The Android device was disconnected from all Google accounts and asked me to log in again

This happened to me recently and I have never seen it before. I was wondering what caused this and if this is common.

I have logged into all my accounts, so I do not remember the exact phrasing of the messages and, therefore, I could not find the exact error message.

I did not disconnect anywhere else (for example, the gmail tabs of my computer)

I'm on Android P if that matters. The last time I updated my phone was a week ago, so I think it should not have had any effect on things.

Is it factorial (ceil (log (n))) polynomially limited?

Considering the definition, f (n) = O (n ^ k), for some constant k. If I choose k = 100, and graph the yields n ^ 100> factorial (ceil (log (n))) for all n> 1.
Solutions for Introduction To Algorithms (2009) says it is DO NOT Polynomially bounded.

Samsung S9 Plus that shows the cell phone number of the text message in the call log for real calls

I am using Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. When I send a text message, the S9 Plus is placing the cell number to which I am sending a text message in the actual call log for phone calls. I never used to do it before all this mess when Samsung spoiled the S9 with the patches. If I send 200 text messages, put those numbers 200 times. How do I stop it?

Find $ left lfloor prod_ {j = 3} ^ {2020} log_ {j-1} j right rfloor $.

$ log_2 3 cdot log_3 4 cdot log_4 5 cdots log_ {2019} 2020 = x $

Find the largest natural number that is less than $ x $.

registration: can not find the call log from adb shell

The phone is a Samsung Galaxy E5 SM-E500m (lte, double chip, code name e5lte). Android version 5.1.1 "palette" Stock ROM.

I pulled out the database file from /data/data/ and I tried to inspect it with the DB Browser for SQLite and also with the sqlite3 Command line tool.

The file is 1.7MiB in size. It has 42 tables.

From my research efforts, I expected to see the call log in the calls table; but it is empty (0 records).
Other tables in this db file seem to have data.

I also checked the file /data/data/ but it does not seem to contain call records (only 4 tables: android_metadata, transporters, siminfo Y sqlite_sequence).

Where else can I potentially find the call logs for this device?

The call log is displayed correctly in the Phone application.

Thank you.

Entities: Why is the data collection entity printing quickly in plain text when I log in?

I have a template for sections of thematic paragraphs that, for some reason, prints data-quickedit-entity-id = "paragraph / 2" in plain text on any of my paragraphs that contain images.

{% set bgcolor = content.field_background_colour[0]["#markup"]    ?: color_class%}
{% set bundle = agraph.bundle ?: base_class%}
{% set image = content.field_section_image | without ("label")%}
set classes = [
    "paragraph--" ~ bundle|clean_class,
    "paragraph--" ~ bundle|clean_class ~ "--" ~ bgcolor|clean_class,
{{kint (attributes)}}
{% if attributes%}
{% else%}
{% will end if%}
{% if content%} {{content.field_main_heading}} {% if content.field_sub_heading%} {{content.field_sub_heading}} {% will end if%} {% if content.field_section_image["#title"] %} {{attributes.removeClass (classes)}} {% includes "@ base / layouts / grid / 00-grid.twig" with { articles: [image, content.field_body_text], grid_base_class: "grid", grid_modifiers: ["columns-2"] }%} {% else%} {{content.field_body_text}} {% will end if%} {% else%} {{dummy_content | raw} {% will end if%}

This happens right above the image, inside line 18. Screenshot below:

The plain text that is emitted on the image

It is only generated when you log in, as it obviously has something to do with the quick editing system.

Has anyone seen this or can you advise on how to prevent it?

Google cloud platform – Grafana can not log in

We set up a centos7 server with GCP and then a cluster with Kubernetes.


Cluster configuration method
[root@instance-1 ~]curl | swipe
[root@instance-1 ~]gcloud init
[root@instance-1 ~]sudo yum update kubectl
[root@instance-1 ~]cat < /etc/yum.repos.d/kubernetes.repo
name = Kubernetes
baseurl = https: //
enabled = 1
gpgcheck = 1
repo_gpgcheck = 1
gpgkey = https: //
yum install -y kubectl
[root@instance-1 ~]Gcloud container clusters create cluster-1 
--num-nodes 1 
- type of machine n1-standard-2

after that
The following site was referred

Monitoring of clusters of kubernetes with grafana

Do the following

kubectl create clusterrolebinding cluster-admin-binding --clusterrole = cluster-admin --user = email address

It worked well in the middle

In the part of creating the grafana display.

apiVersion: extensions / v1beta1
Type: Deployment
name: grafana
namespace: monitoring
Replicas: 1
k8s-app: grafana
- name: grafana
image: grafana / grafana
- containerPort: 3000
Protocol: TCP
- mountPath: / var / lib / grafana
name: grafana-storage
Value: "3000"
value: "helloworld"
value: "grafana-kubernetes-app"
- name: grafana-storage
emptyDir: {}
error: error validating "grafana.yaml": error validating data: ValidationError (Deployment): unknown field "emptyDir" in io.k8s.api.extensions.v1beta1.Deployment; If you choose to ignore these errors, disable the validation with --validate = false

I get an error

emptyDir: will be implemented if you delete the {} part

And when you do LoadBalancer while removing emptyDir: {} part

Grafana LoadBalancer 3000: 32007 / TCP 74s
Prometheus ClusterIP             9090 / TCP 7m9s

When you access the URL, the Grafana screen is displayed, but you can not log in with the default user [admin], initial password [admin].
I checked the site several times, but I did not understand it. Please let me know if you understand. Thanks in advance.

grafana Images

mobile – Support Log in with Apple or nah?

With the announcement of this …

Logging in with Apple will be available for beta testing this summer. It will be required as an option for users in applications that support third-party login when commercially available later this year.

Will you be admitting this in your mobile applications or eliminating support for third-party logins?

How do I get my samsung galaxy s10 + to stop displaying my texts in my phone's call log?

Every time I send a text message to someone, the number to which I am sending a text message appears in my recent list of phone calls. How can I prevent this from happening? I just bought a new Samsung Galaxy S10 + and I can not imagine how to prevent this from happening.