python – Divide a long line of json file into multiple lines

I'm trying to figure out how to split a JSON file from one line into a multiliner, after each comma.

I've tried using the division method, but it's not yet the output I'm looking for. This is how far I have come so far.

with open (& # 39; api.txt & # 39 ;, & # 39; w + & # 39;) as f:
api = (). decode (& # 39; utf-8 & # 39;)
f.write (api)

new_api = str (api) .split (",")
with open (& # 39; new_api.txt & # 39 ;, & # 39; w + & # 39;) as n:
n.write (new_api)

I would like a result like this:

line1 "language": null

line2 "has_issues": true
line3 "has_projects": true
line4 "has_downloads": true
line5 "has_wiki": true
line6 "has_pages": false

Ag.algebraic geometry: line packets so that the tensor product with any vector pack supports a large number of sections

Leave $ X $ Be an integral Noetherian scheme. Suppose a packet of lines $ L $ has the following property: for any sheaf locally free of finite range $ F $ in $ X $, there is a whole $ n (F) $ such that $ mathrm {rank} _ {H ^ 0 (X, mathcal {O} _X)} H ^ 0 (X, L ^ { otimes n (F)} otimes F) geq mathrm {rank} F $.

What is the name for such $ L $? Or maybe there is some property with an established name that implies this property?


BlackHatKings: Proxies and VPN section
Posted by: JohnnieDig
Time of publication: April 25, 2019 at 12:25 a.m.


BlackHatKings: Proxies and VPN section
Posted by: JohnnieDig
Time of publication: April 24, 2019 at 08:16 PM.

macos: Is there an alternative command line to the Activity Monitor that would yield the same results?

A good reference to give an idea of ​​the energy tab is given here. It relates to the Power column of the superior command that can be generated using the superior command as such: state superior pid, command, cpu, idle, power -or power -d The power column is usually not displayed due to the width of the monitor.

Command line – Convert string on time using shell

I have a shell script that will bring the time (h: m: s) of the database and compare it with the current time to perform an action based on the result of the comparison.

I get the current time using this command

current time = $ (date +% H% M% S);

the time I received from the database that is peak_time with this format
H: M: s
So I eliminated the: from that moment using this code.

    peak_time = `$ peak_time & # 39; | thirst s /: // g `

and now I need to convert the last result in time using this command

    peak_time = $ (date -d "$ peak_time" +% H% M% S);

but I get this error

date: invalid date '190000'

so please tell me how can I solve this problem

Level 2 Line Speed ​​Encryption (801.1ae aka macsec)

We have two locations quite close to each other (15 miles) in which we currently run redundant layer 2 connections (Comcast, ATT) encrypted above these with IPSEC, but we find that it is missing. This is especially with small packages such as video and voice.

I'm thinking of replacing this by direct encryption on layer 2 using 802.11ae. I have checked with both operators and they claim that this is compatible with our connections.

I'm looking for reasonable hardware to handle connections at line speed. I am aware of some encrypters of the likes of Gemalto, Thales, Senatas, etc., but I would also be interested in standard switches or routers that can handle this.

What can people recommend for speeds of 1Gb? Are there cost-effective solutions for speeds of 10Gbs?

Or am I seeing this wrong and should I continue with IPSEC? If so, what recommendations are there for this solution?

I value the contributions of everyone on this topic, I can not be the only person trying to encrypt layer 2.

Thanks in advance.

David H.

Web access – Line number on website.

I want to download the content of the website (contains text) and only a few lines of the content (from a specific number of the line to the last line minus the specific displacement). Unfortunately, I do not know how to get the number of lines in the content. For example, I want to replace 59 with the length of the content minus the specific offset.

data1 = Import[""];
Remnant[data1, 51 ;; 59]

java – Android Firestore Graph – Line chart

I want to retrieve firestore data and use it as data points in a graph. The image of the firestore has been attached. I want to add the timeTrained to the y axis and the date to the x axis. I tried to do this but without luck. enter the description of the image here

I had an opportunity in this, but could not complete it.

Sharepoint 2013 – Change the column of "several lines of text" to "One line of text"

I have a text box in an Infopath 2013 form, which is set to a "single line of text"

But when a form is loaded into a Sharepoint forms library, the column is changed to "Multiple text lines", which makes the column can not be filtered (I'm not sure it's a word).

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.