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html – Best SEO-friendly approach for icon links?

I’m having trouble finding info on this. I’d like to know what is the best way to markup icon links so Search Engines can make sense of it. Google’s validator tools seem to ignore title attributes.

The following are 2 cases for icon link formatting I tend to use (be it in breadcrumbs or in other navigation elements)—using CSS ::pseudo element on a <span> or <i> tag, or styling a character by applying the @font-face icon font to it.

I also started implementing JSON-LD in my project, so for things like breadcrumbs, setting the "ListItem" "name" seems to tell Google what the name of the link is—at least the validator recognizes it in the JSON-LD code. When combined with RDFa or other Microdata, Google did not recognize the name without a hack, so I’m sticking to just JSON-LD for now.

I’m not sure about other search engines, as well as best general practices when using icons for links, and if using JSON-LD makes the HTML markup irrelevant.

Case 1: CSS Pseudo Element

<ol id="breadcrumbs">
    <li><a href="/" title="Home"><span class="icon-home"></span></a>&nbsp; &gt;</li>
    <li><a href="/collection-page/" id="collection-page">Collection Page</a>&nbsp; &gt; </li>
    <li><span class="current-page">Current Page</span></li>
    .icon-home::before { font-family:'my-icon-font'; }

Case 2: A character being directly styled

<ol id="breadcrumbs">
    <li><a class="b-home" href="/" title="Home">H</a>&nbsp; &gt;</li>
    <li><a href="/collection-page/" id="collection-page">Collection Page</a>&nbsp; &gt; </li>
    <li><span class="current-page">Current Page</span></li>
    .b-home { font-family:'my-icon-font'; }


<script type="application/ld+json">
        "@context": "",
        "@type": "BreadcrumbList",
        "@id": "",
        "itemListElement": (
                "@type": "ListItem",
                "position": 1,
                "name": "Home",
                "item": ""
                "@type": "ListItem",
                "position": 2,
                "name": "Collection Page",
                "item": ""
                "@type": "ListItem",
                "position": 3,
                "name": "Current Page"

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wordpress – Suspicious php links found on cPanel visitors

I am facing a problem with my WordPress site. Number of visitors try to access a page that doesn’t even exist on my site. It keeps generating every minute with different random php links from different ip. I installed wordfence but those pages are not showing on wordfence traffic. By facing this my site bandwidth increasing hugely.

Please refer this screenshot.

I also facing number of ip try to access my wp-login page and xmlrpc page as well.

I don’t know where this came from and how to solve.

navigation – The “is-active” class is added to the main-menu links only when the site is accessed by an anonymous user

I use this simple template (menu–main.html.twig) to render the main menu I created.

    {% for item in items %}
        {{ link(item.title, item.url) }}
        {% if item.below is not empty %}
            <div class='submenu'>
                {% for subitem in item.below %}
                    {{ link(subitem.title, subitem.url) }}
                {% endfor %}
        {% endif %}
    {% endfor %}

Drupal is nice enough to add an is-active class to the currently active link, which is good and worked fine for a bit.

Recently, it stopped working properly and I have no idea why. Currently it is only applying an is-active class to the menu links when I am not logged in. When I log in, there is only a menu link that gets that class applied to it when active.

The menu links are identical, apart title and destination on the Edit Menu Link menu, so I’m very confused.

Can anybody offer suggestions for things to try to help solve this problem?

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I Will write and publish 5 EDU guest posts da 90 plus with do follow links

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permalinks – WordPress auto generates small medium and large of an image on upload, how can we guess their links?

WordPress out of the box has an integrated image sizes system, which creates files ( thumbnail, S, M, L) but in the media library, it only shows one original file size link.

Let’s say, I upload a file named pretty-cat.jpg and I want to use a medium-size image which is around 700px and I know WordPress has it in its images folder but for that, I have to navigate to that folder to find the name of the file.

There should be an option to copy a medium image link in the media library or there should be some logic attached to it like if I want a medium-size Image I would simply type /pretty-cat-medium.jpg.

how can I send multiple links in a piece of article?

There is in the preview, but this is not what I want.
I added 5 different URLs to the project, but here he posted the same one