applications – Define storage limits by application

Is there any way to define how much storage space an application can use?

I'm tired of uninstalling applications, deleting application data and deleting files to see that the newly released space begins to be absorbed in just a few hours by those "storage abusive" applications!

Worst of all, I have real needs with some of those applications.
Take Outlook, for example, wastes space by caching old emails that I won't read and lacks settings to control this behavior. I use it with my personal and work accounts and clean your data means to redo the authentication steps … for each of the accounts … daily … and it's just one of those problematic applications …

Using the "delete things" method repeatedly constantly seems silly, a poor process design choice …

And I don't care about the loss of functionality, they will have to deal with the space that I consider worth having. =]

dnd 5e – Do hexagonal blade wizards with blade pact ignore the limits of the type of weapons summoned?

Hexagonal blade warlocks cannot simply ignore this rule, since nothing in their description says they can. However, the Eldritch Invocation Enhanced Covenant Weapon includes this:

Finally, the weapon you conjure can be a short bow, long bow, light crossbow or heavy crossbow.

So, although the simple fact of being a hexagonal blade wizard does not allow it, this invocation of Eldritch does

How to translate the integration limits of the Cartesian system to the polar?

I need to solve the integral movement to the polar coordinate system.
Their upper and lower limits are respectively equal:

√(R^2-x^2) and -√(R^2-x^2)
R = √(pi/2)

How to transform them to the polar system?

usability – Character limits in text area fields – pros and cons and best practices

Some of our form fields have character limits. We are discussing whether we should reflect the current size of the data entry or simply limit and inhibit the data entry beyond that size.

In HTML, simple the elements can have a maxlength attribute that inhibits additional input, but