hardware – As a Webdev, can i buy the new M1 macbook, or do i need to buy an Intel i7 based one?

I’m in the market for a new Macbook Pro right now.
I really want to go and buy a new M1 chipped, but can’t seem to find the right answer for me anywhere else.

I keep hearing a lot of stuff isn’t ready, especially for developers, but most of what I see are features I don’t use such as:

  • Xcode simulators, for different models of the iPhone and iPad
  • Docker

I could definitely go without docker for a while, knowing that work is being done so it will run some time in the future and I don’t use Xcode for anything except I install it so I can have git and all the dev fundamentals.

I mostly develop for the browser, and nodejs servers, so my stack would be something like:

  • nodejs
  • all browsers
  • mongodb, mysql, postgres sql
  • reddis
  • some db visualizers, mostly built on electron (think Mongodb’s Compass)
  • vscode, sublime
  • a lot of terminal – iTerm – vim, tmux

Am i able to work with the new M1?

thunderbolt – Will the M1 MacBook Air (2020) ever support eGPUs?

There have been some rumors and discussions around M1 Macs and eGPU support. Some say M1 Macs won’t support eGPUs because Apple said so, others say they might because they noticed M1 Macs can detect and drive a display through a Thunderbolt eGPU.

These findings lead to believe the missing piece for external hardware acceleration is “just” a software driver made for ARM chips, which could ship as a macOS update.

Since I know very little about writing drivers, and since these discussions are several months old, I must ask: how likely are we to get eGPU support in M1 Macs (and specifically the MacBook Air)? How much work is required to port a GPU driver to a new CPU architecture? Would such an update also require new GPUs (maybe made in partnership with Apple)?

(Asking because I have a very nice Thunderbolt eGPU that I used with an Intel Mac mini and wondering whether I should sell it or hold onto it)

Installing SSD on MacBook Pro Mid-2012 with Bootcamp

So, I have a Mid-2012 MacBook Pro with 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD, with Bootcamp installed.

I want to replace the HDD with 500GB SSD Hard Drive, but I still have some doubts.

Even after surfing the internet for hours I couldn’t get the answer to that- How do I transfer all my data, i.e. All my files, without reinstalling both MacOS and Bootcamp on the new SSD.

Meaning, I just want to transfer all data including both OS into the SSD so I don’t have to reinstall both the OS

macbook pro – Wifi connection continuously cuts out

I have been having an issue I can’t seem to fix. The WIFI on my 2017 Macbook Pro keeps cutting out, about once every 10-20 minutes. When this happens I lose internet connection and when I click on the wifi icon in the menu bar it shows that my wifi is on and connected to my network, but my network, as well as all other available wifi networks, are greyed out and I am unable to click anything. Turning the wifi off and back on temporarily fixes the problem.

Here is a list of things I have tried so far:

Restart computer
Turn wifi on/off
Remove network and reconnect
Remove wifi service and reestablish
Rebout router
Factory restore of router
New SSID, new channels, new wifi password
Reset the PRAM & SMC
Updated the Mac OS to Big Sur (from Catalina)
Ran Wireless Diagnostics

Running Wireless Diagnostics initially finds nothing when the internet is working, but then when this happened it does detect a “Dropped Wi-Fi Connection”, stating that:

Your Mac experienced an unexpected Wi-Fi connection drop, which can be
caused by a combination of environment, configuration, and software

Provide the diagnostics report created in /var/tmp to an AppleCare
customer support representative for further analysis.

I looked into the logs, but am not really sure what I am looking at. And to make matters worse the applecare on this machine just expired.

Also worth noting that the network has been, and continues to work fine for all other devices (another macbook pro, two iphones, smart tv, etc.) and nothing major changed with the network before this occurred.

Any tips on what to try next?

macos – How can I remove this type of virus from my MacBook Air? No solution in Google

I don’t know why a have this virus. Recently I was trying update mi MacBook Air to BigSur, but 3 hours later this MessageBox appear to me, I was trying to find solution on Google but I didn’t find it. I trying to install several Antivirus but literally I can’t, perhaps is the virus that don’t allow me do that. At this time I turn off the wifi. Someone knows where can I find that file? What can I do?
enter image description here

enter image description here

macbook pro – Allow a specific application “to administer your computer”

I get this dialog whenever python running under emacs calls at:

enter image description here

I want to grant Emacs a permanent permission to do that (preferably from the command line, without gui, so that I can automate it and don’t have to deal with the gui every time I recompile Emacs).

I tried adding Emacs (both GUI Emacs.app and the actual binary executable) to various places in the Security & Privacy (Privacy tab), e.g., Developer Tools, Full Disk Access, Files and Folders, but nothing changes.

There are related questions (How to turn off “terminal would like to administer your computer” message? and Reset All Mojave App Permissions) but, alas, they do not answer my question.

mongodb – how to run mongo export on macbook?

I am using mongodb Atlas (M0), which does not provide db backup feature. I am creating a nodejs script that will export all the collections automatically periodically.

So far I have done the following:

  • created a programmatic api from my login.
  • whitelisted my ip
  • installed mongocli
  • created a default profile using public and private api keys.

And command looks like this:

mongoexport --uri mongodb+srv://${mongoUser}:${mongoPass}@punjabpolice.lok0l.mongodb.net/${database} --collection ${collection} --type ${fileType} --out ${fileName} --profile default

I am not able to figure out how to run this command. If I run this command in my terminal I get this error:
/bin/sh: mongoexport: command not foundn

partition – issue with clean installing macos on macbook

I tried to install FreeBSD on my SSD on my mac since I was guessing they should be working, but there no drivers for macos and I decided that I should go back at Big Sur. I formatted the disk via the freebsd installer to the ZFS file system, but when I opened Apple’s BIOS, I wasnt able to see the SSD there, therefore I could not go back to macos.

Is there a way to fix that? I am guessing that the format of the disk is unknown to the bios so I probably need to format it in a type that it “understands” it so to say.

By the way, I tried both ubuntu and freebsd and they are working, they could detect the SSD and install their components.

network – MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2019) wifi packet loss

I’m getting random packet loss when pinging my wireless router. At first I thought it was because of router distance so I put it 1 meter away from my macbook. As you can see from the below screenshot, the signal strength is absolutely amazing. I’ve included a screenshot of my phone pinging the router from the same position (in which it has zero packet loss). What could be the issue? I have also tried pinging in safe mode to ensure it isn’t some piece of random software. It looks like this wi-fi chip has a defect?

2012 macbook pro 15 inch display into a 2012 macbook pro 13 macbook pro

I have a 2012 13″ macbook pro with a broken display and i want to know if i can fit a 15″ display 2012 to the computer.

I dont care if the laptop does not open , I just need to know if the conector is the same and if it will work or have power issues.

Thanks, have a good day.