comments: SCAM or LEGITO?

Official Release 9-24-2019
$ 50 sign up bonus
Min Invest $ 100
per video win $ 0.3
10 videos daily
earn $ 3 daily
Btc eth Perfect usdt withdrawal method

Do not miss it!

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Hello, today I found the new Bitcoin Faucet application but as in Miner Design.

The application is called: BitoCash: Fantasy Bitcoin Miner * (

In this application you can earn Bitcoins by clicking on a circle, wait 5 minutes and you will receive 500 Satoshi. This is also like Miner / Faucet.
And you also have 50 Energy that you can get by watching a small ad and receiving +20 Energy or you can wait.

Payment is at: 0.01 BTC (now around ~ 70 $)
* Success reference commission: 0.00015 BTC + that you get from your reference.

Each BTC wallet is compatible, you can also use Coinbase, Blockchain, Coins.PH, etc.

PS: Be patent and farm BTC, otherwise, if you leave a star with a seasonal scam, it may happen that your acc will go to the ban list, the application team meant and use my Ref link for Quick Resualt


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Hello dear BMF members:
I want to show you our new GPT website.

How does it work?
You earn points (1000 points = $ 1) for each task on a website, you can earn by downloading applications, watching videos and much more. In addition, you will receive 5% of each guest friend for life.
In the future, we want to add more ways to win, such as mining and much more!

You can withdraw points for several rewards:
Gift cards for games: Steam, League of Legends, G2A, Xbox, PlayStation, Roblox
Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, IOTA
Buy gift cards: Amazon, eBay
Other: Cash withdrawal from PayPal, AppStore GC, Google Play GC

We try to process our withdrawal requests as quickly as possible, but sometimes we need to take longer if your activity seems suspicious.

How much can i earn?
It depends mainly on your country, but also on how much time you spend on a website and how many friends you invite to the site. Members of Tier 1 countries can earn more, as they have better deals, but members of other countries can also earn solid money. On average, you can earn $ 5-10 per hour, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Special promotion code ($ 1) for BMF members: "FREE1000BMF"(25 uses only, can be activated in the settings after registering).

Do you have any questions? Ask below! πŸ™‚

Comments from SCAM or LEGITO?

Official release date: 10-16-2019

minimum investment: $ 1
Investment plans: 0.84% ​​per hour forever, 5% per hour for 40 hours, 10% per hour for 20 hours, 10% per hour for 20 hours, 80% per day for 3 days, 1000% after 3 days.
Deposit and withdrawal option: Bitcoin, perfect money and payer.
Warning: I am not the administrator or the owner, therefore, just invest what …

Comments from SCAM or LEGITO? comments: SCAM or LEGITO?



βœ…Registered in the United Kingdom!
βœ…Pioneer Stage I just opened a few days ago … comments: SCAM or LEGITO?

NEW – Comments from SCAM or LEGITO? The |

What the hell is this project that I just found, I need people with experience

Who is this legendary duplicator?

Oh well, Min invests 0.001 BTC and you get X2 in 100 hours of automatic payment

If you are a crazy risk taker, join the link, that way we will know for sure

If it is legitimate or not, the reference commission is 10% and is sent automatically

And if this is a scam, sorry for posting it snapshot

Comments of SCAM or LEGITO?

Payment rates:

Offers and bonuses:

Reference%: 20

Minimum withdrawal amount
Paypal: $ 2.00
Bitcoin: $ 10.00

I don't know what else I have to say …

Website: click here

Just to clarify this. I am not personal or something on this website.

NEW – Comments from SCAM or LEGITO? The |

Hi guys, take a look at this new duplicator project that just started a few minutes ago

Min invest 1 usd BTC / LTC / DOGE / ETH / PERFECT MONEY
Minimum withdrawal of 0.50 usd

Now is the perfect time to join, very low risk
If you are interested use the link and thanks

Opera snapshot Comments: SCAM or LEGITO?

Official release date: September 1, 2019.

Minimum investment: .001 Btc
Maximum investment: 2 Btc
Investment plans: 40% for 15 days and 80% for 30 days.
Reference commission: 5% to 20%
Deposit and withdrawal option: Bitcoin only
Warning: I am not the administrator or the owner, therefore, just invest what you can afford to lose. Comments: SCAM or LEGITO?

Comments of SCAM OR LEGITO?

Investment plans

Plan 1
120% after 1 day
Invest $ 15- $ 100

Plan 2
140% after 2 days
Invest $ 100- $ 1000

Plan 3
250% after 2 days
Invest $ 500 without limit

Plan 4
300% after 2 days
Invest $ 1000 without limit

Investment through cryptocurrencies, Payeer, perfectmoney.

Invest wisely!