with images of things they simply want to believe and cannot support or do not care to endorse. THAT is a sign that they are becoming adults

Where are you on this journey of mature behavior?

man in the middle – Is using a VPN like changing your ISP?

I am asking this question from a security perspective (not privacy)

I have read that using a VPN can prevent hackers, including your ISP (who might be working for the government), from performing mitm attacks. Is this correct? What using a VPN has security benefits? Can you provide security against the ISP and the government?

But that means the vpn can perform mitm attacks.

So, it's about who you trust? Your ISP or the VPN? And if you don't trust your ISP, then can you be safe from the ISP using a VPN?

Why is Old Man of the Lake floating vertically?

According to press reports, a 9-meter-long tree has been floating vertically on Crater Lake for 120 years:

This Famous Tree Log Has Been Floating Vertically for 120 Years And No One Knows Why

Can anyone give a mathematical explanation of this?

[ Politics ] Open question: I never understood why people believe that Michelle Obama is a man despite having given birth to two girls. Why?

[Politics] Open question: I never understood why people believe that Michelle Obama is a man despite the birth of two girls. Why?

The term erectile dysfunction implies that man is experiencing problems – Everything else

The term erectile dysfunction implies that the man is experiencing problems with arousal or with the healthy functioning of the penis. It may be the lack of tone of this organ, which makes sexual intercourse impossible, or problems with ejaculation (expulsion of sperm), which occurs too early or is accompanied by unpleasant sensations. Impotence is a prolonged complete absence of an erection, that is, an extremely negative degree of erectile dysfunction. However, there are medications that can help you have normal sex.

Since women greatly prefer "bad boys", is it shameful to be a man as something to be ashamed of? ?

You can still be a good man, many women appreciate good men, so don't worry about trying to become something you are not. That is worse, it is good to have a variety of different people with different personalities.

but just respect that different women like different things. so if you personally prefer more than one bad ss just respect that please and move on