– Mac – Mojave – Mail continues to connect / discontent my email accounts

Does anyone know why Mail under Mojave maintains the connection / disconnection of my email accounts? Most of the time the accounts go offline and for some reason those accounts become active again, they download the email and then they are locked again. I have 3 accounts: one from my internet provider, one from Gmail (GSuites) and another from iCloud.

Edit: those email addresses work fine on another device

Any ideas on what's going wrong?

When you buy bitcoin, do you receive the private key by mail?

I am very confused about how you get your private key and how you can transfer it

docker: how do you specify the upstream mail server "sendmail" is sent to?

Sorry for the "stupid question" but I don't know much about sendmail so I conclude that the quickest way to find my answer is … just "ask someone who knows". 🙂

I have a Laravel website on Linux (Docker …) what should the sendmail command to send outgoing mail. Well, my developers (all of whom use Docker instances that include an image that supports SMTP and IMAP, as a "development receiver") need to be very confident that these "outgoing emails" are sent to "that receiver".

But … and yes, I know this is a silly question … how sendmail really know where to send outgoing mail? (PHP has several configuration options, but apparently these only apply to Windows.)

How do I transfer all my gmail mail to the webmail domain

I have a domain I want all my Gmail Mais to be transferred to my email How I do this? Someone has ideas about it. Please help

email – Mass Mail Server Hostname

I am using a VPS that will send emails to thousands of (legitimate) email contacts.

I have everything ready, so the mail passes several checks for SPF and DKIM.

One thing left is the hostname of the server, this is set by my hosting company and it is using one of its TLDs. I can change the hostname, but it seems quite complicated and I am wondering if there is any need.

Will keeping your hostname adversely affect email, i.e. go spam or get blocked? I have checked the TLD and it is not blacklisted so it is not a concern. Is there anything else I should consider? – Send a dynamic template (SendGrid dynamic) by mail using the C # library

Good day!!

I am using (actually want to start using) the option to send a dynamic SendGrid template by mail.

The web app that I use is for internal use within my work and I would use the templates to send mails (not massive, nor marketing) detailing basic information about upcoming meetings, etc.

Today SendGrid is being used to send a plain text, but now I want to give emails more life.

I tried the code I got out of here

The problem I am having is that the emails do not arrive. I tried changing the email of who sends it, who receives it, but nothing.

He StatusCode He says Accepted, so on that side I don't have much help.

Of course I created the dynamic worksheet and put the fields correctly.

Now, if I send a common mail from the web app with the following code:

           var msg = new SendGridMessage()
                From = new EmailAddress("EMAIL_DE_QUIEN_LO_MANDA", "Sistema"),
                Subject = "Probando desde App",
                HtmlContent = "Probando mail desde App"

            msg.AddTo(new EmailAddress("EMAIL_DE_QUIEN_LO_RECIBE", "Usuario"));
            var response = await client.SendEmailAsync(msg);

the mail if it arrives.

Some help??
Thanks and regards.

ssl: WordPress / Easy WP SMTP error when sending TLS secure mail to Exchange 2016 server in prem

I have a Windows Server 2012R2 web server without domain that hosts WordPress with the Easy WP SMTP plugin in our DMZ. You are supposed to send an email to our internal Exchange 2016 server for things like alerts, new subscriptions, etc. I used to use unsecured SMTP over port 25, but we are trying to configure it to use TLS on port 587. But, I can't send it as Exchange Server keeps rejecting the connection:

    2020-03-30T13:25:53.654Z,,08D7D3F917D985E4,1,,,>,"220 Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service ready at Mon, 30 Mar 2020 08:25:53 -0500",
    2020-03-30T13:25:53.654Z,,08D7D3F917D985E4,5,,,>,220 2.0.0 SMTP server ready,
    2020-03-30T13:25:53.654Z,,08D7D3F917D985E4,6,,,*," CN=* CN=Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA, O=Sectigo Limited, L=Salford, S=Greater Manchester, C=GB 4F8D1253CAE6C3AA06ED0310EAA39158 827CCAB98B7AC22709CBC1408C74CCED89060C98 2020-03-17T19:00:00.000Z 2021-03-18T18:59:59.000Z *;",Sending certificate Subject Issuer name Serial number Thumbprint Not before Not after Subject alternate names
    2020-03-30T13:26:08.998Z,,08D7D3F917D985E4,7,,,*,,TLS negotiation failed with error CertUnknown

The certificate is fine because many other TLS connections at 587 work without any problem.

How to move local 14gb Outlook PST file to IMAP on mail server?

I have a client who wants to move their local email storage to their web hosting server. They have a 14gb Outlook PST file that contains m … | Read the rest of

How to troubleshoot reading problems when receiving mail from AOL

There could be a combination of factors why AOL users don't receive emails. If you have also encountered this issue, you can refer to the steps below to resolve the issue:
• Step 1: go to the email settings and check if the filters block your emails.
• Step 2: Open your spam folder and check if emails are redirected there.
• Step 3: Login to your account with AOL Basic Mail and check the emails.
• Step 4: navigate to browser settings and disable popup blockers.
If you still cannot read or receive emails, you can call the AOL phone number and request additional technical assistance to resolve the problem.
Read more: AOL Help

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