availability groups – FCI – Databases left in suspect mode after failover

I have a strange instance in which some databases in 1 of our 2 node cluster are left in suspect mode after a failover. The FCI consists of 2 nodes, and previously failovers occurred without any issue. The FCI is also part of an availability group (1 database). When running on node 2, all databases are available and accessible. However when running on node 1, 3 of 5 user databases are left in suspect mode and the 1 database that is part of an AG is in a “not synchronizing” state. This doesn’t appear to recover no matter how long I wait. Interstingly 1 other user database which is stored on a seperate file share remains available as do the system databases. The user databases share the same drive for the data file, however logs are stored on a seperate drive.

When attempting to run crash recovery for node 1, I get the message as below. I am running on SQL 2017 RTM CU22 Developer Edition. I am confused as to why I have this issue on node 1 but not 2, I imagine it will be an issue with the drive that the logs are stored on but am unsure of how to resolve.

The log scan number (57:64169:2) passed to log scan in database 'Application_Support' is not valid. This error may indicate data corruption or that the log file (.ldf) does not match the data file (.mdf). If this error occurred during replication, re-create the publication. Otherwise, restore from backup if the problem results in a failure during startup.

python – Insertion Sort- inserting from the left

I’ve implemented my own insertion sort algorithm, and here’s the code.

def insertion(lst):
    for i in range(1, len(lst)):
        for j in range(i):
            if lst(i) < lst(j):
                val = lst(i)
                del lst(i)
                lst.insert(j, val)
    return lst

Typical insertion sort algorithms seem to compare values from the immediate left of the current index and make swaps as you continue left in the sorted values.

I implemented my algorithm such that it will compare values from left to right (the second for loop). Do you see any issues with my code, or do you have any feedback on this?

seo – How do you remove the trash left by previous domain name owner?

So, I recently bought a domain name from Bluehost. Soon, I realized the domain name used to belong to someone else before I bought it. Now, the problem I am facing is that there are a few trash files that get crawled by all kinds of bots when they access my domain website which belonged to the previous domain. There is no way I can access those files on my cPanel server.

My website got flagged as malicious by Google Ads probably due to their files using ‘http’ calls while all my pages run on https. I did find a work-around to the mixed content problem by creating blank files and folders of the same name on my server that were causing http calls, and setting up redirects to my homepage. But google ads still flags my website as malicious content. It came up as clean in sucuri malware scan after resolving the mixed content issue.

Is there any way I can remove all the junk files that were left associated to my domain by the previous domain owner? If I choose to ignore it and let things be as they are, will it be a problem for me in the future? Should I just buy another domain name that didn’t belong to anyone in the past and move my website there?

Edit: I am attaching collage of 2 pictures, one is the root directory of my server(including hidden files), another is the sucuri scan that names 3 files as problematic which are not present on the root directory of my server, to justify my point.

root directory and sucuri scan results that names files which are not present in my root directory.

usb – Ubuntu 14.04 Touchscreen not “left clicking” on desktop icons

I have a desktop computer running Ubuntu 14.04 with 2 monitors, one is a touchscreen. The touchscreen connects via usb. It isn’t working properly, When you press the touchscreen on icons on the desktop or the taskbar, they are just highlighted, as if I have run the mouse over them rather than left clicking on them. If I used the touchscreen in a window, for example Dolphin file browser, it works as expected (the same as a left click on a mouse would do).

I have tried 3 different types of touchscreen and only one works, the one that works is an ubranded one and the other 2 work as described above and are an Accuview 13” touchscreen amd a Viewsonic 24” touchscreen.

When I run ‘xinput –list”, the touchscreens are described as: –

HID 24b8:0001 – (Unbranded 24” touchscreen)
eGalax Inc. eGalaxTouch EXC3000-0783-45.00.00 – (Accuview 13” touchscreen)
Weida Hi-Tech CoolTouchR System – (Viewsonic 24” touchscreen)

Could it be something to do with the one that works being seen as a generic device? If so, is it possible to make the others work like this?

Or any other idea’s on how to get this working?

I cannot use the unbranded one because the display is faulty, only the touch part of it works.


fullscreen – 2014 Mac mini on 2 monitors no screen extension option available. Just mirror and regular left right views. Can this be done and how?

fullscreen – 2014 Mac mini on 2 monitors no screen extension option available. Just mirror and regular left right views. Can this be done and how? – Ask Different

ct.category theory – Is every additive, left exact functor isomorphic to a hom functor?

Let $A$ be an Artin algebra, $text{mod},A$ the category of finitely generated $A$-modules and $text{Ab}$ the category of abelian groups. Is every additive, covariant, left-exact functor $F:text{mod},A rightarrow text{Ab}$ (natural) isomorphic to $text{Hom}(X,-)$ for some $Xin text{mod},A$? How do we obtain $X$?

computer architecture – The following problem Decidable? If a Turing Machine M, on input w, will M ever move its read/write head to the left?

Decidable? If a Turing Machine M, on input w, will M ever move its
read/write head to the left?

I think the problem is decidable. We simulate M for |w| steps. Either it has moved to the left (accept) or otherwise, M never moves left on w (reject). In the latter case, M is making a single pass on the string. It eventually finishes reading w and starts reading blanks/spaces. We simply look at which state q M is in when it finishes reading w and look at the subgraph of states that M visits on reading spaces. None of these should ever involve moving to the left. Thus, we reject it.

Does my logic make sense?

Adding cell above and cell on the left together on Google Sheets

Adding cell above and cell on the left together on Google Sheets – Web Applications Stack Exchange

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