macos – Date is wrong by months when set to automatically

Since a few days my MacBook Air 2020 shows the wrong date when set to “Set date and time automatically”.
This is regardless of the chosen NTP server. And querying a NTP server from the command line returns the correct date and time.

The offset is consistent at 5 months, 2 days, 3 hours and 10 minutes.

NVRAM reset didn’t help. Any suggestions?

Manually set correct date and time

Date and time set automatically —> Wrong, today is 30/9/2020 on macOS won’t send/receive/display messages to/from one specific contact

I have a strange situation that I can’t puzzle out. There is one particular contact that I can’t send or receive messages from in on macOS 10.15.7 on a MacBook Pro. I can receive and send messages with this contact normally in Messages on my iPhone (although they don’t appear on the MacBook Pro), and I’m having no issues with any other contacts in Messages on either the MacBook Pro or on the iPhone.

I’ve tried a few things to no avail:

  • Restart Messages. No effect.
  • Restart the computer. No effect.
  • Delete the phone number from the contact and tried to send to the plain number. No effect; it still acts like it’s associated to the contact in Messages.

Not sure what else to do here, as most potential solutions that I come across are about what to do when Messages isn’t sending to anyone, not just one particular contact.

How to fix?

macos – Question marks folder comes back after loading

I recently tried to reinstall macOS on my MacBook Air 2017 (Catalina) because it was slow and full of problems (for example, I didn’t have any disk space though I had deleted and uninstalled everything).
So I started to follow a tutorial: I launched my device by going to my mac recovery, “Disk utility” and I deleted all the data in my Macintosh disk.

I don’t know why, but my mac turned off. When I turned it back on, I saw a question mark inside a folder.

I followed this tutorial to fix it. I used my wifi, and the downloading of the OS seems to work. But after that, when the progress bar is loading with the apple logo, there is a startup sound, the screen becomes completely black, and it comes back to the question mark inside a folder.

Here is a video of the issue.

I tried again and again, the same thing happens everytime, at the same level of loading.
I already tried to reset the NVRAM, but it changes nothing.

If you have a possible solution to share me… thanks !

mac – Windows explorer: jump to folder by dragging (like macos finder)

I recently switched to windows from mac and I miss one key feature:

On mac os, when you have a “save as” dialogue open (like from a download) and you have another finder tab/window open you can simply drag from there a folder/file to the download saveAs window and the folder location jumps to there. I cannot do that in windows somehow.

Is there a similar feature?

macos – Shortcut for toggling between different windows of same app?

UK Keyboard
(see below for other languages)

Cmd ⌘ `

Cmd ⌘ Shift ⇧ ` to go the other way.

Left of z on a UK keyboard (non-shifted ~ )

enter image description here

Note: This only works if all windows are in the same Space, not if they are spread over multiple Spaces, which includes fullscreen. To overcome this, use Cmd ⌘Tab as usual and on the icon of the application you want to switch windows in press the down arrow key (with Cmd ⌘ still pressed). Then use left/right keys to navigate to the desired window across spaces and desktops.

You can also achieve this by clicking the app’s icon in the Dock – this method will also switch to fullscreen windows, which the other methods will not..

From comments – You can check which key command it is for your language by switching to Finder, then look at the Window menu for ‘Cycle through windows’…

enter image description here

BTW, specifically in Chrome, Safari & Firefox, but no other app I know of on Mac, Cmd ⌘ (number) will select individual tabs on the frontmost window.

It also would appear that Cmd ⌘ ` is yet another of those language-specific shortcuts; so if anyone finds any more variants, please specify for which language & keyboard type.

If anybody finds new combos for different languages, please check Keyboard layout here – Apple KB: How to identify keyboard localizations – & add that as well as which Input Source you use in System Prefs > Keyboard > Input Sources.
Add a keyboard picture from the KB page too, if that would help.
That will make it easier for future Googlers.

Further info:
You can change the keys in System Prefs > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Keyboard…
though it doesn’t list the reverse direction, it does still work when you add shift to that new combo. I tested by moving mine from ` (and ~ ) to § (and ± )

enter image description here

You can use the alternative of Ctrl ⌃ F4 (visible in the prefs window above) but that almost indiscriminately marches through every single open window on all Spaces, without switching to the correct Space each time. It’s really not too useful unless you use a single Space, just included here for completeness.

macos – How to easily move all notes to another folder?

A co-worker resigned last week, and just returned his Macbook to the office.
Now I’m backing up all the data before deleting his Mac account.

He had plenty of notes stored in the Notes app. I don’t see a feature to export multiple notes to a zip file or Google Drive/Dropbox/etc. Sharing each one of them via email will be tedious.

I wonder if it’s possible to move them to USB flashdrive, for example.

macos – I puchased a new iMac and there is one contact that no longer works with Messages

I recently bought a new iMac running Catalina and I used Migration Assistant to load some of my old stuff on my new computer. This appears to have worked well and my new computer is running fine. There is a problem however. I have several contacts that I text with a few times a week. One contact however doesn’t work. I always get a return notice on the messages I send. I can use this contact on my iphone and my iPad and the messages go thru. But it doesn’t work using my computer. The other contacts I communicate with work fine from my computer. So I’m lost on what to do. I’ve tried restarting Messages and restarting my iMac. Neither helped. I also made a new contact card but that didn’t help either. Does anyone have an idea of what I can try to do to fix this? thanks.

hard drive – macOS Catalina not allowing me to access full storage on my disc

My hard drive has around 90 GB on it, however Mac is only letting me access/detecting around 40, yet still somehow seeing that there are almost 90 available. I have tried googling around, however most issues seem to be related to the Mac incorrectly calculating the available space but still reading the correct total capacity. Has anyone encountered this issue before? enter image description here

Edit: After running df -h it appears my disk is partitioned into multiple partitions. Adding up their sizes equals the correct 87 GB, however, each of them have only 40-50% capacity.

macos – Is it possible to have the auto display sleep less them a minute some how?

In the System prefernces Energy Saver section you have “Display Sleep” option.

enter image description here

The minimum time is a minute. is it possible to tweak that some how to less then a minute?

  • Please don’t add comments about good / bad idea… just the answer on the technical part.

How do I remove all the menu bar icons from MacOS Big Sur apart from cmd + dragging?

I want to remove all the menu bar items like wifi, spotlight, Bluetooth, etc. Command + dragging works but it’s not a feasible option since we have a lot of terminals. Is there any other way to do the same via the terminal?