protonmail – Odd modification of proton mail text in drafts

I have a text stored in the draft message.

Once, I log in and see strange modifications in my message:

  • It seems < has been changed to & lt;.
  • It seems > has been changed to & gt;
  • occurrences of & nbsp;
  • occurrences of
  • Some other strange occurrences and modifications.

What is the cause of this? How can I prevent the text in the drafts from being modified?

email – How to restore the "File" folder from the "Trash" folder of Yahoo Mail?

I'm using yahoo mail in Thunderbird 60.7.2 windows (imap), by mistake I sent the folder "Archive" to the trash using the "delete" option, and now I can not restore it to its original location.
If I click on the properties of the folder, I get this location
imap: //

So, how can I go back to the normal location?
imap: //

How to see by mail

How to check by mail if the link is not active.

type = extract
front =: n
back = n

verify submission = 1
verify by = email
verify url =% verurlmail%
Verification interval = 20
first verify = 10
check wait time = 30
check in unknown state = 1 the content of the mail message is not "wrapped" (that is, it is executed outside the box's border)

Use OSX & # 39; Mail & # 39; to see my email

I have received a message whose content is not wrapped & # 39; Normally, when I change the size of a window, the line is reformatted so that the entire message can be seen. In this message, the words appear on the side of the window, even in full screen.

I am running 0S 10.14.5 on a MacBook

centos: does cwp mail not work in a blue virtual machine?

in a azure virtual machine, we installed the centos7 web panel and created a DNS zone in Azure. The registrar is using the Azure DNS set and everything is working fine.

We can access the login of the server and go to the administration panel.

But we can not send or receive the email. We are new to this area of ​​expertise and we look for a response, but we can not find it.

Email routing is configured for: our domain and the remote mail exchanger

the server is installed in an Azure virtual machine but the CWP panel gives as external IP that it seems to be wrong? Is it on the other subnet or something like that? Do we need to forward traffic to the public IP?

another part will be something to do with the PTR / MX registry and the DNS zone.

Can someone guide us in the right direction with this?

We simply do not expect an extended response or something that we simply try to learn! We hope you can help us.

Filters – Mail filtering is returning to a blank page

I inserted some code to generate publication filters that refer to an article in as shown below:


& # 39; Order by date & # 39 ;,
& # 39; post_title & # 39; => & # 39; Order by title & # 39 ;,
& Rand & # 39; => & # 39; Random Order & # 39 ;,
foreach ($ orderby_options as $ value => $ label) {
echo "$ label";

& # 39; Descending & # 39 ;,
& ASC & # 39; => & # 39; Ascending & # 39 ;,
foreach ($ order_options as $ value => $ label) {
echo "$ label";


As a result, the page on which the same code is embedded only returns a blank page that does not display any code in the source view. I also used the Search & Filter plugin just to get the same blank page.

I can not solve this problem alone. Please someone help me to correct the code.

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Why does not Yahoo Mail receive emails? | Problems with Yahoo mail

There are so many reasons behind Yahoo Mail does not receive emails in the Yahoo mail inbox. For this, you can also contact our Yahoo Customer Service, but before that, you can also try the following steps:

  1. Confirm that your Internet connection is fine
  2. One reason also happens here that Yahoo Mail Down in your area or state.
  3. Clean the browser, delete the browser history, delete the cache and cookies, or restart the browser
  4. It is important to update your system from …

Why does not Yahoo Mail receive emails? | Problems with Yahoo mail

Multiple email ID on a single mail server


If I set up a postfix mail server on my VPS, I will be able to send emails through multiple email IDs from that server. For example. Let's say my domain is, so if I set up my postfix mail server to send emails, can I allow my application to send emails through different emails from that domain, for example?,, etc.

Actually, I need to develop an application that requires generating a unique email for each registered use, and I'm lost in my way to achieve it. Can anyone help me with that?

Thanks in advance.

Gmail alias: alias "send mail as" automatically when the alias is a recipient

This question already has an answer here:

Everything is in the title, but I will explain it:

Let's say that my main Gmail address is bob@gmail.comand my alias is

I have my personal email server that forwards mail to to and I am using my SMTP server to send mail through using Gmail

Someone sends me an email: Crab party to And I check it in Gmail. I press the answer. I want the "From:" to be automatically configured in but by default, it is set to I usually want to send mail and reply as except when the mail is addressed to Is there any way to do this?