Using 2 External HDMI Monitors to a Macbook Pro 2017 without Mirrorring External Displays

My Macbook Pro 2017 is currently connected to an external HDMI monitor through a hub. This hub occupies both USB-C ports on one side of the laptop and contains a HDMI output which is connected to the external monitor.

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Can a second external monitor be connected to the Macbook pro via HDMI without having it in mirrored mode due to Mac’s lack of support for MST? I am thinking of getting a USB-C to HDMI adapter and connecting this to the existing USB-C hub, will this allow the 2nd external monitor to extend instead of mirroring the first external display?

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macos – External display: After standby, window positions are reset (MacBook Pro clamshell mode)

I’m running macOS Big Sur on a MacBook Pro 15-inch 2017 in clamshell mode with an external display (LG 27UD58). I almost never open the laptop or disconnect it from the display.

After I wake my MacBook from sleep, the windows all gather in the lower-left corner, instead of remembering their previous positions.

Is there a way to fix this?

I thought that maybe there is an LG driver I could install but I couldn’t find anything. I’ve seen similar reports by other users but haven’t come across any solution so far.

Thanks for your help!

network – MacBook Pro mid-2015 froze, rebooted it and now it will not connect to wifi

My MacBook Pro mid-2015 froze, after I rebooted it, it could no longer connect to my wifi, I followed all the steps in this post:
Macbook pro will not connect to wifi?

But it did not solve the issue, my other MacBook Pro, works just fine on wifi.

I connected the mid-2015 to a hard ethernet line for now, but I am not sure what happened. What should I do? Contact Apple? Send them the diagnostic gz files it keeps creating when I run diagnostics?

macbook pro – Should a Thunderbolt Display connected to a CalDigit TS3 Plus dock to a MBP in closed-clamshell mode turn on automatically after restart?

When I have a Thunderbolt Display connected directly to my 2018 MacBook Pro 15″ in closed-clamshell mode and I restart the MBP, the Thunderbolt Display will of course turn on so that I can see that I need to enter my login password. But when there’s a CalDigit TS3 Plus dock in-between the TD and the MacBook Pro and I restart, my Thunderbolt Display remains dark until I lift the lid of the MBP and enter the login password (the internal display turns on). I close the MBP’s lid and then, a bit later in the boot sequence, the TD turns on.

Is this behavior to be expected? The folks at CalDigit say it isn’t.

Level of compatibility of SSD for Macbook Pro

Which SSD of 1TB-2TB is compatible and how much for Macbook Pro mid 2014 retina? I know there is OWC Auro pro X2, which is most compatible, but I would like to know how to determine compatibility with some other one. Any experience?

audio – Why don’t all USB Type-C headphones work with the Macbook Pro USB Type-C ports?

I have a pair of wired/corded USB type C headphones from my non-Apple smartphone (Android with USB type C audio connector).

When I plug them into the MacBook Pro’s USB type C ports, they are not working / are not detected by the MacBook:

  • Can’t MacBook send audio to headphones via the USB type C port?
  • Or, are there different types of USB type C audio connectors that makes my headphones not compatible with a MacBook? (what is the technical name of the USB type C audio connector that Apple uses?)

Searching for “USB type C adapter” (or many other similar searches) gives me always adapters to/from other types of audio connectors (e.g. 3.5mm, etc.) to USB type C. I would need a USB-C-non-Apple to USB-C-Apple converter. Is there such a thing?

The devices I use:

  • headphones: wired/strong AKG (cannot find the model name).
  • computer: MacBook 2017 (with Touch Bar and also with 3.5mm audio port)

macbook pro – macOS Big Sur update problem

I recently updated my MacBook Pro 13″ 2015 to macOS Big Sur and now it’s not working! Did they stop supporting older laptops? Maybe there’s something I can do to go back to Catalina or Mojave?

Or at least recover the data from the disk. I’m working on a website and there’s plenty of vital info on that disk, if I loose it my project would suffer a lot.

Thanks in advance. I asked this question on other forums but didn’t get the answer…

MacBook pro hard drive swapping

I want to know if I could take my old 2012 macbook pro’s sata hard drive, format it and use it on my pc.

Why sometimes the charger for iPad Pro cannot charge for Macbook Pro

Why sometimes the charger for iPad Pro cannot charge for Macbook Pro.

I use the charger for iPad Pro to charge Macbook Pro, sometimes it can be used to charge the Macbook Pro while sometimes it cannot work.

enter image description here

hardware – Are Apple silicon M1 Chip MacBook Air/Pro “laptops” usable on the lap?

I have a work-issued MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019) running macOS Catalina, and it’s not usable as a laptop, because it runs too hot, making it impossible to hold on the lap for any significant amount of time.

There’s nothing in System Preferences to address the problem; I know it has very powerful fans, but they are generally turned very low and are inaudible, and there doesn’t appear to be any free software that would automatically control said fans to attain a desired thermal profile (e.g., maybe 35degC or lower) to make it usable as a laptop on a lap. This is confirmed by third-party reviews as well, as Notebook Check shows that it can run as hot as 42 degC on surface, when the ambient temperature is merely 19 degC, which possibly means mine’s running at maybe 45 degC at 23 degC ambient, which is surely not comfortable.

It is my understanding that the new Apple silicon M1 Chip are supposed to be much more energy efficient than the older processors; however, it’s also the case that MacBook Air no longer has a fan in the newest iteration.

Are the new M1-based MacBooks finally usable as actual laptops, to keep on the lap for an extended period of time? (Or is there any free software for MBP 16″ to reign in the thermal envelope?) And why doesn’t Apple offer any “laptop mode” options for its laptops, to automatically spin up the fans if the temps get uncomfortable for keeping on the lap? Windows has software like SpeedFan that does that easily.