Whmcs license

Hi there,

I am selling Whmcs The license price is 100 $ USD

Thank you.

Cheap cPanel license

Has anyone tried "https://license.cheap" before?
They are selling the cPanel license for $ 5 with unlimited accounts only.

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Windows 8.1 Pro software license

I have purchased a key from an e-commerce website. It is found to be Windows 8.1 RTM pro Retail. I have verified it through show key. Can I use it if it is legal?

Selling – Xvideosharing sibsoft license | Proxies123.com

Hello guys
I'm selling Multiple server license for XvideoSharing script with few modifications and subscription
HD / Mobile Coding Modification
HLS transmission mod
Torrent mod

The price on the sibsoft site is: 1250 $
I will sell by webmoney 550 $ send me your offers here, I can accept bank transfer, BTC, ETH
Proof of ownership:

Only today I sell for this reason I need money
Contact me here or via skype savkee4 or request viber.

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oracle: what license should i use for SQL Server as a standalone developer?

I have seen that for SQL Server, there is a developer license that is free.
Apparently it can be used for all environments that are for development or testing, but not for production environments or for use with production data.

What I want to know is what license would I need as a freelance developer to be able to use Sql Server Management Studio to connect to a production server (as well as development / test servers of course) from my client. My client would be the one who needs the standard or enterprise license for their production server, but what about me as a developer?
What license do I need and for what price?
Or, if the license is expensive, what software could you use that is free and performs the same functionality (globally) as Sql Server Management Studio?

Also, comparatively, what is the software used for Oracle databases and what are the required licenses (and their prices)?

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CPanel license $ 7?

Can you trust this site? They are offering an unlimited cPanel license for $ 7. I believe that no agency can offer a license for $ 7.

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WHM license issue in Inmotion Hosting

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MoneyRobot license for less price than the original

I bought it a few years ago for $ 497 and now I am selling it for $ 400.
we can talk about the price more on skype: live: zphanjakidze
Thanks and regards.

G Suite Super Admin 5000 User License




Link picture: