terminal – iCloud Sync activity log

Trying to discover how the activity occurs while the iCloud files are being synchronized. The macOS console application displays messages from cloud, but nothing very useful:

enter the description of the image here

Activity Monitor is not displayed cloud or another process transferring a lot of information either.

I'm looking for log files in / var / log or ~ / Library / Logs, but can not find anything.

Is there a log file that could be used with tail To see the synchronization activity of iCloud in real time?

Log in to the pop-up menu even after the user has logged in

I am having this problem with Magento 2.3.0.
When the user logs into his account and adds products to the cart. Click on "Continue with payment", either on the cart page and in the Login / Register pop-up window. However, the user has already logged in. I disabled all my modules, tried different themes and it still happens.

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wordpress – Why is the path truncated / cut in the PHP error log?

I have a WordPress website that runs on Windows Server 2012 R2 through IIS and PHP 7.1.1. Everything works fine, except once or twice a day, the site returns a blank screen (HTTP 500) and the error log shows the following errors:

[17-Jan-2019 15:29:15 UTC]    PHP warning: require_once (D:  Webs  www.WebS): the transmission could not be opened: there is no such file or directory in D:  Webs  www.WebSite.com  wp-content  plugins  captcha  bws_menu  bws_include.php online 91
[17-Jan-2019 15:29:15 UTC] PHP fatal error: require_once (): Failed to open & # 39; D:  Webs  www.WebSite.com/wp-content/plugins/captcha/bws_menu/bws_functions.php' (include_path = & # 39;.; C:  php  pear & # 39;) at D:  Webs  www.WebSite.com  wp-content  plugins  captcha  bws_menu  bws_include.php on line 91

FYI – I have changed the path of D: Webs to show a fictitious website name.

Note that the path is cut off. Sometimes the road is cut in different places. Sometimes these are completely different files for completely different plugis. Sometimes they even complain about the WordPress kernel. The only coherent thing is that once this happens, the same route is the failure until you recycle the group of applications. When it happens again, it is a different file, but it complains about the same file until I recycle the application group.

What gives?

The only solution I have is to recycle the group of applications or configure IIS to be recycled automatically on a schedule. None of these solutions is good in the long term.

I must also bear in mind that this server has another 10 WordPress sites running. Each one has its own group of applications and it runs from its own folder. They have never, never had this problem.

In addition, the resources on the server are excellent. At higher traffic times, CPUs have less than 50% and there is less than 75% memory utilization. There are also many gigabytes of free disk space in the system volume, as well as the volume of data from which the site is running.

Do not respond with "do not run PHP or WordPress on Windows / IIS". That is not useful: I can not change the environment and I have to find the solution.

I have 100% control of the server environment and can debug / troubleshoot as needed. So, if there is any way to get more information, let me know!

Merge two distribution trees whose ranges can be overlapped by $ O ( log N) $

I have two trees $ A $ Y $ B $.

When each element in $ A $ is smaller than any element in $ B $, we can merge them into $ O ( log N) $.

My question is; when all the elements of $ A $ They are not necessarily smaller than all the elements of $ B $, How can we even merge? $ A $ Y $ B $ in $ O ( log N) $?

What I have already tried:

Bevel $ A $the largest element, $ B $The smallest element. The root $ R_A $ of $ A $ He no longer has an adequate son, and the root. $ R_B $ of $ B $ no longer has a left child Compare $ R_A $ Y $ R_B $. Yes $ R_B $ is greater than $ R_A $, do $ R_B $ the right son of $ R_A $, which fails when $ R_A $ It's bigger than $ R_B $.

Add-ons: How to configure the event log and send the verification by email and notification by SMS?

I do not have any knowledge about coding, and I have to create a landing page with the following characteristics:

  1. The user will be able to see all the events.
  2. The user can select the event that interests him.
  3. The user can select his preferred time.
  4. The user must complete his name, email identification and telephone number.
  5. A verification email will be sent to the user. After he verifies it, his seat will be reserved.
  6. An SMS will be sent to your phone to confirm your seat.
  7. If all seats are reserved, users will not be able to reserve for that particular event.

Is there a plugin that can help me with this?

Thank you

PHP-FPM error log locations | Web Hosting Talk

In the .user.ini file in the domain directory, set:

error_log = /home/username/logs/php_error.log

Make sure that the directory of records is there and can be written by the user. Then you can give access to only that directory.

PHP-FPM vs suPHP, php-fpm offers more performance than the reference points I've seen in the past, as well as the separation of web layers to their own processes, properties, etc. Also, if you use apache 2.4 and the MPM event, IIRC suphp does not work with the MPM and IMO event, which is the main reason for using Apache 2.4 on other web servers.

Log in putty

I am trying to access a secure shell (SSH) on a Linux host on GoDaddy.com. I installed putty as recommended. Enter the hostname and port = 22. Then a window appears and they ask me to log in. I enter that and then they ask for my password. When I press return after entering the password, the window disappears. It is as if he had left.

Keep in mind that I'm new to this kind of thing. Please, provide as much information as you can for clarity.

Google Play Store – Use of SMS permission groups or call log

I have this alert in my Play Store. Anyone has a solution.

Alert: this application will be affected by a policy change
This application will be affected by a change in Google Play policy that governs the use of SMS and CALL_LOG permissions. Applications that are not compatible can be removed from Google Play on January 9, 2019.

I removed the SMS and CALL_LOG permissions and updated the application. But I still have the same error. Please help.

Thank you!

Problems due to inability to log in to Binance

Are you encountering problems when registering with Binance? Are you in the process of resolving this error as soon as possible? If you do not know how to overcome this error, you can speak directly with the team of elite professionals by dialing Binance's attendance number at 1888-764-0492, which is active and is the accessible means to get rid of the errors shortly. time interval and users can get immediate results when connecting with the computer.

Not destroying cookies at log out

As a beginner pentester, I was pentesting one of our applications and found that the cookies were not getting destroyed when a user log outs. The cookies did come with an expiration time and date.

What I checked:

Without logging in, I tried to access the URL that lies behind the login, but I felt that HTTP request with the cookie that I had noted down before logging out. I was able to access the page as if I am a logged in user. Later, I tried the same URL with the same cookie, but after the expiry time of the cookie and as expected, the URL threw to 403 forbidden error. Is this a normal practice? Or should I ask the app owners to destroy the cookie as soon as the user logs out regardless of cookie's expiry date?