What is the lock ~. prefix for a file?

I have a notes directory on my system.
When I enter ls -A, I see my normal files, plus some files with the prefix .~lock. and ended with #

For example,

ls -A gives:

Compiling.odt      .~lock.Compiling.odt#
Environment.odt    .~lock.Scripting.odt#

What are these files and what is their purpose?

macos: How to disable long caps lock function on mac?

There is a function on the Mac keyboard, when the caps lock is pressed for a long time (1 second), the light turns on and changes the input method behavior, what I want is to disable this function totally, even press the lock capitalized for a long time, the light does not turn on and does not change other behavior, how to do this?

How do I unfreeze my iPhone 7 when it is stuck on the lock screen? What should I do?

My iPhone screen is completely frozen. I pressed the power button just to turn off my phone, but when it came back on it was still frozen, so I have no way of accessing my phone. emphasized text

How do I remove the need for the lock pattern on my LG8XThinQ?

In my settings in Lock Screen or Lock Pattern, I don't have the option "NONE". I have set a lock pattern and I must use it to unlock the lock screen and turn off the phone. I want to remove this I have searched everywhere and the solutions are not in the LG8X Thin Q. Thanks

sql server: help me understand this lock with snapshot isolation as default

I have been trying to find reasons why there will be a block like the following and how to better avoid it

We have connections coming from application servers, almost 1000 calls made per second for various stored processes

What I'm seeing from sp_whoisactive

Tell spid 123 it is currently shown running "proca" for the last 3 minutes, but has the open and suspended status tran 1

on top spid blocks another spid 456 purge job running alter table switch partition 10 to tablename
with wait_info as LCK-M-SCH-M

Why spid123 locks 456 when there is no common object level access inside them?

There is also a better way to run the purge job which in turn blocks as many processes (with LCK_M_X wait information) that access the same table that is purged (the table is partitioned and over 500GB)

lock: lock and page addresses do not match

Today I discovered the command DBCC PAGE(). I understand that it displays information about the data stored at the page level.

(This question is about SQL Server 2017 – v14.0)

So this is what I do:

  1. I want to get data from my called table user
  2. I access the page number and the file number of this table using DBCC IND()
DBCC IND('gescom', 'user', -1)
  1. The output of the above command is:
PageFID PagePID     IAMFID IAMPID      ObjectID    IndexID     PartitionNumber PartitionID          iam_chain_type       PageType IndexLevel NextPageFID NextPagePID PrevPageFID PrevPagePID
------- ----------- ------ ----------- ----------- ----------- --------------- -------------------- -------------------- -------- ---------- ----------- ----------- ----------- -----------
4       8           NULL   NULL        917578307   0           1               72057594043105280    In-row data          10       NULL       0           0           0           0
5       8           4      8           917578307   0           1               72057594043105280    In-row data          1        0          0           0           0           0
  1. I am looking for the data on the second line as it is the line with PageType = 1 (data page)
  2. Then I use the DBCC PAGE command with the following parameters: database = & # 39; gescom & # 39 ;, file num = 5, page num = 8, display option = 3
DBCC TRACEON(3604) -- Activate display trace
DBCC PAGE('gescom', 5, 8, 3)
  1. The result of the above command is (truncated result …):
Page @0x0000018E2D3D6000
Memory Dump @0x0000005DD33FA000

0000005DD33FA000:   01010000 08020001 00000000 00001400 00000000  ....................
0000005DD33FA014:   00000400 b1000000 8a1e3f03 08000000 05000000  ....±....?.........
0000005DD33FA028:   26000000 b00f0000 6b000000 2a100000 00000000  &...°...k...*.......
0000005DD33FA03C:   70954bd5 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000  pKÕ................
0000005DD33FA050:   00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 30001400  ................0...
0000005DD33FA064:   b6ec768b aadc3c49 9ef64911 a2bb0766 04000003  ¶ìvªÜ

So finally I try to update this data:


SET pseudo = 'newPseudo' 
WHERE email LIKE '%Mi%'

Then I want to see which address the lock has been set to, so I run the following query while not finishing the above transaction:

SELECT * FROM sys.dm_tran_locks

Here is the result (look at the lock_owner_address column):

resource_type                                                resource_subtype                                             resource_database_id resource_description                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             resource_associated_entity_id resource_lock_partition request_mode                                                 request_type                                                 request_status                                               request_reference_count request_lifetime request_session_id request_exec_context_id request_request_id request_owner_type                                           request_owner_id     request_owner_guid                   request_owner_lockspace_id       lock_owner_address
------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------- ---------------- ------------------ ----------------------- ------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------- ------------------------------------ -------------------------------- ------------------
DATABASE                                                                                                                  5                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     0                             0                       S                                                            LOCK                                                         GRANT                                                        1                       0                57                 0                       0                  SHARED_TRANSACTION_WORKSPACE                                 0                    00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 0x0000018E3B366130:0:0           0x0000018E36E1AE80
PAGE                                                                                                                      5                    5:8                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              72057594043105280             0                       IX                                                           LOCK                                                         GRANT                                                        0                       33554432         57                 0                       0                  TRANSACTION                                                  218160               00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 0x0000018E3B366130:1:1           0x0000018E2D61E380
OBJECT                                                                                                                    5                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     917578307                     0                       IX                                                           LOCK                                                         GRANT                                                        1                       33554432         57                 0                       0                  TRANSACTION                                                  218160               00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 0x0000018E3B366130:1:1           0x0000018E2D61D9C0

Here I can't understand why the object's lock address is different (= 0x0000018E2D61D9C0) from the address seen previously with the DBCC PAGE command (= 0000005DD33FA078)?

I see the page number matches: @0x0000018E2D3D6000 but I don't understand why the object's lock address doesn't match any address in the DBCC PAGE Outcome...

Please tell me where I am doing something wrong: |

Automatically change screen lock settings based on the geolocation of my laptop?

I bring my laptop back and forth between home and office.

I want to enable the screen lock while I am in the office and disable it while I am at home.

It would be like running a script every time the laptop is started / started. Then the script checks the location and runs another script accordingly.

Any program that can already do this?

customize touch bar to toggle caps lock and status?

I would like to move my Caps Lock functionality to the touch bar if possible. An on / off button, and a small status indicator that appears when CL is enabled … would also be awesome.

I doubt it's possible, but I thought about asking.

Thanks ~~

data recovery: how to remove pattern lock on a rooted Android phone?

My Xperia is running on the RR-16 operating system. I added a 6×6 unlock pattern, months ago I touched it, so I forgot the password.

Is there any way to eliminate pattern blocking through ADB? I also have TWRP recovery installed, so is it possible to delete the file that contains the password data?

Thanks in advance

Screen lock without using the Android 10 physical button

I'm looking for a good way to lock my phone's screen without using a physical button (the button is about to die, so I'm preserving it to turn on the phone).

I would like to lock the phone by moving or touching somewhere on the touch screen.

(I prefer that this can be done without using external applications, but if necessary, I prefer the free ones without ads).

The f-Droid FLock application seems like it would have been ideal, but it crashes before you even have the chance to try it ().