dovecot – OpenSMTPD losing the evelope to when delivering email to lmtp

I’m using OpenSMTPd to then deliver emails using lmtp :

table myuser   {"my great regex"}
action dovecot lmtp "/var/dovecot/lmtp" virtual {"@" => myuser}
match from any for domain <domains> rcpt-to regex <myuser> action dovecot

This works great and my user gets the emails for whatever regex I define, but on the dovecot side when I try to use the envelope sieve extension, the To seems to contain my user, not the address this got delivered to (mygreatemail@mydomain.tld).
Now alternatively if I specify rcpt-to after the lmtp path, it seems like OpenSMTPd will ignore my virtual and just pass the email address to dovecot, which will then fail since it’s expecting a unix user.

Is there a way to somehow pass the email’s envelope rcpt-to to dovecot’s sieve, but still have emails delivered to my user (not to some virtual email setup) as specified by the virtual catchall ?
Maybe by having OpenSMTPd add the rcpt-to to some custom header if that’s possible ?

Basically I’m just looking for a way to get my sieve script, which is looking at the address the email was sent to, to still work when I was BCCed (like on mailing lists).


hard drive – How to convert from EFI to MBR boot loader (and / or GPT disk to MBR disk) in Arch Linux without losing data

I’ve installed arch linux on my disk sdc,where sdc1 is the efi partition and sdc2 the root partition. I’m also trying to boot this installation with esxi 7,but it seems that it refuses to boot because it says that it can’t find the PARTUUID number that I use to boot it physically,as u can see below :

enter image description here
enter image description here

I’m not able to understand what’s the right value to use,so I’ve thought that for a newbie like me it was easier to convert the EFI bootloader of arch linux to the mbr bootloader (and / or the whole GPT to MBR hard drive),without loosing the data and without to make a new installation. Maybe,doing this operation,esxi will be able to boot the arch linux. thanks.

google sheets – Multilpe winning and losing critera based on data from 2 columns of data

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Is there a way to resume youtube video uploads without losing the order of them?

Is there a way to resume youtube video uploads without losing the order of them?

for example this video mentions a way to resume video uploads, where you click cancel, then you reupload. But then I think maybe you’d lose the order

enter image description here

conditions – If a PC becomes stunned on their turn, do they lose the rest of their actions without losing any stunned value?

Sources Say Yes… unless you think that’s too strong.

Broadly speaking, it seems pretty clear that the idea of Stun is that Stun X is going to cost the character X actions. Having a Stun 1 on their turn cost the character as many as 3 actions is a significant increase to the power of the effect… and that actually has some meaning here, beyond vague handwaving claims someone might make about RAI

Core Rulebook, Page 444 says

Sometimes a rule could be interpreted multiple ways. If one version is
too good to be true, it probably is. If a rule seems to have wording
with problematic repercussions or doesn’t work as intended, work with
your group to find a good solution, rather than just playing with the
rule as printed.

At the same time, we know what the actual intended rules are, as they’re laid out pretty clearly in the sidebar on Gaining and Losing Actions, also in the core rulebook (page 622, I think)

Quickened, slowed, and stunned are the primary ways you can gain or
lose actions on a turn. The rules for how this works appear on page
462. In brief, these conditions alter how many actions you regain at the start of your turn; thus, gaining the condition in the middle of
your turn doesn’t adjust your number of actions on that turn. If you
have conflicting conditions that affect your number of actions, you
choose which actions you lose. For instance, the action gained from
haste lets you only Stride or Strike, so if you need to lose one
action because you’re also slowed, you might decide to lose the action
from haste, letting you keep your other actions that can be used more

Some conditions prevent you from taking a certain subset of actions,
typically reactions. Other conditions simply say you can’t act. When
you can’t act, you’re unable to take any actions at all. Unlike slowed
or stunned, these don’t change the number of actions you regain; they
just prevent you from using them. That means if you are somehow cured
of paralysis on your turn, you can act immediately.

The rules also indicate that you lose any leftover actions/reactions at the beginning of your next turn.

So the rules as written indicate that if you start your turn, take a swing with one action and get hit by a Stun 1, then your two remaining actions sit there useless (unless you can somehow cure that stun on your turn), and if you still have a reaction it is likewise useless. At the beginning of your next turn, you lose the leftover actions/reaction as normal, and regain a fresh set, with one less action because of the stun. The stun, at that point, goes away.

If you feel that that’s not working as intended, however, or that it has problematic repercussions, you are expected to “work with your group to find a good solution”. Alternately, as the GM, you could tweak the rule for yourself, either for this creature, or as a general houserule on the effects of Stun during someone’s turn.

seo – Four 301-redirects from “” to “” (am I losing my Google PageRank?)

Well, its been 2 years so urgent is relative, but yes, you want to fix this as each redirect is believed to come with a small loss of “google juice”.

Matt Cutts (a google official rep) talked about it being unlikely that Google will follow 4 or more redirects – although that was a while ago (see from about 2:45)

There are multiple ways to set up a redirect in Apache. The easiest one in your code might be – in the Apache config or .htaccess

  Redirect permanent /


seo – Four 301-redirects from ‘’ to ‘’ (am I losing my Google PageRank?)

Some years ago, I started my website with the main domain ‘’. However, the project ended up being a store under ‘’.

I obtained hundreds of links to ‘’, and today (after two years) I found that the redirection is not well-constructed, because there are four 301-redirects from ‘’ to ‘’.

I have two questions:

  1. Should I fix urgently this issue of “too many 301-redirects” in order not to loose my Google PageRank?
  2. Is there any quick Rewrite Rule for Apache 301-redirect from ‘’ to ‘’?

graphics – Keynote Mac, delete cropped image to reduce file size without losing image resolution quality

I have lots of high-resolution images inserted into the Keynote which makes the file very large. Image masking in Keynote is very convenient for me. But I only want a small corner of the images shown in the slides, and I don’t need the cropped part anymore. Reducing file size under the File menu loses image quality and the cropped images are still there. Is there any way to delete the cropped part to reduce file size without losing image resolution/quality?

unity – Object completely losing orientation using Lerp

So, I am making a 2d board game with unity.
Basically, two characters are moving on the board when clicking a spot on the board.
Since it’s a static one frame 2d game, I put all of my game objects children of the canvas.
All the positions seems to be aligned, in the canvas itself everything is in place, also when I am debugging I notice that both of the positions, the local position and the target position are correct, so when I’m not using lerp and just setting the character position to the target position, it works perfect.

Lerp/Smooth damp are working perfect outside the canvas
I think it’s something related to the update function, as it’s updating false positions, but that’s all I can guess…
This is the Update function of the Player class:

        private void FixedUpdate()
    if (moveTowards == true)
        velocity =;
        this.transform.position = Vector3.SmoothDamp(this.transform.localPosition, targetSpotPosition, ref velocity, .08f);

    if (this.transform.position == targetSpotPosition)
        moveTowards = false;

moveTowards set to true when clicking a spot.

    public void movePlayerTo(Spots moveHere)
    moveTowards = true;
    moveHere.transform.position = Camera.main.ScreenToWorldPoint(moveHere.transform.position);
    targetSpotPosition = moveHere.transform.position;
    //targetSpotPosition = Camera.main.ScreenToWorldPoint(targetSpotPosition);

moveHere is the spot’s position, there’s no problem there.

I set my canvas to camera space render mode, and of course scale with screen size. Before putting everything in the canvas, it worked perfectley.

Thanks in advance,


wlan – vpn losing network connection

I have a new android 10 based smartphone and and after I enable a vpn connection, I simply loose all connectivity. Without VPN it works fine. The same VPN app worked flawless on my old phone.

I’m looking for solutions and also info how to troubleshoot network issues on an unrooted android device. All I can see is that the vpn client states “network unreachable”. But the network certainly is working correctly with other devices, hence it’s an issue with the specific phone and vpn app (in fact I tried 2 vpn apps and both have the same issue so it’s not the app itself causing the issue.) It also happens immediately without truing off the screen, eg. no “sleep-state” issue. Additional it’s more problematic on WLAN. On mobile data connection is lost to but vpn app can reconnect again. With wlan, I actually have to turn off the vpn and wlan and then turn wlan back on to make it work again.

Any advice?