dnd 5e – Does moving behind full cover count as “leaving the opponent’s reach” for purposes of Attack of Opportunity?

Yes, he gets an OA

You are moving to get away from him, and for sure “being on the other side of the wall” means you are “out of his reach” as most attackers cannot reach through a wall.

The OA doesn’t care where you are moving to, the OA condition is set based upon where you are moving from. (Without using the Disengage action).

You can make an opportunity attack when a hostile creature that you
can see moves out of your reach.(PHB p. 195)

It further points out that the attack “interrupts the provoking creature’s movement,” so that you may not get to that bit of cover depending upon the result of the OA. For example, your attempt to get through that door may fail if the attack knocks you out as a result of the OA.

Whether or not the enemy can see you before the attempted move is complete (when the move is begun) determines the “that you can see criterion” not “after the move is completed.”(Which is the “behind the wall” condition).

If you want to avoid the OA, use the Disengage action.

Insofar as the incorporeal creature is concerned, that is a separate question.

Does leaving behind a business and child count as proof of intention to return for UK Visa?

I know this has been done many times before but I’m seeking advice on my situation.

I’m a professional British citizen living in Asia. I have been with my Filipino Girlfriend for around a decade. I provide for her financially. She has a small food and beverage business in the Philippines which is in her name. She has all the paperwork to prove this, including business permits etc. Unfortunately, as it’s basically a cash in hand business not much of the takings are deposited in a bank, although she does have an account.

She has a 14 year old Daughter from a previous relationship and we have an 18-month old Son together who has my surname and I am named on the birth certificate.

I would like to take my Girlfriend and Son to the UK for 2 weeks this
year to visit my parents/my sons grandparents who are elderly and
would find a long journey difficult. I have the following questions
surrounding her being able to prove that she intends to return:

  • Would the fact that her Daughter, who lives with her and is reliant
    on her, will be staying behind in the Philippines be enough to show
    she intends to return?
  • Would the fact that she owns her own small business (and has all the
    documentation to prove this) be proof that she intends to return,
    despite not having accounts etc to show it is profitable?

Does the fact that I am my sons Father and I want him to see his elderly grandparents and meet his wider family members count for anything? Obviously an 18-month old baby is too young to spend 10 to 14 days away from his Mother.

For the record I will be sponsoring her trip/paying for flights/paying for private medical insurance for the both etc.

Edited to add from comments: My girlfriends mother will be taking care of the daughter and has provided a letter to state this. I can prove that I support my girlfriend, although I work and live in Singapore.

customs and immigration – Leaving Switzerland during studies, EU citizen

I’m an EU citizen, and study in Zurich, Switzerland. I’m enrolled for the following semester.

My housing lease is expiring and I haven’t managed to find other affordable accommodation, so I must leave Switzerland for my home country. My residence permit expires on the same day as my lease, and I’ve applied for an extension before I knew I would not find accommodation.

  1. What will happen to my residence permit, which is being processed right now? Will I be able to enter Switzerland again when I find some apartment? (If e.g. my country is on a high-risk Covid19 list then.)

  2. Am I breaking some Swiss law if I receive my residence permit, but don’t have an address for some time? Is my residence permit valid for entering Switzerland again?

  3. Is it a good idea to pay someone that I know to register me as a subtenant, so I have a postal address? I don’t plan on being in Switzerland for a while, I will only maybe need to reenter for exams. Is this even legal?

Leaving the last 9 characters of a filename in Automator

I have a ton of files to rename where we only need the last 9 characters of the file.

The files are currently named as this: FirstName_LastName_000000000.pdf.
Essentially, I want to rename the files so that they are named as such: 000000000.pdf

If somebody can assist with providing a way of doing so that will be awesome.

Leaving out foreign key when creating a postgresql table

I have been using mysql for the past number of years and i have always wondered? Lets say you have several tables and the tables are so interconnected, in an normal schema, you would have foreign keys all over.

What I do when i have to reference another table is to store the id of the table i am referencing and not indicate that its a foreign key.

Must you indicate in a table schema that a field is a foreign key so that you use JOIN keyword later on in my queries or can i still use joins if I understand which columns are foreign keys, they are just not indicated as such?

After leaving a group, can I still message individuals in the group normally?

I recently left a messenger group. Will I still be able to message the members individually like I normally do ?

apt – System Instability/programs crashing after leaving computer suspended for a few days

I have been experiencing an issue in Ubuntu, both 19.10 and 20.04 where if I suspend my machine instead of shut it down after about the 3rd time or 2-3 days of doing so the system becomes very unstable which presents itself if a lot of processes crashing eg:

  • Firefox tabs/whole browser consistently crash
  • JVM compiler crashes
  • Apt get gives segmentation fault 11
  • Chrome just does not open anymore

The crashes persist between restarting the application and sometimes after 4+ restarts it is stable for a few minutes before crashing again. Certain applications like Spotify, pulse effects, gnome itself and todo do not crash at all and can continue to be used without a problem
I have no idea why this is happening but after nearly 6 months it is starting to get very frustrating and would like some help diagnosing/fixing this issue. The current work around I have is doing a system restart which solves the problem entirely but I would rather just be able to suspend and pick up where I left off. Everything about the system appears to be normal except I believe a gnome extension/application is stopping the lock screen from engaging as window+L, lock screen in general just flickers the screen and then comes back to the desktop.

My hardware:

  • Ryzen 5 3600
  • 32GB 3200Mhz Ram
  • Gigabyte X570 ITX Mobo
  • GTX 1160
  • 2x 1Tb Nvme Drives (1 for ubuntu, 1 for windows)
  • Kernel: 5.4.0-40-generic
  • Gnome: 3.36.2
  • Ubuntu: 20.04

I have an odd field with a purple background, mentioning HTML-codes to use while leaving comments

I’m very new to this whole deal with creating websites and wordpress and all, so if there’s anything basic knowledge I’ve missed, then I probably missed it. That saying;
I have a weird issue. I want to let visitors have the ability to leave comments on blogposts I do, but the field looks like this; https://imgur.com/Pz4DURA (I hope an imgur link is ok)

I’d like to have only the “leave a reply”, the text about email adress, the comment section itself, name/mail/website fields and the checkbox and the “post comment” button. I dont want that purple box with HTML-codes there – I dont even know where the heck it came from.

Does anyone know what I can do to get rid of it?

10 day quarantine when Leaving California

are car travelers being asked to be ’10-day quarantine’ when entering California or when entering Nevada?

Why do we consider enumeration up to $omega$ instead of leaving it to as many ordinal numbers?

A set $S$ is enumerable (or, countable) if we can enumerate it:
S = {s_1,s_2,s_3,ldots}

In other words, there is a mapping from $mathbb{N}$ onto $S$.

Cantor showed that $mathbb{R}$ isn’t enumerable.

We can consider more relaxed notions of enumeration. For example, a set $S$ is well-orderable if there is a linear order $<$ on $S$ such that any non-empty subset of $S$ has a minimum. This encompasses your examples, and much more.

The axiom of choice is equivalent to the well-ordering principle, which states that every set can be well-ordered. Hence if you assume the axiom of choice, every set can be enumerated in this sense.