magento2 – Magento 2 – Install PWA in live server and set domain

I have and UKFast instance running Magento 2.4.2 with sample data and installed PWA Studio by following directions here:

Everything gets installed following those directions.

But, I cannot find any directions on how to use this on a live server. After following the above instructions all I get is this URL (like below):


And clicking that does not get anything in my browser.

I even tried following:

But I can’t tell if I am supposed to follow those directions instead of the other directions or in addition to those directions. If I follow them in addition to it just installs it in another PWA directory.

I can’t find anything that will tell me how to view this live using my domain name. All of the setup to view the site/pwa is not clear at all. Even sites like Nexcess, Webkul and CedCommerce that have PWA articles have been no help and just seem to repeat the same directions.

Can someone offer instructions on how to see this live? There has to be something/someone that has had success and good directions on how to get this implemented and working with a live site.

Thanks in advance.

Deposy Live –

I am not the admin or the owner of the project!
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Apr 14, 2021
Plans: Starter ($ 10-250): 1.2 % per day for 10 days, deposit at the end;
Basic ($ 25-1000): 1.5 % per day for 15 days, deposit at the end;
Business (600-5000 $): 1.8 % per day for 20 days, deposit at the end;
Capital (1000-10000 $): 2.1 % per day for 25 days, deposit at the end;
The project pays instantly.
Minimum withdrawal amount: $ 0.1 for fiat / $ 10 for cryptocurrencies.
Accepts: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin.

Ref 5%

Registrar NameCheap show whois
Period Mar 17, 2021 – Mar 17, 2022 Registered for 1 year
Script GoldCoders LICENSED
HostingDDOS-Guard (71 paying HYIPs)
IP-address (Belize / Belize City)
IP not used in other projects
NS servers,,,,,
Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA valid from 25 Mar, 2021 to 26 Mar, 2022 – Sectigo Limited


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Duplicating live theme for a development theme to preview

I normally develop on Shopify. It allows me to duplicate the live theme and then develop in it – then preview that for approvals to add into the live theme. It’s been a few years since developing in WordPress. I’m now needing to customize and existing WordPress build. I’m an experienced Front-End dev and understand the WordPress file structure. What is the standard practice for most devs now in this platform? Is there a plugin that’s pretty standard for duplicating out a live theme to have a development one? Or, is everyone just copying the live theme directory locally, renaming the info in the style file and then uploading that? Thanks in advance everyone.

Is there a way to view Windows 10 battery percentage live (or at a specified interval) on my android device?

I keep my lap on charge on a different room while downloading, I want to make sure that I don’t over charge it.
Basically it would be more convenient to view and control our windows device from android remotely can you recommend any free application for that.
scrcpy using adb is a great feature for viewing and controlling android device from pc, I wonder if there is any such method for viewing and controlling windows from android without any software.

video streaming – How can I efficiently live stream from multiple cameras to individual streams?

I have a base of low-tech volunteers out there that are wanting to live stream events – simple stuff. They’ve worked out OBS and a Go Pro to stream to YouTube, no worries.

We want to have multiple simultaneous streams – multiple cameras connected to one laptop that provide coverage of different parts of the event. NOT multiple cameras feeding one stream, not one camera to multiple platforms, multiple cameras to multiple streams on the one platform.

The obvious basic solution is to have each camera on its own laptop (or run multiple instances of OBS) with their own stream. This is not an option.

On the other side of the equation I want to embed viewers into our website, I’m hoping the solution to the above will allow me to simply put an html5 player in for each stream to have multiple on the page.

Bonus segment: if I can get it to come to the website via a mixer (so I can overlay data from our database on the stream easily) I’d be very happy.

Google has a bajillion hits on streaming to multiple platforms from one camera, or using multiple cameras in an OBS scene, or reviews on streaming services like Netflix (because that’s obviously the same thing, right…). I found one or two articles about ffmpeg that were highly technical and way beyond the ability of the people at an event. Has anyone succeeded in achieving what I’m after? I really don’t care who the intermediate streaming service is as long as I can embed the stream on our site.

Live install of centos 7 on a USB

I have been unable to find a method to make a live install of CENTOS 7 on my USB, I have tried other posts on this forum but they point to links that don’t exist has this feature been removed.

Live TV Channel Broadcasting Script PHP | NulledTeam UnderGround

Live Tv (StreamZon) is a responsive live channel and streaming CMS script. This CMS includes almost everything you need to create a live streaming and video sharing business website. Viewers can view any channel with one click and no need to register .. Plus, the back-end has many amazing features that are essential for a professional and good live TV channel or website. Almost all kinds of tasks can be performed using the…

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Create Live Streaming server

I want create Streaming server, i have more than 100K online users.
this is the first time that i will use servers for Streaming, so i want… | Read the rest of

Live Chat Unlimited

Admin submitted a new resource:

Live Chat Unlimited – Live Chat Unlimited

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Version 2.5.0 – 31 January 2018

  • + Archive chat
  • + Delete chat
  • + Re-join chat when its closed
  • + Online/offline buttons for operators
  • + Now you can set response times by online/offline status
  • + Shows…

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There’s a new Neue Ankünfte model (no pun intended) releasing this summer as we bring you a first look at the New Balance 920. The new silhouette from the runner brand is inspired from both the 900 series as well as the 1000 series. Part of their Made In The UK series, the New Balance 920 takes on a mesh, suede, and nubuck construction all over the upper with embroidered “920” branding on the heels, ENCAP midsoles, and reflective “N” logos on the side panels.
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