Game design: unusual leveling mechanism?

On the leveling up of the players, most (or maybe all …?) Roleplaying games are like this:

  1. Kill enemies (for experience points)
  2. Level up (for more attack power)
  3. Repeat

It's fun at low levels, but later, it gets boring and boring; The game becomes more like increasing your numbers to see more numbers.

I am doing a role play. I am thinking of giving the player mini-missions for each level to level up. For example, to reach level 2, the player must meet the following:

  • Earn 10 EXP points.
  • Find an old jar.
  • Kill a blue wolf with a single attack.

So my question is: Are there games that have done this (I have not seen or heard of any)? Is it a good or a bad idea? Even if there are games that have done this technique, why do most (or all) role-playing games go with the process of killing, leveling up and repeating?

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Am I to blame for not leveling up? [on hold]

In a previous DnD session, I tried to falsify a document to help get information for the good of the party, which I thought was creative, which I got quite high, however, I did not. This led to my character being jailed for a week and forced to play an NPC for 4 sessions. Before being jailed, the game group returned from a break, so we had a year of time in the game recovering from the adventures. During the time I was playing an NPC, the party leveled up, and when I asked if my main character leveled off, the response was negative since I was not present. Is it my fault for trying to be creative? The group was at level 7 before the rest level up if that mattered.

When leveling in the world of dungeons, if you choose a movement that has a "replacement: XXX", do you need to have the XXX movement?

When leveling in the world of dungeons, if you choose a movement that has a "replacement: XXX", do you need to have the XXX movement?

for example a thief wants to take the "Dirty Fighter" play. Affirms that "replaces: cheap shot". Does the thief need to have taken "Cheap Shot" or can he only choose "Dirty Combat"?

dnd 5e: when leveling up, how does your new HP determine?

Of the basic rules:

Each time you gain a level, you gain 1 additional Hit Die. Pull that Hit Die, add your Constitution modifier to the roll, and add the total (minimum of 1) to your maximum hit point. Alternatively, you can use the fixed value shown in the entry of your class, which is the average result of the die roll (rounded up).

The size of the hit die is determined by the class, as can be seen in the Class Summary table, and as indicated in the class descriptions, which also indicate how the hit points increase. For example, the description of the barbarous class says:

Hit points

Hit says: 1d12 per barbarian level

Hit points in the first level: 12 + your Constitution modifier

Hit points at higher levels: 1d12 (or 7) + your Constitution modifier by barbarian level after the 1st.

dnd 5e – Can an assistant delay learning new spells by leveling up to learn different spells later?

Spells are learned when leveling up.

Of the characteristics of the assistant class:

1st level and higher learning spells

Each time you gain an assistant level, you can add two wizard spells of your choice to your spellbook for free.

So if you want these free spells, you must choose them when leveling up. You can not wait until the next level to add four spells. Your can choose not to add spells when you level up (the wording says "you can add") but this does not give you any benefit.

dnd 5e – Arcane Tradition and Cost Efficiency: Learn spells when leveling up or learning from the scrolls / spellbooks?

You are right, there is a slight disincentive to learn spells from the wizard's own school.

He has come across an interesting conundrum, which by making it cheaper to copy spells from a specific school, is theoretically more economical to learn spells from schools other than the one he chose for his Arcane Tradition when he raises levels and then, hopefully he can learn the spells in their own school, copying them at half price. Essentially, every time you choose a spell in your own school instead of another school, you're failing, because copying that spell would have cost you less than another spell, so getting it for free has less value. If your only goal is to learn all the available spells as cheaply as possible, you should always choose spells from other schools in the upper level.

However, this is assuming that you can find scrolls or other copies of all the spells you want to copy them into your spellbook, which is far from guaranteed.. Unless your DM is very generous with giving you rolls as booty, the only way to guarantee that a spell is in your spell book is to raise it in level. Therefore, in practice, the best thing to do is to choose the spells according to how useful they are to you in your adventure and not in its theoretical value. After all, if you cared more about gold than magic, you would not have become a magician, right?

Finally, I will point out that you do not necessarily need a much of spells from your own school to get value from the characteristics of your spell school. For example, an Abjuration assistant can always activate his Arcane Save by simply launching Magician's Armor At the start of your day of adventures, and you do not need any other abjuration spell prepared. Obviously, they would get a little more value if they occasionally recharged their shield by throwing other abjurations throughout the day, but still get value by casting only one abjuration per day.

dnd 5e – DND 5e – Is it leveling within the classes?

I am a new DM with a group of very new players. I have read the rules and some of the player's manuals (I have not finished yet) We are still within the first arc of the campaign and we have a lot of time to solve everything and for the players to reach the objective end, so I am not very worried because they rise super fast level. Everyone is currently at level 1, only so I had sometimes to start with.

Something I still have to understand is to level up within the classes. What do I need players to do to level up? Is it something I simply decide when I think they are "ready", or earn experience points or something with each battle? I understand what players will gain when they level up (such as spells and features and bonus actions and stuff). Is this covered more clearly in the manual?

Thank you!

-A new DM

Algorithm – User leveling system

I've already asked this before, but I just want to code this again with a new leveling format. What I want to do is for the user to gain experience and once he has upgraded, his previous experience will be added to his current experience.

So, to put it in a Scenario is as follows:
User1 is at a level 1 with an exp_needed of 1000 to reach level 2. He got an exp of 1000, so he is now at level 2 with a current_exp of 1000 and a required exp of 1,400. Or if User1 obtained an exp of 1,100, he is at level 2 with a current value of 1,100 and 1,400 exp is needed. And so on, depending on the algorithm. But I get a result of -900 / 1,400 if the user gains 1,100 exp.

Here is the code below:

while ($ user-> curr_exp> = $ user-> exp_needed) {
$ user-> curr_exp - = ($ user-> exp_needed) + $ user-> prev_exp;
$ user-> prev_exp = $ user-> exp_needed;
yes ($ user-> level <= 19){
       $user->exp_needed = $ user-> prev_exp * 1.4;
elseif ($ user-> level> = 20 && $ user-> level <= 39){
       $user->exp_needed = $ user-> prev_exp * 1.1;
elseif ($ user-> level> = 40 && $ user-> level <= 59){
       $user->exp_needed = $ user-> prev_exp * 1.05;
elseif ($ user-> level> = 60 && $ user-> level <= 79){
       $user->exp_needed = $ user-> prev_exp * 1.04;
elseif ($ user-> level> = 80 && $ user-> level <= 99){
       $user->exp_needed = $ user-> prev_exp * 1.03;
elseif ($ user-> level == 100) {
$ user-> exp_needed = $ user-> exp_needed * 0;
$ user-> level + = 1;
$ user-> save ();

Any idea how to deal with this? Thank you.

dnd 5e – Do I have to worry about players making "bad" decisions when leveling up?

Short answer: Do not.

I come from a D & D 3.5 background, so I've had extensive experience with the extreme power difference you can get between a straight-class Monk and an optimized Ruby Knight Vindicator. D & D 3.5 had a lot of complexity: the blood lines, the templates, the prestige classes, the organizations could be combined and combined, and some combinations were crazy, which rewarded the deep knowledge of the game.

On the contrary, D & D 5.0 ​​has a lot less options None of the bloodlines, templates, prestige classes mentioned above, to begin with. Simplified skills system. Fewer exploits to choose from, etc …

The lack of flexibility makes the game much more balanced, because designers could pay attention to many interactions:

  • Any character from a single class with their assigned Skill scores correctly is viable.
  • The difference in power between two different "specializations" of a given class is not that big.

If we look at the example of the Two-Arms Combat Fighter, it is in fact less powerful than a Great Combat Fighter.

However, there are two things to note:

  1. It is not so less powerful. We are not talking about a factor x2 here; taking a Str of 20 (+5) and 4 attacks, the given formula yields 47.5 DPR for TWF and 53.2 DPR for GWF. That is a mere difference of ~ 12%.
  2. It allows to use Dex rather than Str as its attack capability, which is really good for optimization as Dex It also gives Initiative, AC and savings shots while Str it does not give much

The worst part is the team, having to get two magic weapons, and how DM is really the easiest part to solve.

Unless your table is very concerned with optimization, and it does not look like that, then D & D 5.0 ​​should be a direct improvement.

Personally I find it extremely liberating; in D & D 5.0 ​​you can play a character below the average because you had a great idea with which you want to play, and still contribute to the party without requiring additional work for the DM because you are not VERY below the power curve .

A class, a specialty, and you have a viable character. It's that easy.