Liberals say they wanted businesses closed for Covid, then they protest by the millions with no social distancing, then they burn down ?

Transnational corporations are trying to tank small businesses. They promote their causes through social liberalism in marketing, and the irony is that liberalism is being used to justify the very things that cause the economy to be unbalanced. They’re being manipulated, this situation is being manipulated, but I think it’s a far stretch to try to claim the lockdown itself spawned from these motives. Plutocratic vultures are opportunists, and I think the same is true with G.F. and the race war narrative.

Are liberals banking on the the Coronavirus for Trump to lose?

100 thousand dead – 40 million unemployed.

Believe me — The majority is sick of the dense morbidly obese clown punk!

It’s not a matter of ‘banking’ on something.  He’s a S*H*I*T leader.  He failed to handle the pandemic. Totally failed as he’s failed his entire life. 

The image below says it all…

Trump’s response to one of his tweets getting flagged for inciting violence was a thousand times faster than his response to a deadly pandemic. 

The country knows.  He F*U*C*K*ED up!  Period. 

Go suck on his butt and shut up!  You’re a cult follower.  Nobody expects reasoning from you. Nobody will bother trying to talk sense into you either.  Waste of time. 

You will always be in love with the racist – that’s who you are. 

[ Politics ] Open Question : Hydroxychloroquine works! Why do Liberals want conservatives to die from Coronavirus?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Hydroxychloroquine works! Why do Liberals want conservatives to die from Coronavirus?

Why do liberals say that hydroxychloroquine isn’t effective?

The really sad part is some of them say that countries like France and Sweden has blocked the use of the drug and that proves it doesn’t work 

Do they not know that France and Sweden have among the highest COVID death rates in the world 

Maybe if they allowed it their people wouldn’t be dying in such vast numbers 

Are all liberals nasty, hateful, and intolerant of anything non-liberal, or is it just the liberal losers here on yahoo answers?

so, you’re a winner are you, writing this garbage? Because it does seem the kind of “give me some attention” activity that a real loser would engage in. I bet in real life you’re a frustrated lonely loser. I’m right, aren’t I? Girls don’t pay you attention, but on here at least you can get attention, even if it’s by anonymously insulting people. your life is so pathetic that you seek that out

Liberals think we should be locked up for 5 years?

I don't know why you blame Covid19. The problem is the Chinese and the Chinese government. They allowed covid19 to spread around the world, so if you want to blame someone, blame the Chinese and China.

I think what we should be doing is making sure that a different pandemic doesn't start other than keeping the blockade closed. I think that the borders of each country should remain closed. Not everyone is infected with this Chinese virus, so instead of idiotically infecting more people, the lock should stay in place until we no longer hear of someone else becoming infected and dying.

I hope someone is working on a good vaccine. I think this is something that will be needed!

Opening certain things should be fine within a country. I strongly recommend that not everything be closed within a country.

For example: I think hospitals should remain open. Because there are other problems that people have to be aware of, and this is apart from the coronavirus pandemic that China created.

Liberals, why are you in favor of child genocide (abortions)?

I am not, but I can point out the hypocrisy of more than 1/2 million children and youth *** NON-BABIES *** who are in the DHS system throughout the country ,,,,,,,,,,, and not close enough to PRO LIFERS …………. one step ahead to adopt !!!!!! When they make a big difference with that ……………….. THEN I WILL LISTEN. It is very clear to me that the same people who cry over the evil of abortion are the same people who point fingers at the mother about different forms of well-being to support their children … God … I can't have that, can I? we can?

Then, the most damning statistic of all …………… under PRO LIFE REAGAN, 1.3 million abortions per year in your Presidency …………. .. …….. under Obama ………….. 640,000 on average per year ……………. 1/2 of abortions. Half the baby killings, but who do they blame for abortions …………….. Reagan or Obama?

[ Politics ] Open-ended question: Why are liberals so afraid of the Corona virus?

[Politics] Open-ended question: Why are liberals so afraid of the Corona virus?

[ Politics ] Open-ended question: Why are liberals such traitors? ?

[Politics] Open-ended question: Why are liberals such traitors? ?

[ Politics ] Open-ended question: Remember when the liberals believed that Robert Mueller could eliminate Trump?