Liberals, explain why you are killing human babies so that Pepsi knows better.

Why do you and your pro-life radicals simply adopt the more than 500,000 youth and children who "float" in DHS / Foster care, roll up their sleeves and provide a family to those who don't have one? ?? Ohhhhhh, that would require a lifelong commitment, we don't want that, right? We just want to post crap about Pepsi, that's the easy way out, without compromise, just absurd, nice and easy posts, isn't it?

Why do liberals want us to be more like Europe when many European economies stink?

Liberals are stupid. The United States should not attempt to copy the bankrupt economies of Europe. Capitalism, even in the form of social democracy, is a failure. China has shown that socialism is simply the best economic system, but the Chinese version of socialism will not work in the United States because of its culture.

The United States should take the economy of socialism with Chinese characteristics and mix it with the democratic culture and lover of the "freedom" of the United States, to build a system of democratic socialism, which will lead to economic prosperity and can provide the same services public than the Scandinavian countries.

What makes China so prosperous is that its economy is not dominated by private enterprise, they do not depend on random market vagaries to solve their problems. Private markets are reserved for underdeveloped sectors. Most of the dominant heights of the economy are public property, such as banking and high-speed rail. The number of employees in China's public sector is greater than the entire population of the United States.

The reason why socialism works is because you are not putting a religious faith in the random whims of the markets, the "invisible hand" to solve all the problems for you, and then you react as if you were in shock when the economy inevitably collapses The majority of China's economy is planned, and even the large private sector economic institutions are heavily controlled by placing government officials on the board.

This allows China to create rigorous long-term scientific economic plans. They do not need to modify the legislation and expect markets to intervene and solve problems. They only fix the problems. When the coronavirus broke out, China built a huge hospital that could house more than a thousand patients in 10 days. Where has ESO been achieved in the United States or in any western capitalist country?

China has the highest number of high-speed trains of any country, its trains seem like something of the future. When China wants to do something, they simply do it. They mobilize hundreds of millions of people to work towards that end. They can plan a year, two years, even fifty years in the future.

Americans, as well as Europeans, need to get rid of their obsolete economic system. You can kneel and pray to the "invisible hand" all you want, it will not solve all your problems. You need science and human ingenuity to do it, and an economy based on rational economic planning, not on the random anarchic whims of private markets.

The United States does a better job in protecting individual freedoms than China, but the Chinese are far ahead of the United States in economic theory and will soon become the world's number one superpower. They are expected to surpass the United States this year, and the United States' participation in the world economy is collapsing rapidly.

The ONLY way the United States can expect to catch up is to adopt the socialist economy, but copying to China will not work. They need a socialism with American characteristics, not Chinese. One that reflects both the democracy-oriented culture of the United States. UU. As the rational economic planning of the east.

The problem with the US UU. At this time it is that its two main fields are (1) conservatives who wish to preserve the obsolete economic system that is failing throughout the world and continue the US plummeting. UU. As a world superpower, and (2) liberals who don't seem to even care much about the economy and are more interested in social programs such as medical care and free college.

While there are people from the "social left," there really isn't much economic left in the United States. That is, even if the United States takes a left turn, let's say that if Bernie wins, the United States will most likely move in the direction of social democracy, something like Norway and Denmark. It can improve the standard of living of Americans, but it will not reverse the trend of the decline of the United States as a world superpower in regards to the economy.

However, it could at least encourage people to take the next step.

Do you realize that most liberals don't like and are bothered by manly sports, like to play video games and watch porn?

I play video games and practice men's sports.

Pornography was a phase when I was a teenager and I was 20 years old.

I just look at pictures of naked women to masturbate. I'm still very professional, sports, weapons, exercise, big muscles and video games are too fun.

Most libraries do not support male music either.

Watch how the WWE gay got bored since they took over the PC libraries

The NFL is also a PC. Basketball has gay and transsexual players now.

Why do liberals want to let immigrants take over?

you need to educate yourself better

immigrants seized America since its founding and displaced the natives

So, to answer your question, the reason is due to the basic story and common sense. America would not exist without immigration and neither would you.

[ Politics ] Open question: Why do so many liberals have jobs where they work on weekends?

[Politics] Open question: Why do so many liberals have jobs where they work on weekends?

Liberals: every time you say Trump committed a crime, you lie. Unless you can read the mind of a Ukrainian president. So can you read minds?


What Zelensky says and what other 18 witnesses; Trump, Giuliani, Sondland, PARNAS and Mulvaney admitted … saying 2 different things.

🥴 I don't read minds. I follow the evidence that has already been provided.

To top it off, the Republican Party has sometimes mentioned that they are partial and partial.

So don't even go there, traitor of anti-American rats. 🥴

[ Politics ] Open question: Haha. Clinton was removed from office in 2001. Trump is not removed from office. Sad score, liberals?

[Politics] Open question: Haha. Clinton was removed from office in 2001. Trump is not removed from office. Sad score, liberals?

[ Politics ] Open question: Why are liberals so worried about eliminating Trump when we can reverse his policies and arrest his henchmen after a Democrat wins in November?

[Politics] Open question: Why are liberals so worried about eliminating Trump when we can reverse his policies and arrest his henchmen after a Democrat wins in November?

Why do liberals in YA get upset when you reconfirm your support for Trump after his loaded question fails to convert you?

Liberals are pragmatic. They want as many facts as possible to influence their convictions. The cons are stubborn. They do not want to be confused with the facts because they have already decided.

This is painfully obvious by how many winners say they will vote for victory again without knowing what is going on between then and now. It also explains how easily triumph convinces people with falsehoods who want to believe the truth.

Case in point … Trump said Mexico would pay for its wall. His minions cheered frantically when they should have insisted on learning how he planned to do so.

"Tell them and they believe … they just do it" … -trump (according to Billy B).

On average, how many times a night do liberals wake up sweating and think there are Russians under the bed?

The left is not afraid of Russians. The left is simply ANGRY that the Russians do not like or respect them. These are the former Soviets. The leftists who set the standard. The ideology that the communist card Bernie Sanders literally believes we should emulate! "Why don't they love us?"

They are like the teenager who throws a teenage rage because the boy she likes fired her completely about another girl. Beware of the contempt of a teenager … and the American left.