Do links on each page of my main domain to the subdomain damage SEO?

I have a WordPress website (for example, which is basically a blog with weekly educational publications on a specific topic. I also have a subdomain (for example, that offers online courses on the exact topics I write on my blog.

I want to put a link ( in each blog post on my main site. Will it hurt my SEO for each of my posts on to link to the courses.

If yes, is there any recommendation?

Update Picard – Google Main Update Something

None of the analysts of range of analysis have not yet shot significantly. Most assume that the first update of something of the year is to correct problems with the last update. Returning to Florida, Google often has a way of messing with something at the end of the year and correcting it in the spring. Some have speculated that fall updates are intended to boost PPC traffic around Christmas shopping and January / February updates return that to correct the results.

domains – Aesthetic problem of URL: the website of server 02 should look as if it were in a subdirectory of the main site of server 01 Its on server01 with IP address Its on server02 with IP address

I don't really want the subdomain abc. Ideally I want it in I want to have a more coherent website in terms of usability and aesthetics. For non-technical people, having content in a subdirectory means that it is still in the same place compared to going to a subdomain.

My problem is that the code for the subdomain site (Site2) is activated server02 With a different IP. I can't use just 1 server for the 2 sites: Site1 is using Apache, MySql and PHP for PHP websites and static websites. Site 2 is a web application that uses nginx, ruby ​​and postgresql. As for maintenance, in my humble opinion, it is easier to have site 02 on a separate server. But as I said, it would be great if the end user can visit it in a subdirectory of the main domain.

Is there any way to achieve this?

gmail: see the email in the main and nested tag

Is there a way in Gmail for emails to be seen on the main tag?
For example, in the following hierarchy:


Emails that have the tag & # 39; alerts / service1 & # 39; They will also be displayed when viewing emails with the tag & # 39; alerts & # 39 ;, and the same for emails with the tag & # 39; alerts / service2 & # 39;

I can configure my filters to also apply the tag of & # 39; alerts & # 39 ;, but this will saturate the tagging of all these emails (& # 39; alerts & # 39; and & # 39; alerts / service1 & # will be displayed 39;).

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How to call or dial from my main unit via Bluetooth?

I just updated my main unit to one with Android. I can't find a good way to call someone from the main unit. I am connected to my mobile through bluetooth.

All main and adult traffic $ 3- $ 4 / K Average

As the title says, I am buying all of its main and adult "real" traffic. We prefer that you have a minimum of 5K per day, but we can work with you if you are in a growth stage. We can pay every day at your request, without robberies or inconveniences. Contact us with your website and we will respond as soon as possible. No brokers!

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Is there an updated list (not Nmap) of the main 100 or 1000 main common ports?

I know that Nmap has an nmap-services file that gives us the list of the 1000 main ports / services found on the Internet. But this list seems to be outdated, since the Nmap top 1000 list does not include several services used today (such as 27017 / mongoDB, 6379 / redis, 11211 / memcached, etc.). Is there any source other than Nmap, which can provide the updated list of the 1000 main common ports / services used on the Internet?

What political party prefer to have the main terrorists in power, Republicans or Democrats?

They would prefer the Democrats.

With previous Democratic administrations, the response to the terrorist attacks was lukewarm and ineffective under the Clinton administration.

Under the Obama administration, the attacks that were needed were ignored when strikes were held that had a great effect on the civilian population, which angered the population.

Then we have the money palettes they gave to Iran.

So why wouldn't the terrorist prefer Democrats over Republicans?

How to repair the DHCP server after main switch replacement

I am a computer science teacher in a small school that is assuming the role of server / network administrator. Today, we all lost the Internet connection and could not access the server remotely.

It turned out that a main switch (HP2530 series 48port) in the server room had failed and, fortunately, we had a similar one. I changed the connections and we are running, except:

Many users have difficulty connecting using DHCP, I suspect that the DHCP server has stopped giving IP addresses. Our server is running Windows Server 2012.

Are there any suggestions on how to solve this problem? Now I can access the server, both remotely and physically. I connect devices to the network if I use a static IP, but would prefer that it only works through DHCP.

Thank you all…