radius – How to protect against MAC spoofing in WiFi network?

I have this scenario:
I want to create a WiFi network for a hotel that the customers should pay to gain access to the internet.
I tried Captive portal, but captive portal is very vulnerable against MAC spoofing.
So I tried wpa2-enterprise without Captive Portal. But NAS(Access Point) in wpa2-enterprise doesn’t enforce any rule and each user had unlimited access.
Then finally I tried both together but after first authentication in wpa2-enterprise each user was able to change his/her MAC address to a any other user.
I’m using PFsense as RADIUS server and Mikrotik RB433 for Hotspot(Captive Portal) and wireless AP.

  • Is there any way to prevent users from impersonating to an authenticated user in WiFi network with Captive Portal?

  • Is there a reason that NAS in wpa2-enterprise doesn’t enforce any policy or something is wrong in my configuration?
    These are the policies that PFsense generated in users file:

"amir" Cleartext-Password := "amir", Simultaneous-Use := "1"

    Framed-IP-Address =,
    Framed-IP-Netmask =,
    WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Up := 50000,
    WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Down := 50000,
    WISPr-Redirection-URL := http://www.google.com,
    pfSense-Max-Total-Octets := 10485760,

    Exec-Program-Wait = "/bin/sh /usr/local/etc/raddb/scripts/datacounter_auth.sh amir daily"

And this is clients.conf file:

client "mik" {
    ipaddr =
    proto = udp
    secret = 'admin123'
    require_message_authenticator = no
    nas_type = other
    ### login = !root ###
    ### password = someadminpass ###
    limit {
        max_connections = 16
        lifetime = 0
        idle_timeout = 30

mac os x – Document oriented macOS

In macOS,

  • app’s Menu bar isn’t contained within the window.
  • if you click X, it doesn’t kill the app, but rather close the app’s window.

So Menu bar represents the app and the window is app’s “document”.

But the Menu bar also contains options regarding only one window, eg. tabs Edit, View, Window. (You change view of only one window)

Why is this distinction made?
(neglecting user experience with the OS).

In X11 or in Windows, the window is the app and it is self-contained.

Here at the end, somebody says it enables new workflows, but he doesn’t give examples which would be fairly unique.

I’ve seen this post, but I don’t think it is good UX decision to force user to user keyboard shortcuts.

mac os x – Cannot register python installed via pyenv

I had installed Python3.9.1 via pyenv and installed pyzmp according to the tutorial. But Mathematica can only detect the system Python2.7.



I also try to use RegisterExternalEvaluator function as follows:

RegisterExternalEvaluator["Python", "~/.pyenv/versions/3.9.1/bin/python"]
RegisterExternalEvaluator["Python", "~/.pyenv/shims/python"]

However Mathematica returns me


But I did have pyzmp installed.


How can I fix it?

macos – Mac cannot preview SRT files in Finder or QuickLook view (other Mac can view file without opening)

Does anyone have any idea why this might have happened? I suspect it has something to do with installing VLC, but I could be wrong. Is there any way I can fix this?

Setting Text Edit to open all SRT files and even AppCleaning VLC from the machine didn’t fix the issue. Nor did restarting the Mac after doing these things.

Is there an app to host vpn connection? (mac)

I tried sharing my VPN connection using mac preferences but it didn’t work, it only shares the internet connection without the VPN even if I selected the VPN.

Is there an app or another method to host my VPN connection in mac?

Syncing photos from Mac with iPad

My Mac and my iPad are synced so I can get messages and take pictures with both. When I take a picture with my Mac it doesn’t show up on my iPad, vice versa.

How can I get Mac photos to my iPad?

If someone can answer this I will be very thankful!

armory – PLEASE help me get armoury to online on my mac?

Macos 10.11.6 El Capitan
Armoury 0.93.3
BitcoinQT v0.17.1

I have to use those software versions to get them to open in OS10.11

I cannot get armoury to go online. PLEASE HELP ME.

Both apps open separately.

I type this ‘/Applications/Armory.app/Contents/MacOS/Armory’ into terminal and got this.
(ERROR) ArmoryQt.py:7074 – Socket already in use. Sending CLI args to existing proc.
(ERROR) ArmoryQt.py:7078 – Exiting…

I’m not sure if this is the only issue or how to fix it?

Ubuntu on Mac G5 PowerPC

I have downloaded the ISO at https://forum.ubuntuusers.de/topic/ubuntu-11-10-powerpc-installation/ for a Power PC. Than i burned it on a CD. Does anyone know how to boot the Mac from there?

I tried Cmd, Opt and Delete
Also the BOOT-CD-ROM Command from Open Firmware…https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/installation-guide/powerpc/ch05s01.html

Can anyone help me?

openssh – Connecting from mac to ubuntu via ssh, permission denied

Forgive me because this is probably a noob question:

I am trying to connect from mac to my ubuntu machine which is on the same wifi. On my mac I type ssh ‘username’@”, then enter the password and I get permission denied.

The username is the a in ‘a’@’b’ in ubuntu terminal, and the ubuntuip is the one show next to inet and below link/ether from the command ‘ip add’.

On Ubunutu in /etc/ssh/ssh_config, I have ‘PasswordAuthentication yes’ uncommented.

My mac is in internet recovery, it is a 2017 MBA. The install always fails

The error in the log is: Commerce:DownloadManifest: Failed to write to the manifest at /var/folders/zz/<some random letters>/C/com.apple.appstore/manifest.plist