– How to add a keyboard shortcut to "Move to the predicted mailbox" in Apple Mail?

In Apple Mail (under macOS Catalina, 10.15.3) there is a menu item "Move to the predicted mailbox".
You already have a keyboard shortcut ^ CMD M.

I would like to change that to something else.
Now, the problem is that this menu item changes every time I select a different message, depending on the folder that Mail predicts. Then, once it is called & # 39; Move to "Mailbox A" & # 39 ;, again You can call & # 39; Move to "Mailbox B" & # 39 ;.
Consequently, I cannot define a keyboard shortcut in System Preferences for this. I tried to define it for "Move to the predicted mailbox", but when Mail really predicts a mailbox, it shows the original shortcut, not mine.

Does anyone have an idea of ​​how I could define a shortcut for this to "stick"? – Mac: copy all messages to the lacal folder

I am using a shared email address. From time to time, all emails will be deleted.
Therefore, I configured a rule in the mail application to copy all emails to the email address to a local folder that I made. However, for some reason, this rule only applies to unread emails. If other people read an email in the shared account before me, this email is not copied.

What I can do?

enter the description of the image here – Email password reset

  1. Sign in to your Apple ID account page.

  2. In the Security section, click Generate password under Application-specific passwords.

  3. Follow the steps on your screen.

After generating your application-specific password, enter it or paste it into the application password field as you normally would. How to automatically delete mail from the specific sender?

I am in the mail application on Mac and I am cleaning my Gmail files and trying to speed up the process by finding senders, that is, "" or any of the promotional items that send weekly material, etc. .

Then paste your addresses into the search and delete all mail at once. I feel there must be a way to automate this using Automator, but when I watch the program I can't understand it.

Any help is appreciated, thanks! Apple Mail does not show previous emails in Smart Mailbox after upgrading to 10.15.2

There were about 500 emails in my smart mailbox before upgrading to Catalina 10.15.2. It only shows 3 since the update.

The Inbox folder shows all emails. They just don't appear in "Smart Mailbox."

Smart Mailbox Settings

enter the description of the image here

Discrepancy in emails

enter the description of the image here

The inbox shows 503, while the smart mailbox only shows 3. – How to view the count of unread emails from the Mail application in the Mac OS menu bar?

What is the best way to see the count of unread emails from the Mail application on Mac OS Menu bar? (Bonus points if I can use it to open the Mail application too).

I do not really use the Dock, and I have become accustomed to applications such as Airmail and Fantastical that use the Mac OS menu bar to display information, such as the count of unread emails.

The best I could find after a quick search was (of this thread), which seems to have not been updated in ~ 6 years and It may not work without also installing the MailPluginFix plug-in. Is it really the best way to do this?

I am using Mojave.

email: why did Apple change the column classification interface for in Catalina and how do I replace it?

I have been using Apple & # 39; s since 1993 and have become quite used to its "inherited" interface. One of the good things about the interface is that it was a standard NSTableView and you could simply click on the top of the column to sort it by date, subject of the sender or what you wanted.

With Catalina, that has changed. There is now a drop-down menu in the upper left corner where you can click to change the sort order. It is a different user interface than any other system table.

I realize that some things change, but I wish this were one of the things that remained the same. Is there any way to change it again?

hang – and accountsd are taking all Mac OS 10.15 CPUs

Suddenly (I did not see when it is happening and when it is stopping) the CPU peaks, which come from and all accounts.

I took a screenshot of the activity monitor, as well as the console, where, when this peak is happening, it is creating +/- 3500 messages per second, all the same as the one shown in the screenshot.

Screen capture activity monitor:
Screen capture console:

Most messages are like this:

Connection error changed for account:

This for all email accounts. Killing all accounts and reading or disabling them didn't help

In addition, another strange thing that happens is that, in the message list, some users (I discovered that they are in the contacts and have a different chain in the contact entry than in the one they provide in the email header) will flash every second of to each other name on this list It is a constant blinking, say every second, a little delayed the further down the list is the mail.

The current "solution" is to stop the and restart it, it will be good for up to 10 minutes and will happen again.

any ideas ? Started updating from 10.14 to 10.15

Latest version of Mac OS 10.15.1 (19B88)

Thank you

Tom rule that applies to emails containing Outlook invitations

I am using the Mail application for my working Exchange account. I regularly receive events corresponding to invitations to Outlook meetings. I would like to filter these events and move them to a specific mailbox, but I'm not sure how.

These are some of the rules I have tried to configure:
– Filter by "Any attachment name" = contains = .ics
– Filter by "Attachment Type" = Document
– Filter by "Attachment Type" = Executable

Thanks in advance you cannot create, edit or delete signatures in macOS Mail for Catalina

I recently updated Catalina, so I can't say if this also happened in Mavericks. But I just realized that if I edit, delete or create a signature in the Mail application, they only persist until you exit the application, the changes are lost when you close and relaunch Mail.

I searched the web, and the suggestions seem to involve backing up all the data and destroying all the files in the user library for mail, or migrating to a new user, which are not ideal uses of time.

Any better and more specific solution, please?

macOS 10.15.1 (19B88)

Three email accounts: a Gmail brand, two private email brands, none synchronized by iCloud (since that requires blocking an address in my Apple ID for life).

I have already run the disk utility.