Sprites lose quality when in Unity

Click on your texture, the texture import settings appear in the inspector window…. look for Filter Mode… bilinear, trilinear, point. Try changing it to Point(no filter) and that should eliminate any distortion. And what do you exactly mean by distortion? It seemed fine for me when I imported with point filter mode. Anyway let me know if it worked.

dnd 5e – Do spellcasters lose spells if they fall unconscious?

Contrary to 1e, in 5e you can prepare a spell once and cast it any number of times. I think this is proof enough that the spell is well imprinted in your brain.

Falling unconscious does not really mean that your brain was hurt. Of course, that could happen and the DM could decide that it happened (actually some monsters specifically attack your brain..)

In 5e, it will be much more likely for you to lose your spellbook than a spell in your brain. Actually, Out of the Abyss starts that way… all your belongings get taken. That’s quite a hit for a wizard. On the other hand, the spell you still have in your head stays there until you get your spellbook back or a get a new spellbook at some point.

What can also cause problems is losing your focus. It won’t prevent you from casting the spell, just that you will need to find material components if the spell requires such. Without a focus or those material components, the spell won’t work.

logging – Is it possible to lose logcat messages if I log too frequently?

I instrument the app to make it log a message at the entry and exit of each method. The size of each message is about 12 characters.

However I find some messages read from logcat are lost (I indexed each message to check this).
E.g. (a – b means logs from a to b are missing)
missing logs: 468 – 749
missing logs: 1308 – 1428
missing logs: 1725 – 1942
missing logs: 2023 – 2034
missing logs: 2375 – 2646
missing logs: 3075 – 3288

I also tried buffering the messages up to 400 characters then call Log.println() once it’s filled up, instead of calling Log.println() each time. When I do this, there’s no message lost.

Since the size of messages totally is the same in both ways, the problem is not the size of logcat ring buffer (I also set the size to maximum: 256M).

Is it because the app logs too frequently?

[ Politics ] Open Question : How would Donald Trump take it when he lose in November?

He’s said at a 2019 rally he wanted to repeal the 22nd Amendment so he could remain President for 10 or 14 years. He believes he is popular in Europe. He probably believes he won the popular vote and he is a genius and loads of other BS. 

dnd 3.5e – Do I lose access to a feat if ability drain results in no longer meeting the prerequisite?

Do curses or ability damage/drain cause a character to be unable to use his feats?

For example, a Ranger with 20 Dex who has two-weapon-fighting feats and is using two weapons gets cursed or ability drained and his Dex drops to 14. Does that cause the character not to be able to use his two-weapon feats (which have a requirement of at least 15 Dex)?

What about his other feats that have prerequisites of blocked feats? (As another example: a fighter with the Whirlwind Attack feat, which requires Combat Expertise gets an INT penalty that drops his INT under 13, a prerequisite of Combat Expertise). I think that he can no longer use his Combat Expertise feat (because of low INT) and also Whirlwind Attack and any other feats that require Combat Expertise. Is that right?

I guess it is better to clarify the reason I am asking.

First of all, there are so many books, and there are too many authors that create them and test them. Many bugs are uncovered due to that reason. It is quite hard to keep track of all these things. I know that.

The reason for the question is, for higher-level builds, skill, feat, class, prestige class, template and ability score choices become more important. And there are casters, whose main combat skills depend on spells (clerics, sorcerers, and wizards, especially). Maybe druids can deal with key ability score penalties, and clerics may try to survive such conditions. Wizards and sorcerers have less of a chance when their key ability score drops. A curse may cause them to be without magic (or with some weak spells) if they fail to resist it. They probably have higher Will saves, but they all have the chance.

And I am trying to be sure about the situation of a warrior-based class, because feats mean a lot to them. So what happens when they get cursed? Failure to be able to use a key feat is important, but not as much as a wizard who is unable to cast spells.

Related FAQ answer is not enough about this situation (the following part)

A feat sometimes requires you to have a certain ability
score, which is the case with Two-Weapon Fighting (it
requires Dex 15). A character has, say, Dex 13, but wears
an item, in this case gloves of Dexterity +2, and now her Dex
score is 15. Can she take the feat and have it be active only
when she wears the item?

Actually yes, she could take the feat, but she would lose the
use of the feat if, for whatever reason, she loses the bonus from
the item.

So, still looking for something more satisfactory.

UPDATE: @LitheOhm’s answer:

Players Handbook:

Two-Weapon Fighting
Prerequisite: Dex 15.

Complete Adventurer

Oversized Two-Weapon Fighting
Prerequisite: Str13, Two-Weapon Fighting

I wish to clarify that, I just wish to be sure about what to do in such situation. That is just an example and probably being able to use Oversized Two-Weapon Fighting feat will not save the character while he could not use basic Two-Weapon Fighting feats due to Lowered DEX. But I still wonder, whether he could still use Oversized Two-Weapon Fighting.

Of course there could be some other feats which fits that situation. That is just one I noticed.

Do dems purposely want to lose to Trump in November.  Is that why they propped up a feeble 80 yr old man to run against him?

If Democrats are trying to lose, they are failing miserably, because Biden has a 10 point lead in some polls, and more in others and he has been polling 7 points ahead of Trump since he announced his candidacy.  Trump is scared shitless about losing too.

Lady Antebellum changes their name. NASCAR drops the confederate flag. When you lose car racing and country music, should you reexamine…?

SHOULD  used to indicate OBLIGATION  DUTY or correctness , typically when criticizing someones actions……….NEITHER Car racing nor music and singing is LOST  both  still EXIST   but rather the PROMOTED ASSOCIATION  to  the CONFEDERACY  PRO SLAVERY  OPPRESSION of people of color and  “White or once slave owner SUPREMACY ”    PINOCCHIO  DIVIDER ‘n’ THIEF  this week likes the  code word DOMINATE  .. you have to DOMINATE THEM  in the streets

.. the use of the word .Should    implies some association  to an AUTHORITY that  AUTHORITY   need not be an EXTERNAL  source .. but ones  “OWN ” MORALS  principles of what  is right and wrong  ..

. they are not WRITTEN in STONE or on TABLETS .. they can CHANGE as a person Matures and interacts  with other people and situations  reasoning   UNDERSTANDING and  develops a  higher level of EMPATHY ..

… as the character  ATTICUS FINCH says  in ” To Kill a Mocking bird  ”  Walk around in the skin of another person for awhile “

JavaFX Is it possible to prevent combobox from closing when it lose focus?

Im trying to make additional element for combobox that will control items inside it. My problem is auto-close when losing focus. Is there any way to prevent combobox from auto-hiding/closing?

storage – Do I lose any photo quality with WiFi and AirDrop?

I am starting to develop more and more experience as an editorial photographer and I like to focus on current events around my city. That means that I find myself often submitting pics to Shutterstock from my car or other “mobile” locations to get my pictures approved as quickly as possible.

Right now I do:

  1. Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 saving to RAW+Fine
  2. Connect my iPad to the G7 via the built in WiFi router; I can only download the JPEGs via this method, RAW cannot be done over WiFi
  3. Panasonic ImageApp on my iPad to transfer the images and save them to my iPad camera roll
  4. Use the iPad to review the images and decide which ones I actually want to submit
  5. Send the images to my iPhone via AirDrop
  6. Submit the images via the Shutterstock Contributor app

Does the above process introduce any loss of quality into my images? I have checked to make sure that the metadata is all there and it otherwise seems like the same image, but maybe I’m missing something.

Are liberals banking on the the Coronavirus for Trump to lose?

100 thousand dead – 40 million unemployed.

Believe me — The majority is sick of the dense morbidly obese clown punk!

It’s not a matter of ‘banking’ on something.  He’s a S*H*I*T leader.  He failed to handle the pandemic. Totally failed as he’s failed his entire life. 

The image below says it all…

Trump’s response to one of his tweets getting flagged for inciting violence was a thousand times faster than his response to a deadly pandemic. 

The country knows.  He F*U*C*K*ED up!  Period. 

Go suck on his butt and shut up!  You’re a cult follower.  Nobody expects reasoning from you. Nobody will bother trying to talk sense into you either.  Waste of time. 

You will always be in love with the racist – that’s who you are.