centos7 – Linux command line starting with username@shadow:

When I log into a linux server, normally I see command line starting with username@servername. Recently, I’ve noticed it is changed to username@shadow. I tried to google but I couldn’t find any information. Could some one please help? Thank you in advance.

root@servername:/devops VS.

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linux – How would I rsync from SRC to DEST, verify the DEST file, then delete the SRC file? (rcursively)

I have two directories in a bash script held by these two variables



How would I do a rsync

  1. copying files from $SRC/ to $DEST/,
  2. Verifying that the $DEST/* files match the $SRC/ files (best match available , however slow)
  3. and then delete the $SRC/ file?

Everything I google gives an example of doing an rsync and then deleting the DEST file.

I do not understand this, why would do an rsync to a destination directory, and then delete it?

do a google search and see what I mean.

linux – Boot from USB does not work although it is bootable

I want to install Linux on my Windows 10 tablet (Chiligreen E-Board MW065, 1 GB RAM, 8 inch display), so I created 2 bootable USB flash drives, one with Lubuntu 64-bit and one with Zorin OS Lite 32-bit.

I can boot from them on a PC, but when I try to boot from them on my tablet, it does not work. When I select “Boot Override” in the UEFI and select the USB, the display becomes dark for half a second and then shows the boot menu again (see this video). A change in the boot priority order does not change anything as well.

I hope you can help me!

“Legacy boot” is enabled and “Secure boot” is disabled.

linux – Create webmail for redirected subdomain in Plesk

I have a managed server, where my domain is located. Now I would like to set a separate webpage and webmail in a root server(Linux) in Plesk. I have Microsoft as webmail for my domain in my managed server, and here in Plesk, I am using Horde webmail. As I was checking other similar problems it should be possible to have separate webmail for one domain on a different server.
I did all the steps based on the Plesk tutorial, but I do not have any webmail page for example.domain.com
When I am checking the provided log information in Plesk it says that the email is sent but I can not receive any email.
some line of response example If I use this code ” grep example.domain.com /var/log/maillog” is listed below.
I appreciate it if anyone can help write me. If you need more information please let me know.

Jan 22 10:51:23 username postfix/cleanup(6661): 2…2F….82: message-id=<2021012 2105123.2…2F….82@example.domain.com>

Jan 22 10:51:23 username postfix/cleanup(6661): 3….F0….1: message-id=<2021012 2105123.2…2F….82@example.domain.com>

Jan 22 10:51:23 username amavis(23473): (23..3-04) Passed CLEAN {RelayedInbound} , (AA.AAA.AAA.AAA) (AA.AAA.AAA.AAA) domain@domain.com -> <user@gma il.com>, Message-ID: 20210122105123.2…2F….82@example.domain.com, mail_id: e -1….9_VLM, Hits: 2.495, size: 426, queued_as: 3….F0….1, 223 ms

linux – Upgrading OpenSSH, new version not “active”

I need to upgrade openSSH to version >8.1 on a custom linux distro (looks like RHL derivative).

I downloaded the sources and built a rpm locally (Ubuntu 20).

On the custom linux distro I perform:

root@custom ( ~ )# rpm -ivf /root/pack/openssh-8p4.cl.x86_64.rpm 
Verifying packages...
Preparing packages...

However, when I check for the version, I see the old version:

 root@custom ( ~ )# ssh -V
 OpenSSH_7.8p1, OpenSSL 1.0.2v-fips  5 May 2020

Reboot of the system or sshd does not help.

Any suggestions?

20.04 – LDAC/APTX support on Linux?

I just discovered that “pulseaudio-module-bt” will not be supported anymore and will be deprecated.

Are there any stable software solutions I can use to play LDAC/APTX as of now and in the close future (for 20.04~21.04)?

linux – I’ve created a bootable Windows 10 USB Drive, but my desktop will not load it

I followed a tutorial online to create a bootable Windows 10 USB drive on Linux, but it does not boot when I choose it from the boot menu. I’ve been waiting for a while, hoping it just had to load, but it’s been almost 20 minutes, and basically nothing is happening. I am using a desktop pc, and the BIOS is “MSI CLICK BIOS 5” (not sure if that matters). Also, would it change anything if it’s plugged into a USB 3.0 instead of a USB 2.0 slot?

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networking – Can’t connect to Windows 10 thru SSH or Netcat from Linux

I have installed ‘OpenSSH SSH Server’ on Windows 10 machine, and I’m trying to connect from Kali Linux machine but I always get “ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out”

Same thing with netcat. I go on Windows 10: ncat -nlvp 2900 and on
Kali: nc 2900 and after 3-4min I get: “(UNKNOWN) ( 2900 (?) : Connection timed out”
I have no problem connecting from WIN10 to Kali whatsoever.
I’ve had a success connecting to windows10 from Kali thru Ngrok, but now that doesn’t work either.
I’ve been fighting with this for days now, I run out of ideas…
What else I can do, how to make this connection work?