Legal – Can I legally post my own photos of commercial products on my website and social networks?

I am not a lawyer and any advice or opinion I give is mine. You must not act or refrain from acting on any information provided by me or others.

Indian law is largely based on British law and they are quite similar in this area, as I understand it.

The application of Copyright It depends on your work. If what you have done adds an obvious creative element to that image through layout, composition, lighting, etc., then you are safe from them. If what you have done is essentially make a photographic copy of your brand, then it is definitely not right. It is also worth noting that the product you choose can be very iconic and you should be careful not to reproduce images made by other photographers because that can open it up to cases of copyright infringement by THEY.

You have to consider your brand. Will your work be used in a way that you can interpret as your support or the services you offer? They are fiercely protective of their brand and should consider this as a very likely situation, in which they are likely to get into trouble.

Above the two you should consider, even if you are right, if you can afford to defend yourself in a civil case. Its potential adversary is a multi-billion dollar global brand with deep pockets and a team of expert lawyers on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Is it something you can afford to defend yourself even if you are correct? Even if you can, do you need stress in your life?

Since what you want to do is stand out, you should consider doing (or having a local artist do for you) some of your "own brand" products. In the case of cans, you can wrap them in vinyl or repaint them easily and the results may appear very well (with practice), car modification sites could give you a good start. The bottles are a bit more complicated and for that you would opt for the classic ones, or for a standard bottle, so you can print your own brand labels at a low price. Look online at various forums for people who make movie and theater accessories, there are usually practical guides and examples of various materials in use.

legal – How does Airbnb continue to operate legally?

I have never been an Airbnb host, so I will not know the agreements that Airbnb has with the hosts, but I have stayed in many Airbnbs and have observed the following phenomena. Many times, my hosts tell me to remain informal (as if I were a regular visitor) when entering the apartment or condominium complex and, if asked, should answer that I stay with my friend (my host).
It seems that they do not have the legal right to sublet the property and, therefore, taking money to let them stay with them is illegal. How does this legitimately continue under Airbnb?
This is definitely affecting the local hotel industry.

Although I suppose that my hosts on those occasions did a grim job without Airbnb's warning, that logically does not allow Airbnb to wash its hands by saying that "it is the fault of the host and we are not legally obligated to take action."
If something really happens with the guests, then Airbnb & # 39; should & # 39; Be partially responsible too.
Any website of this type must have a verification mechanism (which denotes trust in the host).

My question is if there is none of that on Airbnb, how is it still legitimate?

Can Paypal legally freeze my money?

Can Paypal freeze the funds for longer than they declared? My girlfriend sent me over $ 200 and I froze the funds – hahaha.
It has been said that for 3 weeks they had to verify my documents, definitely everything is good for me. The support does not respond, and a month has passed. So can I demand something from them with judgment? I read the comments of Paypal and several problems with the freezing of funds, but I did not find an answer anywhere. I will be grateful for your help

usa – How can I legally visit the smaller peripheral islands of the United States in the Pacific?

I can answer for the Palmyra atoll, since I have come across this recently.

From time to time, the US Fish and Wildlife Service UU Find volunteers to work on the Palmyra Atoll. The last call for volunteers came out in May, and it's a bit of commitment: "Volunteers are expected to work 8 hours a day, 6 days a week for the 3-4 full months in Palmyra, with no possibility of leaving the atoll."So you can look for volunteer opportunities in the future, if that appeals to you.

If you want a shorter trip, FWS describes the methods for authorized visits:

There are four ways in which the public can access the shelter:

Work, hire or volunteer for The Nature Conservancy or Fish and Wildlife Service

Carry out scientific research through the Special Use Permits of the Fish and Wildlife Service

Invitation through a donor trip sponsored by The Nature Conservancy

Visit in private recreational sailboat or motorboat.

Giving a lot of money to Nature Conservancy could do the trick, and I'm sure your development department will be happy to discuss the amounts required. Or you can organize a boat to take it there (or learn to navigate and get your own boat). That page describes in more detail the requirements for private visits (limited to 7 days); I would have to contact the FWS staff to determine when they can receive a visit.

A final note of that NPR story:

And a tip, a final field note, for those who do arrive on the island:
Before you go to bed, shake the sheets. Often, brown spiders
The size of the silver dollars lives in the folds of the bed.

[ Politics ] Open question: Why do conservatives believe that people should only legally migrate to the United States?

Why are they so opposed to illegal immigration? .

legal – To what extent can one game legally resemble another?

Foreword: Everything related to the laws will always be in a gray area, because the outcome of the case ultimately comes from a handful of people.

Others have pointed out that the code of the game and the assets are subject to the copyright law and that the names of the products, companies, etc. they are under the law of registered trademarks.
However, although others have pointed out that you can not protect the mechanics of the game, this is not 100% true.

Let's look at the legal history of Tetris, a game often cloned by new game developers.

In mid-2006, and at the end of 1997, the TTC legal counsel sent cease and desist letters to the websites on the basis of Tetris-type games that infringed the trademark, commercial image and / or copyright of "Tetris". ", and / or the copyright. Around 2009, TTC and Tetris Holding LLC filed legal actions against BioSocia, Inc. because the game "Blockles" of BioSocia infringed the property rights of TTC and Tetris Holding LLC. On September 10, 2009, the legal case against BioSocia was resolved, and BioSocia agreed to stop making the game "Blockles" available to the public. In May 2010, TTC's legal counsel sent cease and desist letters to Google insisting that 35 Tetris clones be removed from the Android Market. A judge of the US District Court UU It ruled in June 2012 that the clone Tetris "Mino" of Xio Interactive infringed the copyright of the Tetris Company by replicating elements such as the dimensions of the playing field and the shapes of the blocks.


Mino vs Tetris

Tetris and Mino

So, the mechanical games are copyrighted? The answer, as with many legal problems, is perhaps.

Read more about Mino vs. Tetris here.

Speaking legally, if you are married and a spouse, you do not want a person to live in your home, but does it give you permission to stay?

What is the law about that? If I give someone permission to stay in my house, buy it and have my name, can my wife expel them legally?

What difference does it make to have a contract signed by me and give them the right to stay in my house? A lease made before my wife and I got married?

I am a man of principles. If I tell someone that they can stay somewhere, I mean all the intents and purposes, they can do what I told them they can do. Even if it's not nice anymore. Being a principled man, I do not think it's right to throw someone out of my house just because my new wife does not like them to live with us. My roommate / tenant rights lived here for years and have nowhere to go at this time. Now I understand that I am married, my wife has the right to claim more than half of my things. And I respect their opinions and I agree with her that the house would be better only with her and with her. However, I gave this man my word that he can live here during the underlined time when the contract indicates he can do it. That expires at the beginning of next year.


GPS Navigation: Can I legally use a GNSS device in China?

Can I legally use a GNSS device in China?

According to Hvistendal (2013), Science:

Since at least
In 2007, it has indeed been illegal for foreigners to operate a GPS device in China. International brands of cameras with GPS capability have been designed to avoid showing coordinates if the user is in China, says Stefan Geens, an analyst in Stockholm who studies digital network maps and geospatial images.

In Quora, the different answers contradict each other, but at least one confirms the mounting of the camera with GPS.

I usually carry a Garmin GNSS handheld device, which includes the ability to receive GPS signals. I have offline Openstreetmap data downloaded to the device. If I do it in China, will I risk having this device confiscated when I enter or I am arrested for using the GPS illegally? I suspect that if the GPS devices are illegal, that also applies to GLONASS and Galileo (unless the GPS is prohibited because it is American …). Does he do it?

Should a man be legally allowed to enter the women's restrooms and the locker room simply by saying that he identifies himself as a woman if asked?

"should" no longer matter …

… because the simple fact is that there is no legal definition of "transgender" … and any attempt to legally define the genre has been attacked as "intolerant" and has been described as a policeman who is outside the bathrooms to "drop pants" checks …

"man" and "woman" no longer matter … and that was the point from the beginning …

people were deceived by leftovers from the 60s like Jerry Brown, whose ideology holds that the concept of "gender" in itself is inherently divisive and implies a "natural" hierarchy … for them, only the elimination of "gender" as a construction can lead to true equality …

That's why Brown used hysteria about "hatred and intolerance" to prevent people from questioning his act that made choosing toilets and changing rooms in all California schools a matter of individual "identity" …

Get it? schools … all the way to kindergartens …

How have the social engineers of the 1960s pushed their agenda? by imposing it on elementary schools so that children grow up with a sense of normality …

Rinse and repeat ….


Can you buy testosterone legally injectable?

Can you buy testosterone legally injectable? Or is this considered the same as buying steroids?