How to make a product URL key with capital letters

I am trying to make the url keys of my product in uppercase. Even if I update it manually, everything is still displayed in lowercase letters. When checking the URL key after saving the product again, it is automatically saved in lowercase. Is there anything I can do to force all product URLs to be uppercase?

c # – Collate upper and lower case letters in a string

I need to make an arrangement that stores a string and in turn the string is the same size as the array to then reprint the string but using upper and lower case letters.
Enter the string: Help
Fix filled correctly
Modified chain: AyUdA

javascript – Set letters as vowels or consonants

The code has several errors. One is that it gives a break before returning something, then ends up returning to another, the break It has to be the last declaration of the block.

You are not saving the read value in any variable. I kept the `variable letter, but I didn't even need it.

I made some other changes that may not affect the result, but if you get used to it, you may have problems in the future, so pay attention to all the details that I changed.

function lerLetra() {
    return prompt("Introduza uma letra");

function isVogal(caracter) {
    switch (caracter) {
        case "a":
        case "A":
        case "e":
        case "E":
        case "i":
        case "I":  
        case "o":
        case "O":
        case "u":
        case "U": 
        return true;
        return false;

var letra = lerLetra();
if (isVogal(letra)) alert("A letra é Vogal");
else alert("A letra é consoante");

javascript – Getting Letters + XML CDATA, when the user selects a data option from the Select HTML element

How do I get and view the lyrics of the song from XML when the user clicks on a data option of the selected HTML element?

Here is my Javascript code.

var xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();
var alpha = document.querySelector('#alpha');
var songs = document.querySelector('#songs');
var options2 = songs.querySelectorAll('option');

function giveSelection(alphaValue)
    songs.innerHTML = '';
    for(var i = 0; i < options2.length; i++)
        if(options2(i).dataset.option === alphaValue)
giveSelection(alpha.value);"GET", "english.xml");
var x = xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("SONG");

for (i = 0; i < x.length; i++) {

document.getElementsById("container").innerHTML = table;

finite automaton: regular expression for a language that does not accept x string (3 letters, | x | = 3)

The language that interests me is $ L = {w∈ {a, b, c } ^ * | w $ contains "$ bac $" but no "$ taxi $"$ } $. I am thinking that the result will have the form $ L = X_1X_2X_3 $, where $ X_1 = {w∈ {a, b, c } ^ * | w $ it does not have "$ ca $"in the end ni"$ taxi $" anywhere$ } $, $ X_2 = $"$ bac $"Y $ X_3 = {w∈ {a, b, c } ^ * | w $ it does not have "$ ab $"at the beginning or"$ taxi $" anywhere$ } $. What I find difficult to express is that "$ taxi $"does not appear anywhere in $ X_1, X_3 $ (The situation for "ca" and "ab" is simple because they consist only of 2 letters, we can divide $ X_1, X_3 $ so that the problem of the "cabin" remains). I have tried to create an NFA for this purpose, but the automaton needs to have enough loops (therefore, it is difficult to find the regular expression). My question is whether there is a smart way to find the representation of the non-existence of "taxi", in addition to counting all the possibilities in the NFA that accepts such chains. If there is no such thing, how can I find the regular expression of L from the beginning?

Is there a way to display a website name in capital letters in Google search results?

I am creating a website and I am wondering if there is a way to display the name of a website in capital letters in Google search results.

Is there a way to display a website name in capital letters in Google search results?

I am creating a website and I wonder if there is a way to display the name of a website in capital letters in Google search results.

Python regex to replace characters that are not letters or blank spaces

I am trying to replace all spaces that are not letters and blanks with & # 39; & # 39 ;. I thought the code below worked fine in several test cases, however, it failed when it came to special escaped characters.

import re
def process_text(text):
  text = text.lower()
  text = re.sub(pattern='(^A-z ^s)',repl='',string=text).split(' ')
  return (word for word in text if word != '')

process_text('abc 123')
>>>> ('abc') # this is what I wanted.

process_text('abc 123 n')
>>>> ('abc', 'n') # I don't want the new line character.

The following link informed me that it was a blank space.

However, the official documentation says that s is equivalent to "Matches any blank space character; this is equivalent to ( t n r f v)".

So now I see that my code says ~ find something that is not a letter and that is not in the set of previous special characters and replace it with & # 39; & # 39 ;.

So, is there any way to retain blank spaces but eliminate the other special characters?

Plot problems: vertical lines and letters

Simply put, I would make this graphic:

enter the description of the image here

My many problems are the following:

How do I draw a vertical line? What is the equation?

How do I add the letters in the lines?

How to make ticks like $ P_0 $ $ P_1 $ and so?

Thank you very much for the help!

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