ios 13 – How does the "Search My" application work with changes to the location service in iOS 13?

I installed iOS 13 and gave a chance to Search for my application. The first question is the location service and I have chosen "When using the application". But what does this really mean? Does that mean I have to have the Find My application running all the time so people can see where I am? I am a little confused.

How to change the location of the & # 39; navigation panel & # 39; on the Sharepoint online team site

I currently have a team site in SP online, and I have seen another page where the navigation panel is located at the top of the site instead of the left side.

For example, I want to pass from this:
enter the description of the image here

and add / transform to this:

enter the description of the image here

Thanks in advance :]

geolocation – Estimated location – Exchange of information security stacks

First question, my apologies if it is in the wrong format. I'm new to WhatsApp and I'm not yet familiar with it and I didn't know who to ask.

I took a screenshot of a message sent to me on WhatsApp. At the bottom of the screenshot, it gave an estimated location with a map. This location was about 12 hours flight from the location they told us.

Does this mean they were in the estimated location?

I hope there is a logical explanation.

Maybe they searched Google for something in that area and that location came up when they sent me a message?

Please let me know what you think?

Thank you

enter the description of the image here

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php: about the MVC structure, the css and js location in it?

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gps: is there any way to track the location only during a small predefined time window?

You can use a combination of Macrodroid and GPS logger for Android to automate the registration process.

  • Still using Macrodroid, click Add macro.

  • On the Activators tab, select Date / Time Activator. Set the days and time the macro should run and stop the application. Click OK

  • On the Actions tab, in the Applications section, select Start application, select GPS logger. Select Exclude from recent applications.

  • On the Actions tab, in the specific Macrodroid section, select Wait before the next action, set it to 2-3 seconds.

  • On the Actions tab, in the Applications section, select User Interface Interaction. Grant the appropriate permission Go back select UI interaction, select Identify in the application. Open the GPS logger, click on the Macrodroid UI notifications in the status bar, then click on the Stop GPS logger button.

  • On the Actions tab, in the Device Actions section, select Press Back.

  • In the Actions tab, Applications section, select Delete background process, select GPS logger.

  • On the Restrictions tab, in the Device Status section, select Application running, grant the corresponding permission. Return to the macro, select Application running, select Live in background

  • Save the macro and name it. It will look like the image below.

  • The first macro starts the application on the selected days and time, while the second one stops it by pressing the Stop Registration button and then prevents it from running in the background on the selected days and times. Make sure that in step 5 of the second macro, Stop registration is selected and not Start registration. If, when you select Stop Registration, Start Registration is selected, then select Start Registration instead of Start Registration.

    windows: Task Scheduler does not run the bat file at the location of the bat file

    I am running a server and I intend to run a .bat file at startup. However, when it runs, you cannot read the files from their original location.

    Here is a better explanation:

    The .bat file runs "spigot.jar" (in the same folder) that the server will run.
    spigot.jar will verify eula.txt in the same file to perform some checks before starting the server.

    For the .bat file, I put the location of the file ("c: users …") and it runs correctly when I click on it.

    However, in the Task Scheduler when you run the .bat file it seems that you cannot access or read the eula.txt and it says "please read the eula.txt file and put it true"

    search engine – How to make a network folder remember its size and location

    I have two folders on my NAS that are shared between Mac. However, it seems that every time the search engine restarts or logs off, Mojave completely forgets its size and location when I open them again.

    Is there a way for the search engine to know where and what size the shared network folders should open?

    I found some publications on how to open new browser windows in a size / location (with which I have no problem) … but nothing on how to solve network folders.

    ios: upload photos, videos from iphone to ssh location?

    Is it possible to upload photos from iPhone to an ssh location on the local network?
    I have a local NAS configuration at home that runs plex that shares media with the rest of the family members. So I want to know if there is a way to upload photos and videos to an ssh location?

    applescript: the terminal is opened from the command line, bash is started and the same location as the original terminal was reached

    For example, I have a terminal (running / bin / bash) open in a given folder. Now what I want is when I write trm in the terminal, it will open another terminal in the same place where the first terminal was.

    In Myself .bash_aliases I'm doing like this

        /usr/bin/osascript << EOF
            set pwd_ashell to do shell script "echo '$pdir'" 
            tell application "Terminal" 
                do script "/bin/bash && cd "$pwd_ashell""
            end tell

    and establishing aliases like:

    alias trm='_openTerminal'

    Open a terminal but always end in the $HOME binder.