Instagram starting to test out counter for likes, Facebook to follow

Instagram recently rolled out a new test that lets users to hide or unhide numeral counter for likes. As a follow-up of a test that was conducted last year, this time the platform gives more freedom to users on what content they would like to see the count, be it other people’s posts or their own. Facebook has confirmed that they will soon test out similar feature on their platform.

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Is there anyway at all to search a video on youtube by the number of likes?

For example, a video have currently 972 likes.
Is there a way to found this video by this number?

A way of have a list of all the videos with currently 972 likes on youtube?

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Fetching modern sharepoint page comments and likes count using search api

I can’t seem to find the correct managed property for both modern Comments Count & Likes Count at all as all managed property within schema returned 0 counts.
enter image description here

enter image description here

I would like to avoid additional query again just to get each items likes/comments count when querying news posts using search api.

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❓ASK – Buying Facebook Likes, Fans and Followers is Bad or Not? |

I have 5 Facebook pages for specific niches, one is “weight loss tips” related and…, I’m really struglling to invite more friends more and more but is just doesn’t work, people won’t like a page with 1000 likes I guess this is the reason, they like to like pages with 10,000 fans or more. I see there’s literally hundreds and hundreds of sites providing likes, fans and followers for Facebook pages at a reasonable price.

Here comes the question: Is it bad or not to buy Facebook likes?

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ER-Diagram for Users, Images and Likes

I’m looking to create a database (using Django) where:

  • A user uploads photos.
  • A user upvotes/downvotes photos of other users.

I came up with this ER diagram:
enter image description here

My questions are:

  • Is a vote better as an entity or as an attribute of the photo?
  • If a vote should remain an entity, how do I show in its attributes that the primary key of the vote is the combined foreign keys of the user and the photo?

Any constructive comments/recommendations are also welcome.

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