2013 – Can I create a link that configures the "Alérteme" options?

I know how to create a link to the "Alert me" function of a library (the dialog box is opened as if the user had clicked on "Set Alert in this library" on the Library tab of the Tape.) Is there any way to create This link? To change some of the default options? Specifically, I would like the alert to be activated in "Somebody changes an item that appears in the following view:" with a specific view selected It would also be nice to customize the Alert Title and such Once you specify the exchange rate.

My environment is currently using SharePoint 2013. I do not have access to SharePoint Designer. I have site owner permissions for the subsite that hosts the library.

How do I create a button that acts as a link?

Hello friends,

How do I create a button that acts as a link?

gurps – Modular skills: if Link can not connect a disadvantage with an advantage, how can they be associated?

I want to run a superhero game with modular abilities that unleash thematic disadvantages. For example, the advantage "Flight"would cause the disadvantage"Cowardice"; the advantage "Resistance to damage"would cause the disadvantage"Crazed"; the advantage "Telecommunications (Telesend)"would cause the disadvantage"Veracity"; the advantage "Invisibility"would cause the disadvantage"Kleptomania. "

On page 106 I see that "Link" is meant to link multiple advantages. Therefore, I need a rule to link a disadvantage with an advantage. One approach might be to simply observe that the two effects always go together and deduct the disadvantage points from the advantage. Therefore, Telesend with Veracity would be 30-5 points for a total of 25 points. However, I suspect that GURPS already has a canonical way of doing this.

html: creation of a direct link to access the document in the shared folder (Office 365 / shrepoint)

I need a way to access access to the next file with a single click.


I have a link to access the sharepoint subfolder that contains the file in the following format:


If you access the file link without first entering the folder, sharepoint will request the login credentials.

I need a one-click form to access the file.

What I learned so far

-> HTTP 301 moved permanently
-> redirects to the following

https://WEBSITE_NAME.sharepoint.com/_layouts/15/guestaccess.aspx? and
-> HTTP 302 found
-> set FedAuth cookie
-> redirects to the following

-> returns list of files in shared folder
-> The file I want to access is present in the list but
-> Access / download of this file is not easy to use on mobile devices

I tried to create a hidden iframe on a website to load the required FedAuth cookie and then redirect the page to the desired file, but I had problems with "cross-source resources"

Any suggestions or maybe even a way to create an access point link that gets the cookie and redirects it to the desired file?

I'm doing this side of the client on an iPhone. I do not have any access to sharepoint permissions.

Add button to an external link on the product description page – woocommerce

You can do it with CSS, just have your link button with a class:

Link button

And then add some CSS to that class.

button {
background color: # 4CAF50;
border: none;
White color;
Fill: 15px 32px;
text-align: center;
text-decoration: none;
screen: online block;
Font size: 16px;
margin: 4px 2px;
cursor: pointer;

You will end with something that links this.

preview of the button

How to add CSS in case you do not know.

url – Unable to share the link on Facebook

I try to share or add my URL on the Facebook page about us, but it says "The URL of the site you provided is not valid. Please enter a correct URL and try again.

Then I try to debug the Facebook URL of My Website in Facebook Debugger to share. IT says that "We can not review this website because the content does not meet our community standards, if you think this is a mistake, let us know."

enter the description of the image here

What to do?

How do you create a link that will connect to another web page when it is clicked?

Hello friends,

How do you create a link that will connect to another web page when it is clicked?

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8 – Remove the comment link from the teaser node

firstdirty road In the template links - node.html.twig change this line {% - for key, element in links -%} to {% - for key, element in links if key! = & # 39; comment-add & # 39; and key! = & # 39; comment-forbidden & # 39; -%}. This is to remove the link & # 39; comment-add & # 39; and & # 39; comment-forbidden & # 39; If you also want to delete the number of links, add the line with and key! = & # 39; comment-comments & # 39;. A simpler way to achieve this is to replace all Yess with yes & # 39; comment & # 39; it is not in code. The twig is inside.

The second is the most correct way The point is in using the hook. hook_node_links_alter(Doc). This link will alter the behavior of node links. There is a basic module of comments. It really is worth looking if you want to know how the node comment works. Requires knowledge of drupal module 8. The service responsible for node comment links is comment.link_builder and defined in core / modules / comment / comment.services.yml. And while watching core / modules / comment / src / CommentLinkBuilder.php You may find that you add different links to represent the matrix and all the logic. So the comment is just a module. So let's go back to the hook. Alter the links of the nodes and add comment links. So you need to delete it again. To do this you can define your own module to create a hook. In the module directory you need to create Modulo.module file and place the following code there:

use Drupal  node  NodeInterface;

function kapusta_node_links_alter (array & $ links, NodeInterface $ node, array & $ context) {
unset ($ links['comment__comment']);

Nothing special here, just implementing hook_node_links_alter. The comment link is removed.

The third The road is more elegant but needs more work. It is based on similar things as the second form. The point is to rewrite the service. core / modules / comment / src / CommentLinkBuilder.php. For this you need to define your own module. Next, you will create a service with the name similar to CommentLinkBuilder.php. The symfony (drupal framework being used) will rewrite the service from the comments module. And you will get your benefit. So, first, duplicate the service. For this you create MODULE.services.yml in your modules folder. The content of the file is the following:

class: Drupal  kapusta  CommentLinkBuilder
arguments: ['@current_user', '@comment.manager', '@module_handler', '@string_translation', '@entity.manager']

Where do I get this? Since core / modules / comment / comment.services.yml. I just replaced the class with mine. Then you create that class. You will get the file modules / custom / kapusta / src / CommentLinkBuilder.php With the following content:

<? php

Drupal  Kapusta namespace;

use Drupal  comment  CommentLinkBuilder as Base;
use Drupal  Core  Entity  FieldableEntityInterface;

the CommentLinkBuilder class extends Base {
public function buildCommentedEntityLinks (FieldableEntityInterface $ entity, array, and $ context) {
he came back [];

& # 39; kapusta` is my module name. That is all.

How did I find it? I cleaned variables on the twig. {% - for key, element in links -%}. I discovered the value of key in each iteration. I was commentary-* Keys on which I wrote at the beginning. Then I look for the project files by add comment and found CommentLinkBuilder. With xdebug I got to the hook. Then I realize that it is a simple module. I hope this helps.

Resolved – Clicking on the subforum link | Promotion Forum

That is the default behavior. If you click on the name of the category, it will take you directly to the category on the index page of the forum. Virtually all forums programs that have existed for years, have that default feature.