dnd 5e: What is the limit for the trigger of a Guardian Glyph?

So, let's say that you are a wizard 15 / witch 2. You have the invocation of Lance of Lethargy, which pushes an enemy that you direct with an electric shock and returns you 10 feet. Let's say you put a demiplano entry about 5 feet behind the enemy you're aiming at. When you hit, you throw the enemy. Before all this, you had put a Glyph of Guard on one of the surfaces. What would be the limit for the trigger for this? Would it be forced to be tactile or proximity, or could it be based on something like hostility towards the launcher?

Page 245 of PHB

… When you cast this spell, you enter a glyph that then triggers a magical effect … You decide what the glyph triggers when you cast the spell. For glyphs inscribed on a surface, the most typical the triggers include touching or standing on the glyph, …

The keyword here is typical. According to Google's definition, the informal definition of the typical is

showing the characteristics expected or popularly associated with a particular person, situation or thing.

This means, if my assumption is true, that the triggers in the PHB are only the most common. Apart from being forced to a maximum of 10 feet in diameter in the PHB, I can not see a limit. Although I should probably assume that all this would be a discretion of the DM, (and I know it sounds like a broken record here), but it could be the trigger for hostility towards the pitcher, or something else, such as being a specific race, a genre, of a specific race place, etc., or would it be forced to be something of the PHB?

Can you tell me a character limit used for PPC ads?

Can you tell me a character limit used for PPC ads?

Fluctuating BTC price in limit purchase order

As an example: I place a purchase limit of .00015 bitcoins per xlm; What happens when the price of bitcoin fluctuates?

dnd 5e – What is the limit of how high you can fly?

I was playing an Aarakocra in a (obviously) game of the League of Non-Adventurers. I noticed that there is no height limitation on the flight at 5e, so hypothetically I could fly out of almost everything's range and (hypothetically) defeat anything by throwing bombs repeatedly.

Is there a real limit on the height you could reach flying? Could you literally fly into space this way?

If there was no limit on the height, I could use a first level Aarakocra of any kind in a Tarrasque and kill it (very slowly) with repeated bombs and the like without taking any damage.

This is ridiculously exceeded if there are no limits as to how high I can fly.

What is a limit order in Forex? – Discussions and Help

Limit orders

This is an order placed to buy below the current market price or sell above the market price. For example, if the current price of EURUSD is 1.1086 and you feel that the market will fall once the price reaches a price higher than 1,900, you can place a Sell Limit order at 1,900. The agent will open a sales order for you once the price reaches 1,900, and if the price falls according to your prediction, you will make a profit. Therefore, place a sales limit order above the current price and a purchase limit order below the current price. I limit the orders in their majority and Forexchief broker always is fast in the execution, there are no landslides. You will get more profits if you know how to enter the market even when you are not with your computer. The Forex broker will open the trade for you and close it when there are losses or gains.

mysql – Limit of a table in the database

If you define my primary key as int with auto increment and that it has a maximum size of 2,147,483,647. By the logic of my table you can only have a maximum of 2,147,483,647 lines.

So, why in the documentation of MariaDB, SQL Server, MySQL report that the limit of lines of a table is the capacity of your HD mainly using ntfs as a file system?
Note: Using the InnoDB engine.

Well, it's a very expressive amount. But, what if my table needs more than that?

dnd 3e – Is there a limit to how much spell energy can be used at the same time by a spell bearer?

The higher levels of the spell fire channel class allow you to store absurdly huge amounts of spell fire energy. I allowed a player to have the spell bearer feat. At the 12 character level, with 5 spell channeler levels and 22 build score, they can store 110 spell energy levels.

Releasing all of this would result in 110d6 damage to a single target and would require a reflex saving of 20. Unless everyone has evasion, it's a pretty ridiculous amount of damage for a single action. Is there a rule that limits the number of spells that can be cast at the same time?

dnd 5e – Does the fall limit of 500 feet per fall or per turn apply?

The Xanathar Guide for everything has this to say about the rate of fall:

The rule for falling assumes that a creature immediately falls the entire distance when it falls. But what happens if a creature is at a great height when it falls, perhaps in the back of a tap or aboard an aircraft? Realistically, a fall from that height can take more than a few seconds, extending beyond the end of the turn when the fall occurred. If you want high altitude falls to consume the proper time, use the following optional rule. When you fall from a great height, you descend instantaneously up to 500 feet. If you are still falling at the beginning of your next turn, you descend to 500 feet at the end of that turn. This process continues until the fall ends, either because the ground or the fall are stopped.

Now, imagine the following "cartoon" situation: Bob the unfortunate walker is climbing a very high mountain and almost reaches the top, when a spell of Gust of Wind is triggered and pushes him off the ledge and drops 400 feet to the following. "Plateau" of the mountain. But today is not his day, and another spell glyph of Gust of Wind shoots him and pushes him off that new ledge and falls for another 400 feet before landing on another ledge. The process is repeated again and again, because fuck, Bob is an unfortunate hiker.

Does the fall fall optional fall rule apply (causing Bob to suffer several crushing falls in a single turn), or per turn (causing the second fall from the previous scenario to "stop" at 100 feet to continue at the end of the Bob's next turn?)?

The limit of a sequence is the infimum

I am reading a test, and quote the following.

$ lim || x_n || $ = $ inf || x || $

Why is this?

Non-asymptotic upper limit of the right tail of the Gamma function

I wonder if there is any upper limit not asymptotic for the next Gamma function:
$$ f_a (x) = int_ {x} ^ { infty} t ^ a exp (-t) dt $$
for $ x> 0, a> 0 $? Something like $ x ^ a exp (-x) $?