Kafka producer dealing with lost connection to broker

With a producer configuration like below, I am creating a Singleton producer that is used throughout the application:

properties.setProperty(ProducerConfig.BOOTSTRAP_SERVERS_CONFIG, "kafka.consul1:9092,kafka.consul2:9092");
properties.setProperty(ProducerConfig.KEY_SERIALIZER_CLASS_CONFIG, StringSerializer.class.getName());
properties.setProperty(ProducerConfig.VALUE_SERIALIZER_CLASS_CONFIG, StringSerializer.class.getName());
properties.setProperty(ProducerConfig.ACKS_CONFIG, "1");

I am connected to a k8s hosted Kafka cluster. The broker’s advertised.listeners is configured to return me the IP addresses and not host names. While normally everything works as expected, the problem occurs when Kafka is restarted, sometimes the IP address changes. Since the producer only knows about the older IP it keeps trying to connect to that host to send messages and none of the messages go through.

I observe that a org.apache.kafka.common.errors.TimeoutException exception is thrown when the send fails. Currently the messages are sent async:

                (RecordMetadata recordMetadata, Exception e) -> {
                    if (e != null) {
                        LOGGER.error("Exception while sending message to kafka", e);

How should the Timeoutexception be handled now? Given that the producer is shared across the application, closing and recreating in the callback does not sound right.

Lost investment to bitcoinds

I invested over £3000 in Bitcoins, but deal has vanished, no funds in my wallet. lost all my investment. I paid by debit card, can I get the money back?

Why is it considered racist towards blacks to care about all the lives (including black lives)  lost to police brutality?

Because it’s not “black lives matter” but “only black lives matter”. 

Imagine breast cancer awareness supporters getting mad at any mention ever of any other type of cancer. 

Imagine mother’s getting upset on Father’s Day because celebrating Father’s Day is actually just anti-mother’s day.

That’s BLM. 

Recovering funds after I lost my wallet.dat

If you have your private key, you can add it to your wallet with the command
bitcoin-cli importprivkey "<YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY>" "" false

(The false at the end is to cancel rescan at the moment of adding. It could take some time.)

If you do not have the private key associated with the address the coins were sent to back then, they are lost.

photos – Contact apps lost access to media files

At some point in time (about a week ago) something happened to my Motorola Moto Z2 Play / Android 8.0 that caused my base apps (actually — just Contacts) to not have access to my media files (i.e. audio, photos etc.).


  • all my custom ringtones (i.e. based on my own media files) were reset to default sound,
  • I cannot pick a photo for a contact because my contacts app keeps saying: “No pictures are available on the device”.

While first situation is resolved. I see my custom ringtone files in the list and I can go through my contacts and assign them again. But second situation is not resolved. I see this error all the time and I cannot change any contact’s photo.

This is verified as not a bug (tested three different contacts-like applications and all of them shows exactly the same message, when trying to change contact’s photo). But still, it seems that problem is limited to contacts-related apps only. Other apps still has read and write access to my custom files.

For example: :

  • (read) I can pick any photo or other custom file and attach it to an e-mail, send it as MMS or share it in any other way or
  • (read) upload it to OneDrive or Google Drive etc. or
  • (write) my Camera app is still able to make new photos and store them in “DCIM” or
  • (write) my sound recorder is able to record sound and write audio files.

The only thing that has changed on my phone recently and that I suspect as the cause of above metioned situation was Android 7.1.2 –> Android 8.0.0 update.

Is there anything I can do (since replacing contacts app didn’t resolve the situation) or check in this case? Or resetting the phone to factory defaults is the only option that I am left with?

bitcoind – How to recover my lost cryptomultipler money?

You are the victim of a scam by criminal conmen.

You cannot recover your money.

The bitcoin system does not allow for cancellations, reversals or refunds of transactions where payments were made due to fraud. The only person who can return your money is the person who you gave it to. Criminals almost never voluntarily return what they stole. The bitcoin system does not allow for tracing or identification of recipients, The system intentionally makes this very difficult.

You will now be contacted by other conmen claiming they can help you recover your money. They might claim to be someone who was tricked and who found someone who recovered their money for them. They will all be lying to you in order to trick you out of more money. Ignore them.

I suggest you report this fraud to the local police, but accept that your money has all gone forever and will never be recovered.

This kind of theft happens often. Here are a few similar questions:

Command history lost

Is there a way to know if someone (including system administrators) has deleted the bash commands history on purpose? (the history -r doesn’t seem to work)
And is there any way to recover that history?

Why do SJWs get so angry about statements indicating the majority of non black lives lost to police violence matter too?

BLM wants people to believe it’s a uniquely black issue so they can gain a higher victim status and more empathy for their biased cause.   SJWs, well, they can’t help but support identity politics.   

Anything that indicates it’s not just black people who face the problem hurts the black victimization narrative.    

Lost Permissions Can’t Delete Folder

I accidentally ran a PHP script that creates a directory with permissions 0777 and I am now unable to delete this directory. Any help to delete it would be appreciated, I have inserted a picture of the directory info below.

directory info

[ Politics ] Open Question : Since the Indians lost, shouldn't all buildings and towns with Indian names be renamed?

Ditto German and Japanese names? And every state south of the Ohio River? (Wait, isn’t Ohio an Indian name?) And Indiana for-gosh-sakes.