Can anyone give any insight into this command? I believe it’s linked to an JSON-RPC API

Sorry for possibly asking a daft question but during some research I’ve come across the following command:

  • GetBitcoin

Can anyone provide some context for this and how it would be used?

insert trigger in sql server to linked oracle

i have created a linked server to oracle in sql server and i want to write one trigger on table in sql server to insert the data into oracle table. For example the table a is in sql server and table b is on oracle. If i insert record in table a the values needs to be copied or inserted into table b of Oracle.
both the tables have same structure

table a
id varchar2(10);
name varchar2(10);

table b
id varchar2(10);
name varchar2(10);

cors – WordPress: console errors from web sites I have linked to

On this one page of my site,

I have hundreds of console errors that are coming from sites I have linked to in the posts displayed on the page. Security errors, iframe warning, font warnings etc.

I know what to do if these were errors on my site, but why am I getting errors about content that is not even on my site, but is on someone else’s that I have just hyperlinked to?

I have never seen anything like this before.

8 – How do I create linked nodes without user intervention?

Suppose I have a cooking website where users can create Recipe nodes for Food nodes. For example, you might have a Cake node, and users should see an Add Recipe button which takes them node/add/recipe except that the newly created Recipe node will have a reference to the parent Food node.

I’ve added a Content type Entity Reference to to the Recipe node, which works fine. For programmatically generating the link I’m a bit lost though. I initially looked at using the Rules but it’s still in alpha, and from the description it looks like I’d probably want to use the Rules Link module as well, but it doesn’t have a version for 8.x at all.

Then I started looking at hook_ENTITY_TYPE_create, which is my current best guess for how to achieve the desired behaviour, but that still leaves me with some questions about what the best approach is;

  1. How / Where do I capture the node reference when all I’m given is the EntityInterface type?
  2. What is a mechanism for passing information about the reference/parent node to hook_ENTITY_TYPE_create so that I can even know which reference to store?
  3. How do I create links or buttons on the parent Food node that cause such information to be passed on to the hook?
  4. Lastly, is this even the best approach, or am I missing a way that doesn’t involve writing code?

I don’t think I need any hand-holding or code, but I’d be very grateful for some pointers in the right direction for each of the above points from a veteran.

8 – How to create a ‘button’ which is linked to a Media Document with custom Link text?

I am trying to create the ability for a content editor to add a button to an entity which links to a Media Document. Essentially the requirements are that we can upload a file and that file is reusable so we don’t have to upload every time and the text on the button is customisable.

Currently when I add a media reference field it just outputs the file as a download link using the Filename as the link text. I was hoping to be able to use something like Linkit but this just works in the WYSIWYG at the moment and also Linkit doesn’t allow you to add the file within the same node form.

An interface like the link module would be fantastic. Where we could select the file in the URL field and then set the link text below.

Link Module

Is there anything which currently exists to do this? or maybe could someone point me in the right direction to code something that works this way? Possibly I could add an accompanying field to the below widget where you can leverage the media library whilst allowing for custom ‘link text’.

enter image description here

Mapping logins to linked servers for migration

My team is migrating a SQL 2012 server with an extensive list of linked servers to SQL 2016. My task is to script the creation of linked servers on the new server.

It looks like I have all the information I need to create the script in sys.servers but am having trouble finding where local logins are mapped to the linked servers.

How to unlink all the linked contacts in bulk?

I know how to unlink a single contact. But is there a way to unlink all the linked contacts in bulk, either programmatic or manual.

Thank you.

Run sp_blitz stored procedure on linked server

I am trying to run the scripts provided here on linked server.

I can see that the @OutputServerName is not functional yet.

My task is to run the script on a linked server and all the data from other servers must be written into a single server.

Thanks in advance.

forms – Widget Access not linked to NodeAccessControlHandler->checkFieldAccess

I have created a custom widget for a paragraph type (my_parag_type).

The parents of any my_parag_type are always a Node ($node->field_my_parag)

I have also extended NodeAccessControlHandler for my Nodes and, by this, the the field $node->field_my_parag can be edited only by some roles. I have done this by implementing MyCustomNodeAccessControlHandler::checkFieldAccess.

If I use the regular paragraph widget, everything is fine: only the allowed roles can see the widget.

If I use my custom widget, everybody can see/edit it, which is bad.

Important Note:

My widget, which is working well except this, doesn’t extends widgetBase for numerous reasons; it extends PluginSettingsBase (But it does implement WidgetInterface)

My question is: where Drupal is checking the field accesses to display a widget. I haven’t see any access stuff in the widgetBase class.