How can I use a SharePoint lookup value in a Calculated field?

I found the solution using a Power Automate flow. The image below does the following…

1 – The flow triggers whenever a list item is created or modified.

2 – Initialise variable #1 and copy the value from the lookup field.

3 – Initialise variable #2 and copy the value from the field which will hold the copy of the lookup value (which will be a hidden column and is only used for concatenation purposes)

4 – Test if variable #1 is different from variable #2. This is to prevent the flow from going into an infinite loop i.e. without it the flow would always modify the list item, and therefore trigger itself again. So if it’s the same, do nothing.

5 – If variables #1 and #2 are different, update the list item and copy the value from variable #1 into the field which will store the variable #1 value.

After that my calculated field uses the contents of that hidden column which I copied the lookup value into.

Hope this helps someone.

enter image description here

graphs – Number of possible boolean functions in a DAG of lookup tables?

A K-input lookup table (K-LUT) can represent any function with K boolean inputs and a single boolean output. The number of possible functions represented by this LUT is $2^{2^K}$ according to this previous question, and other online resources.

I am interested in finding the number of possible functions represented by a directed acyclic graph of LUTs. A simple example is shown below:

simple network of 2-LUTs

I am also interested in more complicated DAGs with non-uniform LUT sizes and more interesting connectivities of the input. For example, when one input is connected more than once, or when an input is connected to deeper levels of the DAG. Also, I am interested in DAGs with multiple outputs as well.

This feels like it is a solved problem but I can’t find anything that computes the number of possible functions that are described by these structures.

jquery – SharePoint 2013 REST – Create List Item with Lookup User Field

You have to set Lookups and User Fields using a results object.
If you have a Multi-User Field you should set the value like:

Project_x0020_ManagerId: {"results":(441,448,481)},

If you have a Single-User Field you shet set value like:

Project_x0020_ManagerId: {"results":441}

In your case this code should do the trick:

var data = {
__metadata: { 'type': 'SP.Data.ProjectsListItem' },
Title: '' + name + '',
Start_x0020_Date: new Date(start).toISOString(),
End_x0020_Date: new Date(end).toISOString(),
Project_x0020_ManagerId: {"results":441},
Additional_x0020_Details: note
    url: siteURL + "/_api/web/lists/getbytitle('Projects')/items",
    method: "POST",
    contentType: 'application/json;odata=verbose',
    data: JSON.stringify(data),
    headers: {
        "Accept": "application/json;odata=verbose",
        "X-RequestDigest": $("#__REQUESTDIGEST").val()
    success: function(data) {
        alert('Item added successfully');
    error: function(error) {

SharePoint Online: Using JSON Column Formatting to get lookup column value inside Form

I am trying to create a link using JSON column formatting that helps users send an email (it’s an anchor element with ‘mailto’). The email parameters (the recipient and email body) need to contain certain values that come from lookup columns.

I have managed to do it using the following code:

  "$schema": "",
  "elmType": "div",
  "style": {
    "margin": "10px",
    "justify-content": "end"
  "children": (
      "elmType": "a",
      "attributes": {
        "target": "_blank",
        "href": {
          "operator": "+",
          "operands": (
            "Testing Subject",
        "class": "ms-bgColor-themeLighter--hover ms-fontColor-themeDarker"
      "style": {
        "border-radius": "2px",
        "justify-content": "center",
        "text-decoration": "none",
        "width": "32px",
        "height": "32px",
        "display": "flex"
      "children": (
          "elmType": "span",
          "attributes": {
            "iconName": "MailForward"
          "style": {
            "margin-top": "auto",
            "margin-bottom": "auto",
            "font-size": "16px"

The output is in the image below.

enter image description here

It works as intended when the user clicks the button rendered in the list view. However, if the user tries to click on it in the Form view, both values are shown as (object Object).

Even though the link works when activated from the list view, the ability to use this link inside the form would be really useful to the users of this list. Is there a way of working around this?

The company for which I work (in whose tenant the SharePoint site is hosted) currently does not allow the use of Power Automate or Power Apps.

jquery – Create a LookUp Column using SPServices “UpdateList” operation

I want to dynamically add a new list (“AddList” operation), and then use the SPServices “UpdateList” operation to add “newFields”. I was able to get the “Text” fields to add properly, but the LookUp fields are what I’m specifically having trouble with.

Here’s my code:

var newListName = "Title" + todaysDate;    
var nfields = "<Fields><Method ID='1'><Field Type='LookUp' List='{4E185F24-9DE1-4E2F-8915-16C28816F102}' ShowField='ID' DisplayName='MatchedEquipmentRecord'></Field></Method>" +
            "<Method ID='2'><Field Type='LookUp' List='"+ listGUID +"' ShowField='ID' DisplayName='OriginalSupplyRecord'></Field></Method>" +
            "<Method ID='3'><Field Type='Text' DisplayName='AccountCustodian' ResultsType='Text'></Field></Method>" + 
            "<Method ID='4'><Field Type='Text' DisplayName='AssetID' ResultsType='Text'></Field></Method>" + 
            "<Method ID='5'><Field Type='Text' DisplayName='SerialNumber' ResultsType='Text'></Field></Method>" + 
            "<Method ID='6'><Field Type='Text' DisplayName='ItemDescription' ResultsType='Text'></Field></Method>" + 
            "<Method ID='7'><Field Type='Text' DisplayName='Brand' ResultsType='Text'></Field></Method>" + 
            "<Method ID='8'><Field Type='Text' DisplayName='ModelNumber' ResultsType='Text'></Field></Method>" + 
    operation: 'UpdateList', 
        listName: newListName, 
        newFields: nfields, 
        completefunc: function(xData, Status) { 

My variables todaysDate and listGUID I’ve made previously.

When I log the responseText, I get this error message for my Lookup columns:

<ErrorCode>0x80004005</ErrorCode><ErrorText>Operation Failed</ErrorText>

I’m assuming it has to do with the properties in the "Field Type='LookUp'" that is giving me the issue. I’ve searched all over the internet all morning to try and get the right names for the what I need to reference in the method. But I couldn’t find anything that I needed.

Does anyone know what is required to dynamically create a lookup column with SPServices “UpdateList” operation?

sharepoint online – Add column (lookup field) to another site

If the Site A and Site B are in the same site collection, you can create a site column with lookup type in the root site of the site collection. The site columns are available to all sites in the site collection.

Learn more about how to create a cross-site lookup site column

If the Site A and Site B are in the different site collection, you need code to achieve that.

For example, you can do a cross site collection lookup and populate it as a dropdown control in your SharePoint application using jQuery.

The demo:

Parsing linked url into page and parameter for look-up

I want to use a link like so:

I want it to open a page which internally uses “aardvark” to get and echo my media attachment with the title “aardvark”.

I assume I want a pretty URL instead of a scheme like: and I’d prefer to do it the right way. Can someone set me on the right track, first for parsing and feeding the title to the page as a lookup parameter, and then having the image-page use the title to get content?

To clarify – I already have the attachment title and have created the pretty URL programmatically – I need no help there.

operating systems – How does the Linux kernel build its symbol lookup table?

I am writing a small x86-64 OS. I am trying to make sense of how Linux loads modules at runtime by linking them into the kernel.

I understand that Linux builds a symbol lookup table. Basically, a module is compiled with a special utility which keeps all the symbols intact. Then, the Linux kernel will read the symbols and compare these to the symbol lookup table. Once it has got the address for the symbol, it links the symbol in the module to the actual address of the function in the virtual address space.

This seems quite easy to implement but I wonder how, in C++, you can implement such a symbol lookup table. I know that you can easily get the address of a function with &function. How do you get the symbol of the function in the form of ASCII letters?

Basically, how does Linux build its symbol lookup table? Is it during compilation or at boot? Also, I know that C++ is not the best tool for this because it mangles function names a lot.

microsoft excel – Finding column to perform lookup in based on column header text

No need for a macro — you can include finding the “Burgers sold” column in the VLOOKUP formula.

So if you have a VLOOKUP to find “blah” in your table A100:M100, change the third argument so that it is a MATCH function looking for “Burgers sold” in the column headers.

=VLOOKUP("blah",A100:M100,MATCH("Burgers sold",A1:M1,0),0)

This should find the appropriate column and return the data for it from the row with “blah” in column A.

PowerAutomate Flow query lookup threshold issue SharePoint

I am trying to use get item action in my flow to fetch data from a SharePoint list having 3000+ items.

I am getting lookup column Threshold error while fetching the records even if only 2 lookup/choice/person columns are there. For each lookup field I have to create a new view which is not a suitable approach.

I am not sure why I am getting this error even with 2 columns whereas lookup field limit is 8.

Please assist.