dnd 5e – Can a sorcerer learn a 5th-level spell early by creating spell slots using the Font of Magic feature?

Flexible casting allows you to create spell slots:

You can transform unexpended sorcery points into one spell slot as a bonus action on your turn.

These slots are treated no differently to the rules than normal spell slots.

The rules for learning spells say:

Each of these spells (you learn) must be a level for which you have
spell slots.

Since you have a 5th level slot, by a strict reading you could do this.

There are no other rules1 that I can find or think of that have any effect on the ability to do this, thus it seems to be permissible (or at least not explicitly excluded) by the rules.

It may not work depending on how the DM does leveling

There are no normal rules about when level up occurs, but many DMs allow leveling at the end of a long rest.

Since created spell slots vanish when you long rest, they would be gone before you could level and choose your spell.

Any spell slot you create with (Flexible Casting) vanishes when you
finish a long rest.

If your table levels after a long rest, then this strategy won’t work.

Almost certainly not intended (or at least planned for)

This is clearly a loophole use of the ability and is almost certainly not intended to work this way.

For example the following sentence of the rules about learning new spells says:

For instance, when you reach 3rd level in this class, you can learn one new spell of 1st or 2nd level.

This is referring to the spellcasting table for Sorcerer which outlines the slots a Sorcerer has at each level (and number of spells known). Note that there is no qualification here (eg “…unless some other feature grants you more slots”). The implication in the rules, though it is not explicitly stated, is that when the rules say “level for which you have slots” they mean “level for which you have slots according to the table“.

Probably not worth it

A DM can certainly allow this and I don’t think it would destroy their game alone (though I have not and likely will not ever play with this ruling). The exploit only seems to exist for 5th level spells so the impact, at least, is contained to that alone. In the end the sorcerer is trading almost all of their sorcery points just for the chance to cast up to two 5th level spells one level earlier. Even so, I would think hard before allowing it unless you think this will enhance the fun at your table.

dnd 5e – What would be the ramifications of allowing a Wild Magic Sorcerer’s Bend Luck ability to scale with level?

I was wondering why a Wild Magic Sorcerer’s Bend Luck ability is always 2 sorcery points and a reaction to increase or reduce another creature’s attack roll, ability check or saving throw by 1d4.

I think it’s pretty wild (pun intended) that is does not scale with levels considering there’s another spellcaster class, Bards, that have a very similar ability with Bardic Inspiration.

Bardic Inspiration affects the same types of rolls (attack rolls, ability checks and saving throws), does not use a reaction (uses a bonus action instead) and players can hold onto their bardic inspiration for a moment of their choosing. Furthermore, Bardic Inspirations are their own unique resource (equal to Charisma modifier, minimum of 1) and best of all they scale with levels (starting as d6’s and ending as d12’s at level 15). After reaching 5th level, Font of Inspiration allows Bards to regain all their Bardic Inspirations after a short rest.

In comparison, Bend Luck is pretty pitiful.

  1. It costs 2 sorcery points (equivalent of a level 1 spell slot and also the resource required for using metamagic, basically the best part of being a Sorcerer).
  2. It is always a flat 1d4. The chance of a 1d4 being impactful diminishes as you level up & enemies get stronger.
  3. It uses your reaction, which can be super valuable for casting Shield, Counterspell, Featherfall etc.

The only real benefit I can see is that it can be used offensively, whereas Bardic Inspiration cannot.

My questions:

  1. Am I missing something? Have I accurately portrayed the usefulness of Bend Luck?
  2. If I’m not missing anything, is it reasonable to have Bend Luck scale with levels? (At 6th level, it becomes a 1d6, 11th level 1d8, 16th level 1d10, for example?)

dnd 5e – Can a magic item be activated when someone/thing else is also holding it?

Can magic items that do not require attunement and only specify “While holding it you can…” to activate its effect (such as the Wand of Magic Missiles for example) be used when also held by someone else?

Consider a character doing the following during their turn:

  1. A character stands within reach of an ally holding the item.
  2. They use their object interaction to grab the item in a proper way (while the ally is still holding it).
  3. They activate the item with their action.
  4. They let go of the item (since dropping an item is considered “free”), which is still being held by the ally.

Would this also work if the ally was replaced with an enemy? Or if the item was in a holster or scabbard on either the activating character or someone else, or if it was just stuck in a rock?

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Is a magic item in 5e dnd that increases crit range op?

I’m very new to 5e but I’ve played pathfinder and 3.5 for quite a while so I was wondering how powerful would an item that increases crit range (and maybe some skills or attributes or anything similar) be as my DM has allowed me to get an item of any rarity(with vetos) with hombrew

dnd 5e – Does wearing magic items with armor affect AC negatively?

No, because the rules doesn’t say so

Gauntlets of Ogre Strength description doesn’t say it decrease a full plate’s AC, so it doesn’t. There are no secret rules:

Beware of claims that a rule does something mentioned nowhere in that rule or elsewhere in the core books. There aren’t secret rules. (source)

You can rationalize it as the character replaces one pair of gauntlets with another one, so the “total” AC remains the same.

The Standard Caveat: D&D 5th edition enforces the “rulings over rules” principle — it empowers the DM in ways that 3rd, 3.5, and 4th did not. While rule zero has always applied, 5th edition chooses not to explicitly codify many things. If your DM says your AC is lowered, it is (however, I’ve never seen anyone justified wearing magic gauntlets this way).

magic items – VtM magical artifact

In a current “Vampire the masquerade” game, my character (settite) was offered 1 magical item of my choosing from a group of mages. As this is a very rare occurrence, I don’t wish to blow my chance at something good. (setting is current day Chicago)
Any suggestions would be helpful.


dnd 5e – Mote of Potential and Magic Inspiration

You can use either Mote of Potential or Magical Inspiration

The feature states (emphasis mine):

Whenever you give a creature a Bardic Inspiration die, you can utter a note from the Song of Creation to create a Tiny mote of potential (…)

(…) When the creature uses the Bardic Inspiration die, the mote provides an additional effect based on whether the die benefits an ability check, an attack roll, or a saving throw, as detailed below: (…)

Magical Inspiration, however, does not use the die on an ability check, attack roll, or saving throw. Instead, it uses the Bardic Inspiration die on the casting of a spell itself and modifies its healing/damage. Because of this, Magical Inspiration cannot be used in conjunction with Mote of Potential.

Say a creature with Bardic Inspiration on them cast an attack roll spell. They could either choose to add the die to their attack roll, immediately losing the die and immediately causing the “Attack Roll” effect of Mote of Potential, or they could choose to use Magical Inspiration, increasing their damage/healing roll for that spell while also immediately losing the die.

dnd 5e – Do magic item spells require concentration?

That depends on if it is casting a spell, or granting a spell-like-effect

To cast an actual spell from an item, it requires your concentration. This is specified on page 141 of the DMG

(…) The spell uses its normal casting time, range, and duration, and the user of the item must concentrate if the spell requires concentration.

This rule would be used in the case of an item such as a Staff of Fire, which allows you to use it to cast the spell Wall of Fire (which requires concentration).

However, to cite the specific example you gave of a Ring of Invisibility. No.

Again, per the DMG, p141…

Many items, such as potions, bypass the casting of a spell and confer the spell’s effects.

The rule for concentration applies if the magic item allows you to cast a spell. It does not apply if the magic item grants you a spell-like effect. The stats on a Ring of Invisibility say

While wearing this ring, you can turn invisible as an action.

It does not say you can cast the spell Invisibility…just that you may turn Invisible as an action. This is an important distinction.

Thus, a Ring of Invisibility does NOT consume your concentration as it grants a spell-like effect, rather than allowing you to cast a spell. A Ring of Water Walking is another example of this, in that it allows you to walk on water at-will, rather than allowing you to cast the spell Water Walking.

Can a warlock willingly limit the use of its magic power? [closed]

A warlock’s pact magic spell slot levels power up by character level in DnD 5e.

Must I burn the whole warehouse by using Burning Hands or can I limit range and power? Essential question if wood and straw are surrounding me.

Some cantrips power up by character level too. But when I want to weaken a target and spare it for later interrogation, can I limit my use of cantrips or warlock spell slot power to a lower degree, or decide to use only one of up to four eldritch blast beams? Any official rules for this?

P.S: I don’t wanted to kill the kobold, I just struggled…with the dagger in my hand!