url shorteners – Using shortened URLs instead of direct links on media hosting – will this affect site performance?

I’m working on a site project right now and I have a ton of image assets that are hosted on firebase storage – which is effectively a CDN hosting media on SSD’s globally.

When referencing the media on the site, however, I can use the firebase link directly to the image asset or, I figured, can go through a link shortener like bit.ly or branch.io (the firm uses this for link shortening) which would allow me to update the images later without having to update the website but instead just update the link the shortened one is pointing at.

I’m wondering though if there is any issue with doing this? I think uptime and latency is possible?

Any other issues?

Is this a really bad idea too?

Should I use URL encoding for doi links, or does it matter?

I summarize research articles of interest to my readers, for example at https://www.ptsdexams.net/disability-exams-research.html .

I usually include the Digital Object Identifier (doi), either by itself, e.g., doi:10.1007/s12207-019-09367-5 or as a link, e.g., https://doi.org/doi:10.1007/s12207-019-09367-5.

I noticed today that a link contained unusual characters (for a doi link), that I learned is URL encoding to a valid ASCII format, specifically %2F instead of a forward slash (/).

I also noticed that if I use the URL without the URL encoding, it still works, although Chrome converted the URL, as did Microsoft Edge.


Firefox and Opera did not convert the URL, although either URL worked on those browsers.

It seems to my less-knowledgeable mind that it does not make a difference which URL I use on my website, but I want to ask the experts to make sure. Thus, my question: Should I use URL encoding for doi links, or does it matter?


(1) I did search for other posts about this topic. The two most similar posts were How to remove %2F from the URL? and How to get rid of crawling errors due to the URL Encoded Slashes (%2F) problem in Apache

(2) Browser versions I used:

Chrome 84.0.4147.125 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Microsoft Edge 84.0.522.59 (Official build) (64-bit)

Firefox 79.0 (64-bit)

Opera 70.0.3728.106

links – How to add an exiting linked OneNote file as a tab in Teams?

I setup a Microsoft Teams page with a tab that has a OneNote file. I need to create 6 more Teams, with completely different users, but they’ll also need to see this OneNote file. That way, if I edit the OneNote document in one Team, changes are made across all Teams. When I click “+” to add a tab, and choose the OneNote app, it doesn’t give me an option to choose an exiting file. How can I setup multiple Microsoft Teams to point to a single OneNote file?

configuration – Drupal 8 administration menu links are incorrect

I installed drupal 8 using composer, which installed at location /var/www/html/drupal8/web. I updated apache root directory to this location, which allows me to access the site at mysite.com (rather than mysite.com/drupal8/web). However, when I login to the admin console of drupal, none of the admin links work, such as content, structure, configuration, etc. All of these links are trying to use mysite.com/drupal8/web/…. which no longer works. Removing “drupal8/web” will allow me to access the associated sections of the site. Content on the site works correctly, but I’m unsure how to correct the administration links. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I get a lot of impressions but a few clicked links! Any advice?

This is my twitter : https://twitter.com/Frontendor_

My latest tweet > 18k impressions but 80 link clicks :(

if you have feedback on how to improve links click, let me know plz

magento 1 links with error

Good night my friends. Shaking the customer’s store for a while and suddenly the magento 1 links stopped being redirected. I was currently working on css. This occurs in the products and categories of the menu. they would know how to get along with me

enter image description here

which is better text links or graphical links for seo? – SEO Help (General Chat)

Text links hold more SEO value than image links. Putting text beneath an image and linking both is a good alternative to linking an image with embedded text. Don’t replace image links with text links if this will compromise the user experience. Make sure important pages don’t only have image backlinks.

dvd burning – Write optical disk with symbolic links intact

I’m wanting to write a blu-ray of some files that contains symbolic links (created using ln -s). The files contain both the symlinks and the targets of the symlinks.

When I write the disk using Mac OS’ built-in Burn utility, the symbolic links don’t work. For example, if I double click on the symbolic link for a jpg in Finder, I get a message:

The operation can’t be completed because the original item for “0002_24000796230.jpg” can’t be found.

If I try to do an ls of the file from the command line, I get:

ls: /Volumes/(media-path)/0002_24000796230.jpg: Unknown error: 10000

Is there an approach to get symbolic links working on an optical disk?

I’m aware that Rock Ridge extensions might be able to do it, but not sure of specifics.

I’m familiar with hdiutil being used to create images and burn disks, but not sure of specifics that would allow symlinks to work.

links – Relation between a page Click-Through Rate and the average number of clicks necessary to reach it from any other page of the site

In Search Engine Optimization: Comparison of Link Building and Social Sharing (Sonya Zhang & Neal Cabage, 2016) I found a troubling id est relation:

Using well-structured pages including sections and categories, self-documenting semantic URLs, well-selected internal linking and keywords, and effective navigation can get a user to any page of the site with fewer clicks, i.e., high click-through rates (CTRs).

This point is not further developed in the rest of the paper, and my question is: In which way the fact that a page is accessible in few clicks is equivalent to the page having a high CTR ?

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