8 – address dependent location field is not displayed

drupal 8.8.2 address 8.x-1.7

The address module works because I can add an address to my content, however, I cannot display the "dependent location" field even when it is set to "no override" or "mandatory"

of the document I found: https://docs.drupalcommerce.org/commerce2/developer-guide/customers/addresses/countries-and-subdivisions

It shows a "suburb" field, which I suppose is this field. I was planning to use this to contain the "county"

Are there any dependencies I should verify to enable this field?

thanks for your time.

P.S. I wasn't sure how to label this question, I didn't see a label for modules or address

Google Chrome: I want to change the location on YouTube every visit

What I want is that every time you visit youtube.com instead of going to youtube.com, go to youtube.com/?gl=** where ** is a random country code or the next one in a list.

This would allow me to see the YouTube homepage of a different country each time I visit it to explore different cultures / tastes.

So, is there maybe a Chrome extension or another way to do this automatically?

System agnostic: how do I choose a location to play a board role game?

Board games tend to take a long time (usually several hours per session), they can be quite loud (it is quite difficult to be quiet with 4-6 people talking, acting and throwing dice) and often involve the use of small games , light objects (sheets of characters, dice, sometimes cards, etc.). Most of the time, several of these things are made of paper.

Therefore, any location you use for games must at least

  • Accommodate 4-6 people comfortably with the pieces you use for your game (this means seating, a table, food and drink availability, bathrooms, etc.)
  • Be tolerant that you stay for several hours
  • Be tolerant at least with a moderate amount of noise.
  • Not being exposed to the elements (strong wind and / or rain can really ruin a game)

Reviewing their examples, libraries are generally not a good idea due to noise. Coffee shops may be adequate if they let you stay so long and you are sitting indoors (or if you simply live in a very cozy climate). An internet cafe could certainly work. Game stores are often recommended because they are used to accommodating game groups and often have things like rule books, dice and people familiar with the games available if it turns out you need them, but, of course, any other place you can and can accommodate you works just as well.

Applications – Has the location provider not been verified in the self check?

I recently installed microg of this website on my Oneplus 7 Pro (the OS lineage didn't work, so I left it for now). I had to execute a terminal command to make the fake phones work, but in the self-test section I have an unchecked box in which I find it hard to find information.

"Sytem is compatible with the location provider: your system is not compatible with this unNlp package." etcetera etcetera.

I understand that you suggest the following "Install a matching package or a compatible Xposed module". Let's say I don't want to go to the xposed route (because I don't do it for now), what am I supposed to be looking for? ? I am not completely sure what a matching package would be. I have seen terminal corrections for when UnifiedNlp is not registered in the system, but the only other unchecked box in the self-test is "UnifiedNlp has no location to test the geocoder", which I thought did not really matter, but correct me if I am wrong and Both are related.

Does this also, for some reason, make Microg insecure to use? for some reason? Everything else works that I have tried.

machine learning: the purpose of tracking and predicting the location of the car in autonomous driving

I wonder the purpose of tracking and prediction for a car without a driver? I can know what it is Location for next time through many monitoring and prediction calculations. I wonder what the location is for the next time it is used. Thanks for your reply.

You cannot change the location where sharepoint online usage reports will be saved

We are using online sharepoint and from a document library we try to execute the report "Shared with external users" by clicking on the Run reports link located in Settings -> Site use. When you click on the Execute Reports link, a new page opens with "Choose a destination to save this report" along with an error "Something went wrong. We couldn't find & # 39; Documents & # 39;. Create a document library called Documents and try again. "
From the previous error message it is clear that the library called "Documents" does not exist. The problem is that there is no scanning option to select a new location.
Can anyone let us know where we can change the location? (changing the location of the Audit Log Reports in the Site Collection settings does not change the location of the Site usage report)enter the description of the image here

Subdomain: Do you use a domain, subdomain or subfolder to add a physical location to an existing content website?

We currently have a global photography website located at https://phmuseum.com. We will add a physical location, school space / events in Bologna, Italy this year. We will be targeting the services of this physical location primarily to local Italians, but also to a lesser extent to Europeans and worldwide.

We will create a microsite for reservations and promotion of this space in Italian and English.

What would be the best route to follow in terms of guidance and SEO to add this website to our current offer? In my view, there are some options or a combination of the following:

We could even be hyperlocal with https://phmuseumspace.bo.it

Any ideas, recommendations or suggestions would be welcome.

The purpose of tracking and taking pride in the location of the car in autonomous driving

I wonder the purpose of tracking and prediction for a car without a driver? I can know what it is Location for next time through many monitoring and prediction calculations. I wonder what the location is for the next time it is used. Thanks for your reply.

Can I get the user's GPS location of the image captured in the Android application? If yes, how?

I want to get the user's GPS location or GPS coordinates if the user uses the camera through my application and captures the image. Basically I am building an application where I need the user's location if I capture the image using the camera.

Command line program to display the contents of the memory location?

I want to inspect the memory. In Linux You can probably only navigate through /dev/mem, but how to see the system memory in a specific location on the Mac?