Document library – The property of the list item & # 39; Content type & # 39; is not updated – SharePoint Online

I have added a content type (and its columns) using powershell to Content Type Hub.
I want to change the content types of all the elements in a document library in a new site collection. First I added the new CT to the document library and then tried to manually change the content type of an item. I don't receive any errors, but the property does not change for some files, for example, .docx or .xlsx, but is updated for a .txt file.
Any ideas on this behavior?
How can I solve it?

How to display multiple libraries loaded with documents in a single library in SharePoint?

I have more than 50 libraries in the site content, but I want to show only the 16 library document loaded in a single library. The document must be visible for 30 days only in this library. Can you please advise me how I can accomplish this task in SharePoint 2013?

sharepoint online – Hide / delete the shredding option in a library

We have a special library to which only a select few have access. Then we learned that those few selected can simply share a file with anyone. Not well.

I tried to create a custom permission level, but I didn't succeed creating one
that hid the option to share but kept the editing privileges.

So, I was thinking that maybe a JSON view format might work? Did anyone try to make the sharing not visible in the list view, list options and the command bar? The user has contribution rights, so they may only be able to create a new view and the share option will return.

Is a field customizer a better solution?

I hope someone can help me clarify my options!

Thank you

python – math library

Although this answer is based on Microsoft .NET, it is very didactic, translated through Google Translate:

Follow these links for MSDN descriptions at:

  1. Math.Floor, which is rounded to negative infinity.
  2. Maths., which is rounded to positive infinity.
  3. Truncate Mathematics, which is rounded up or down
  4. Math.Round, which is rounded to the nearest integer or to the
    specified number of decimal places.

You can specify the behavior if it is exactly
equidistant between two possibilities, such as rounding, so that
so that the last digit is even ("Round (2.5, MidpointRounding.ToEven)" if
making it 2) or further from zero ("
Round (2.5, MidpointRounding.AwayFromZero) "becomes 3).

The following diagram and table can help:

-3        -2        -1         0         1         2         3
    a                     b       c           d            e

                       a=-2.7  b=-0.5  c=0.3  d=1.5  e=2.8
                       ======  ======  =====  =====  =====
Floor                    -3      -1      0      1      2
Ceiling                  -2       0      1      2      3
Truncate                 -2       0      0      1      2
Round (ToEven)           -3       0      0      2      3
Round (AwayFromZero)     -3      -1      0      2      3

Keep in mind that Round is much more powerful than it seems, simply because
You can round to a specific number of decimal places. All the
others always round to zero decimal. For example:

n = 3.145;
>     a = System.Math.Round (n, 2, MidpointRounding.ToEven);       // 3.14
>     b = System.Math.Round (n, 2, MidpointRounding.AwayFromZero); // 3.15

With the other functions, you must use the multiply /
divide to achieve the same effect:

c = System.Math.Truncate (n * 100) / 100;                    // 3.14
d = System.Math.Ceiling (n * 100) / 100;                     // 3.15

* Strikethrough has been added for parts not applicable in Python.

I advise you to read this answer, more precisely by Extra information

[GET][NULLED] – Real WordPress Media Library – Categories / media folders v4.5.2


(GET) (NULLED) – Real WordPress Media Library – Categories / media folders v4.5.2

Small independent 3D software rendering library without GPU acceleration

Small independent 3D rendering library (software based) without GPU acceleration.
Please advise if you know any. It would be perfect if it's in C. Other languages ​​are good too. Thank you!

uploads: the image is not displayed in the media library and the thumbnail is not shown in the post

Some problems with importing images.

(1) The images in the upload folder do not appear in the wordpress media area. The upload folder is already with permission 755.

(2) The thumbnail does not appear on the site. However, I can access the image by url. The images within the publication generally appear on the site. The problem is only in the thumbnail.

(3) In the publications manager, the thumbnails area keeps loading and never leaves it. And change the highlighted image, the photos in the upload folder do not appear.

The images have been manually loaded into the upload folder, since WordPress default import / export does not work 100%.

Is there anything that can be done in the database to fix? What to do?

Sharepoint online – O365 Drop Library seems to have disappeared

The strangest thing happened today. In the content of the site, the delivery library is gone. When I go to the URL / SiteCollection / DropOffLibrary sites I am redirected to one of my site pages. When I go to sites / SiteCollection / Forms / AllItems.aspx I see the contents of the delivery library. What happened or better? How can I restore this?

Regards, Dennis

Designer workflow: Move the Delivery Library item to the Destination Library and create a folder structure in the Destination Library according to certain criteria

The project that I started with SharePoint from my previous question went to the second stage. Documents added to our Return Library, after manually executing the workflow to remove the name of the document in their respective columns, will need another workflow to move the items from the Return library to a destination library called "Files of employees "in the format below
enter the description of the image here

The list of the Return Library has the following fields
enter the description of the image here

The workflow has to create a root folder, for example A (based on the last name index in Drop Off), then create a subfolder (a.) With last name, first name (emp ID) and subfolder within (a. ) based on the category of human resources employee file.
I can create a folder in the employee file library based on the last name index, or move only the Drop Off document to Employee Files, but I have no idea how to do all the necessary actions, that is, create the subfolder structure complex, move to employee files and copy the document (there is a pdf attached before the name) within one of these folders according to the human resources category and the payroll folder. Is the workflow feasible in SP Designer 2013?

Thanks again for all your help!


How do I provide a URL for the EasyBitcoin-PHP library?

I tried to initialize a connection like this:

$bitcoin = new Bitcoin("user", "password", "HTTP", "localhost", "8332", "$wallet_string");

This returns false, however, if I run a normal connection like this:

$bitcoin = new Bitcoin('user', 'password');

I receive a response as expected when making calls. How can I configure the URL for this specific library, since it is a vital part of my website (to use other wallets than the default ones)?