SEO 2020: current guidelines for website positioning: audit + recommendation for $ 9

SEO 2020 – current guidelines for website positioning – audit + recommendation


Understanding the source is the basis for diagnosing each problem. All sense of qualitative positioning, according to Google and Bing guidelines, is a proper evaluation of the website. Website optimization is the most important activity that directly affects the position of a website in search engines. It is impossible to position yourself effectively without detailed website optimization. The site audit is aimed at people who already have a website and want to optimize it for users and search engines, as well as people who are about to submit a website to search engines. Reporting from the optimized website will significantly increase your chances of getting started.


11 years of results-backed business experience means we have a lot to offer. When starting the adventure with e-commerce or another sales model, each entrepreneur will strive to optimize costs and make profits. Many new companies that enter the busy market fail and close their businesses. There are many reasons for companies to fail. Excessive investment, incorrect selection of advertising media, lack of financial control of the company or overestimation of the company's income assumptions. It does not matter if you create a company or if you want to optimize it, we can significantly improve its profitability.


As part of the service, I will analyze your page or subpage. If you don't have a website yet, I'll tell you how your project should start. You will receive from me a full report from which you will learn what you need to change to make your website or business more successful.


seo – Do "noopener noreferrer" links count as backlinks?

Worry … because your links don't use nofollow

I personally would be more concerned with the fact that they don't use rel="nofollow", paid links must use nofollow; otherwise you will feel the wrath of Google & # 39; s Penguin.

Google Search Console is not in real time

It may take several weeks or months for Google Search Console to update the data within your Dashboard, particularly backlinks.

Google doesn't reveal all the links to its sites … on purpose.

The information provided in the links area of ​​the dashboard is just a snippet from your actual link profile, Google deliberately doesn't show all backlinks for a reason and more. Small sites with fewer links will show fewer links than a large site with many links.

Backlinks take time … to be discovered

Often, paid links will appear on sites with thousands or hundreds of thousands of pages, and unless your paid link is on the front page, it can take several weeks, even months, and on some massive sites without authority, never.

What is nofollow? noreferrer? and not operate?

Below you can find various sources with information that will help you understand what each attribute does.

Source: Use rel = "nofollow" for specific links

In general, we do not follow them. This means that Google does not
transfer PageRank or anchor text through these links. Essentially,
The use of nofollow makes us remove the destination links from our
web graphic. However, landing pages may still appear on our
index if other sites link to them without using nofollow, or if the
URLs are submitted to Google on a Sitemap. Furthermore, it is important
Please note that other search engines may handle nofollow slightly
different paths.

Source: What is the difference between the "nofollow" link and the "noreferrer" from the SEO perspective?

The difference is that, in theory, rel="noreferrer" should not have
any SEO impact, while nofollow clearly specifies that the link does
do not in any way endorse the destination URL.

nofollow was invented by Google in 2005 to fight
comment spam on blogs, any URL that appears in the comments section
Do not pass PR to the destination web page.

rel="noreferrer" mainly affects analytics, how did this visit come about?
To this page? where does it come from noreferrer specify hide that
type of information

said In theory because currently there is no official
documentation explicitly indicating the use noreferral would do
change anything in terms of SEO, but it shouldn't.

Source: open external anchors using rel = "noopener"

When your page links to another page using target = "_ blank", the new
The page runs in the same process as your page. If the new page is
By running expensive JavaScript, your page performance can also

In addition to this, target = "_ blank" is also a security vulnerability. the
the new page has access to its window object through window.opener, and
you can navigate your page to a different URL using window.opener.location
= newURL.

You can find more information about these link attributes in Template Toaster

magento2.2.2 – Add custom menu links only to mobile menu layout

I am using Magento 2.2.2 and I am trying to add some custom menu links to magento in the mobile menu layout.

I tried adding a custom block with menu links referring to catalog.topnav to block




  • About Us
  • After doing so, the menu links are added to the navigation menu bar. And I'm using custom CSS to hide those menus from the desktop layout. Only in mobile design am I showing it.

    The problem is that the menu links must be present in the navigation menu bar so that they also show up in the mobile layout. But I wanted to render my custom menu links only in the mobile menu layout.

    How can I do it? Please suggest some approach.

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    The links on the page do not work

    I'm sure you have answered this many times @Sven, but the links on the page I have specified at most 25, and yet I see that all my links are on pages with hundreds of links or more …
    Is there a reason for this and can we improve the accuracy?

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